The Cosby Mysteries

The Cosby Mysteries

The Cosby Mysteries - Season 1 Episodes

The Cosby Mysteries S1E1
Episode 1

The Lottery Winner Murders

When a bullet narrowley misses Guy as he is returning home from a photo session for lottery winners, he is plunged into an investigation that involves other lottery winners and a murdered man's obsession with UFOs. He soon fears that he may be the murderers next target.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E2
Episode 2

Our Lady of Cement

Guy Hanks faces a crisis of conscience when new facts emerge about the first ever case he investigated 20 years ago. Could it be that the man he helped put behind bars is innocent.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E3
Episode 3

Self Defense

Sully is accused of killing a fellow cop when a routine visit goes badly wrong.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E4
Episode 4

Only You

A bereaved husband asks Guy to investigate the last hours of his wife's life. He discovers that she had been taking lunches and leaving work early.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E5
Episode 5

One Day at a Time

Guy agrees to help an ex-con accused of murdering a District Attorney.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E6
Episode 6

Home, Street Home

Guy reluctantly agrees to help identify a homeless woman- even though he is warned about getting involved.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E7
Episode 7

The Fine Art of Murder

Guy is lured into helping a jealous husband plan the perfect crime.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E8
Episode 8

Expert Witness

Guy finds himself up against one of his old proteges, now a forensic expert, when he helps defend in court an ageing cat burglar accused of murder.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E9
Episode 9

Mirror, Mirror

Angie turns to Guy for help in investigating the suspicious death of her lawyer, Howard Brackett. All signs point to suicide, but Guy believes that a struggle took place in Howard's apartment has been carefully covered up.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E10
Episode 10


A pair of youngsters try to cover up their role in the accidental shooting of their best friend.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E11
Episode 11

Last Tango

A dance champion's untimely death draws Guy into another investigation.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E12
Episode 12

Comic Book Murder

A famous comic book artist is murdered, and the finger of suspicion points at his 19 year old protege when it is discovered that the young man tried to pass off his teacher's work as his own.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E13
Episode 13

Baker's Dozen

While looking into the mysterious disapperance of an old friend, Guy discovers that his pal owes a powerful bookmaker $100,000-a debt wich threatens his bakery business.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E14
Episode 14

The Hit Parade

Guy finds himself pursued by mystery assailants, Sully suspects one of the beneficiaries of his will is trying to murder him.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E15
Episode 15

Big Brother is Watching

On a visit to the Empire State Building with Guy, 12 year old Jeffrey Waller claims to see a man strangling a woman on an apartment terrace opposite. Upon further investigation, it seems that the man was merely moving a heavy statue, but Guy's young friend is determined to prove that he witnessed a murder.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E16
Episode 16

The Medium is the Message

Guy is approached by a psychic who claims to have information about a murder.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E17
Episode 17


When a con artist's dead body turns up in an apartment, Guy becomes a suspect.

The Cosby Mysteries S1E18
Episode 18

Dial 'H' for Murder

A Broadway actress is found murdered with guy's phone number written on her lifeless hand.

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