The Commish

The Commish

The Commish - Season 1 Episodes

The Commish S1E1
Episode 1

In the Best of Families

Tony is threatened with criminal negligence after the son of a prominent lawyer hangs himself in his cell. Also, Rachel's brother "helps" Tony and Rachel look for a larger house.

The Commish S1E2
Episode 2

Do You See What I See?

The commissioner sets out to trap a serial rapist in a Santa Claus mask who's been terrorizing the city.

The Commish S1E3
Episode 3

The Poisoned Tree

Rachel refuses to believe Tony when he tells her that her school teacher colleague, Jim Hollister, is a child molester. Meanwhile, it's Rachel's birthday and Tony has forgotten to get her what she wants most -- tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet.

The Commish S1E4
Episode 4

Nothing to Fear But...

After receiving a pair of baffling death threats, Tony initiates around-the-clock surveillance of his unsuspecting family. In other developments, Tony recalls for son, David, a Kendo match he engaged in while a guest of the Tokyo police force; and uses his unorthodox methods to trap a hunter who killed a deer out of season.

The Commish S1E5
Episode 5

A Matter of Life or Death (1)

After receiving a pair of baffling death threats, Tony initiates around-the-clock surveillance of his unsuspecting family.

The Commish S1E6
Episode 6

A Matter of Life or Death (2)

Tony investigates the murder of three of his cops.

The Commish S1E7
Episode 7

Behind the Storm Door

Tony is pursued by a woman he suspects is filing false complaints.

The Commish S1E8
Episode 8

The Hatchet

Tony butts heads with both a tough cop who is overzealous in his handling of criminals and a hard-nosed management consultant hired by the city in a cost-cutting effort.

The Commish S1E9
Episode 9

Two Confessions

Tony is doubly stymied when identical twins both initially confess to the same murder, then, in a surprise about-face, accuse each other of the crime. Also, Arnie finds romance with a kindred soul, a phone-sex operator named Gloria.

The Commish S1E10
Episode 10

The Commissioner's Ball

A serial killer has been mutilating the bodies of Eastbridge transients and homeless people -- and Tony begins to suspect the perpetrator's identity.

The Commish S1E11
Episode 11

No Greater Gift

During the holiday season, Tony investigates the murder of an elderly woman allegedly killed in her home during a Christmas burglary; matches wits with a mugger, and defends a homeless woman who’s been sleeping in the manger of a Holy Family creche.

The Commish S1E12
Episode 12

The Fourth Man

After Commissioner Scali's friend and colleague, Chief of Detectives Irv Wallerstein, is struck down during a bloody encounter with hijackers, Tony becomes obessed with finding the assailant!

The Commish S1E13
Episode 13

Charlie Don't Surf

Vietnamese gangs threaten Eastbridge and Tony steps in to help.

The Commish S1E14
Episode 14


A mugging triggers a woman's repressed memory of her brother's murder, which she witnessed as a child.

The Commish S1E15
Episode 15

The Wicked Flee

After seeing his mother killed by a stranger, a boy withdraws deep into himself, prompting a sympathetic Tony to step up his efforts to catch the murderer.

The Commish S1E16
Episode 16

True Believers

The unwelcome appearance in Eastbridge of white supremacists leads to a murder, with the suspicion soon arising that one of more Tony's associates may be implicated.

The Commish S1E17
Episode 17

Officer April

After he shoots a woman in a drunken domestic squabble, Officer Kelly becomes the victim of a terrorization campaign. Meanwhile, a beautiful businesswoman seeks men for a "hot cops" beefcake calendar-and some of Scali's men apply.

The Commish S1E18
Episode 18

Sex, Lies, and Kerosene

Tony and Paulie investigate a puzzling arson case in which the husband of a beautiful woman appears to have been murdered

The Commish S1E19
Episode 19

Judgement Day

Tony winds up in one of his own jail cells when he runs afoul of an imperious judge who's hiding a fearsome secret.

The Commish S1E20
Episode 20

Shoot the Breeze

Tony attempts to protect an informant from a mysterious hit man, while Stan Kelly enjoys a romantic encounter with a beautiful new Eastbridge arrival. Also, Tony's performing skills are put on display when he appears in an amateur talent show.

The Commish S1E21
Episode 21

Video Vigilante

Tony is embarrassed, then enraged, as a publicity-seeking "video vigilante" metes out even more bizarre and harsh punishment to offenders.

The Commish S1E22
Episode 22

The Puck Stops Here

Mike Cermak -- star high-school hockey player, recovering addict, and good friend of the Scali family - becomes a prime drug-ring suspect. Meanwhile, Tony and Rachel must make a momentous decision: whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

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