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The Closer - Season 7 Episodes

The Closer - Season 7

The Closer - Season 7

Don't miss the final season of the critically acclaimed series starring Emmy (R) winner Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a top-notch investigator who has put some of Los Angeles' most brutal killers behind bars. With her keen investigative instincts and brilliant interrogation techniques, Brenda often closes her cases by eliciting a confession or cornering a suspect through sometimes-questionable methods.

The Closer S7E1
Episode 1

Unknown Trouble

In the seventh season premiere, the squad investigates a hip-hop record label when one of the artists and six bystanders are gunned down. Brenda becomes the target of a civil suit.

The Closer S7E2
Episode 2

Repeat Offender

As the LAPD undergoes a major realignment, Brenda's team investigates the murder of a young girl who was house-sitting. Captain Raydor's forced to expand her audit of Major Crimes.

The Closer S7E3
Episode 3

To Serve With Love

Flynn and Provenza hope to make easy money by serving court papers, but, once again, find themselves in hot water when a man is killed minutes later.

The Closer S7E4
Episode 4

Under Control

The team searches for a missing boy who attends the summer camp where Lt. Tao's son works. Captain Raydor makes a troubling suggestion to Brenda as she continues with her audit.

The Closer S7E5
Episode 5

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

The squad investigates the death of a minister with a scandalous secret and the family who will do anything to protect his name and their church. Meanwhile, all but one member of the Major Crimes unit receives a subpoena in the civil suit against the LAPD, raising questions about whether the one who didn’t get served is going to throw the rest of the squad under the bus.

The Closer S7E6
Episode 6

Home Improvement

A home construction site becomes a crime scene when a body turns up underneath a retainer wall. Brenda considers taking on a high-priced lawyer, but unfortunately for Fritz, the retainer fee could require cutting back on several luxuries.

The Closer S7E7
Episode 7

A Family Affair

The squad helps out a fellow law enforcement officer by investigating the mysterious death of her daughter. And Captain Raydor continues her audit of Brenda and Major Crimes, focusing her efforts on Detective Sanchez.

The Closer S7E8
Episode 8

Death Warrant

Brenda receives a tip about a murder-for-hire involving a major drug cartel, but since the case doesn’t fall under her jurisdiction, she solicits Captain Raydor’s help in investigating the tipster’s allegations of police brutality. Meanwhile, Brenda’s attorney starts deposing the squad about the “Shootin’ Newton” case at the center of the civil lawsuit against her.

The Closer S7E9
Episode 9

Star Turn

Major Crimes investigates the mysterious disappearance of a stage father just as his daughter’s new single is about to hit the charts. The Baylor family offers to settle with Brenda in the civil suit against her. But the deal may be too good to be true.

The Closer S7E10
Episode 10

Fresh Pursuit

The squad investigates the shooting death of a deputy sheriff as the judge in the civil case against Brenda decides whether or not to drop the charges against her.

The Closer S7E11
Episode 11

Necessary Evil

When a high school principal is shot while trying to turn his school around in the midst of a scandal, Brenda and her detectives soon realize their case overlaps with an existing FBI investigation. The situation leaves Fritz and Brenda sparring over whose murder case it should be.

The Closer S7E12
Episode 12

You Have the Right to Remain Jolly

In the 100th episode of THE CLOSER, the holiday cheer is interrupted when Santa's entrance into a Christmas Village via a zip line goes horribly wrong. Fred Willard guest stars as the village's owner, Santa Jack, whom many believe to be the real Father Christmas. Christine Woods also guest stars as Buzz's visiting sister, who helps Brenda and the Major Crimes Division solve the holiday case. And guest star Lauren Bowles plays the niece and business partner of Santa Jack (Willard).

The Closer S7E13
Episode 13

Relative Matters

The murder of a man under FBI surveillance puts the federal agents in hot water with the L.A.P.D. Special guest stars Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin return as Brenda’s parents, who have come to town for the holidays with surprising news that keeps Brenda’s mind from her case.

The Closer S7E14
Episode 14

Road Block

The Major Crimes Division investigates a hit-and-run murder of a young girl on a bicycle. Mark Moses and Elizabeth Perkins guest-star as the LAPD’s Police Commissioner and his wife Gail, who may be in trouble when Brenda becomes determined to uncover a scandal one of them tried to cover up. Maggie Wheeler guest-stars as Gail’s friend who clashes with Brenda.

The Closer S7E15
Episode 15

Silent Partner

In the winter finale of THE CLOSER, the federal lawsuit against Brenda comes to a head when another murder occurs related to Turell Baylor’s death. Brenda seeks help from a businessman (guest star Jason George) with old ties to the neighborhood for help solving the case. Meanwhile, Brenda’s lawyer (guest star Mark Pellegrino) and the Baylor family lawyer (guest star Curtis Armstrong) face off in court.

The Closer S7E16
Episode 16

Hostile Witness

Brenda thinks she has finally cornered her longtime nemesis, lawyer and suspected rapist and murderer Philip Stroh (recurring guest star BILLY BURKE - Rizzoli & Isles, Twilight films), when his latest client shows signs of cracking under pressure. But a shocking courtroom maneuver by Brenda puts the entire case in jeopardy, which does not sit well with new D.A. Claire Baldwin (guest star Amanda Mason Warren - The Adjustment Bureau).

The Closer S7E17
Episode 17

Fool's Gold

Provenza gets trapped into helping his first ex-wife, Liz (guest star Diedre O'Connell - You Don't Know Jack), recover her wedding ring after she is ripped off by a shady gold buyer. But he once again finds himself stuck in a professionally embarrassing situation, this time involving a robbery, a felony murder, an evidence-swallowing dog and a frantically desperate appraiser (guest star Reg Rogers - Primal Fear).

The Closer S7E18
Episode 18

Drug Fiend

In a case that hits too close to home for Brenda, a well-liked cancer doctor is brutally killed and his drug supply wiped clean. But the case could have a much wider reach than anyone suspects. To make matters worse, Captain Raydor has a new assignment that leaves Brenda questioning her loyalty to Pope. And Gabriel makes a significant life change.

The Closer S7E19
Episode 19

Last Rites

The murder of a priest puts the squad on a collision course with the Catholic Church and drives a wedge between Brenda and Chief Pope. Meanwhile, Brenda's parents are in town while her father continues his cancer treatments.

The Closer S7E20
Episode 20

Armed Response

A young couple hanging out in someone else's house find themselves in hot water when a security guard and decorated veteran winds up dead in the street outside. But Brenda finds her investigation stifled by the watchful eye of the District Attorney's office. Meanwhile, Raydor and Pope finally pinpoint the leak in the department.

The Closer S7E21
Episode 21

The Last Word

A young street hustler (guest star Graham Patrick Martin) sees what appears to be a man burying a woman in Griffith Park, prompting an investigation Brenda is convinced will lead to Phillip Stroh (guest star Billy Burke). But Brenda's obsession with Stroh threatens not only her career, but also her life.

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