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The Cosby Show - Season 7 Episodes

The Cosby Show - Season 7

The Cosby Show - Season 7

The seventh season of The Cosby Show aired on NBC from September 20, 1990 to May 2, 1991.

The Cosby Show S7E1
Episode 1

Same Time Next Year

Cliff and Clair look forward to reclaiming the house as another school year begins.

The Cosby Show S7E2
Episode 2

Bird in the Hand

Cliff plans to attend an auction where he hopes to outbid his nemesis, Dr. Harmon.

The Cosby Show S7E3
Episode 3

The Last Barbecue

Theo's plan to hire a stripper for brother-in-law Martin's belated bachelor party.

The Cosby Show S7E4
Episode 4

Period of Adjustment

Clair's teenage cousin Pam Tucker moves into the Huxtable home, triggering a period of adjustment for all concerned.

The Cosby Show S7E5
Episode 5

It's All in the Game

The Huxtables return from a romantic weekend in Vermont to find the household in chaos.

The Cosby Show S7E6
Episode 6

Getting the Story

Rudy and Kenny document Clair’s job for a school video contest because Cliff's job isn't "exciting enough."

The Cosby Show S7E7
Episode 7

Just Thinking About It (1)

Pam's boyfriend Slide wants to take their relationship to "the next level" but Pam has reservations.

The Cosby Show S7E8
Episode 8

Just Thinking About It (2)

Pam thinks she may be in love. And Slide's invitation for them to "get busy" is looking more and more acceptable.

The Cosby Show S7E9
Episode 9

The Infantry Has Landed (And They've Fallen Off the Roof)

Psychology major Theo prepares a personality profile on Cliff.

The Cosby Show S7E10
Episode 10

You Can Go Home Again

Inspired by a rare weekend alone together in the Huxtable house, Denise and Martin pound the pavement in search of an affordable apartment.

The Cosby Show S7E11
Episode 11

It's a Boy

Having broken up with Slide, Pam sets her sights on Aaron.

The Cosby Show S7E12
Episode 12

Clair's Liberation

Clair's announcement that she's beginning menopause triggers a series of bizarre misinterpretations of her behavior by her children.

The Cosby Show S7E13
Episode 13

It's Your Move

It's playoff time. But Sondra upsets Elvin's football-watching plans by promising their help in moving two friends to a new apartment.

The Cosby Show S7E14
Episode 14

Theo's Final Final

Theo is just one good grade away from the Dean's List.

The Cosby Show S7E15
Episode 15

Attack of the Killer B's

Theo helps Pam improve her grades - so much so that she starts thinking about college.

The Cosby Show S7E16
Episode 16

Total Control

Basketball coach Ray Evans (guest star John Ritter) and his wife Alicia have devised the perfect game plan for the birth of their first child.

The Cosby Show S7E17
Episode 17

Adventures in Babysitting

When Cliff and Dr. Harmon ditch their wives to team up for the charity pinochle tournament, the rejected spouses decide to enter the tournament themselves.

The Cosby Show S7E18
Episode 18

27 and Still Cooking

Cliff has an elaborate 27th wedding anniversary surprise for Clair - a re-creation in the dining room.

The Cosby Show S7E19
Episode 19

The Return of the Clairettes

Rudy plans to go to the movies with three girls and three boys.

The Cosby Show S7E20
Episode 20

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Theo prepares for a romantic evening with his girlfriend, Cheryl.

The Cosby Show S7E21
Episode 21

Home Remedies

Olivia, in bed with a cold and laryngitis, is miserable because she won't be able to sing at Grandma and Grandpa's 55th wedding anniversary.

The Cosby Show S7E22
Episode 22

Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue

A special dream episode is a nightmare for Rudy, who can't escape the evil plots of Olivia no matter which way she tosses and turns.

The Cosby Show S7E23
Episode 23

There's Still No Joy in Mudville

It's bowling-night-as-usual: Cliff's team loses; low bowler buys dinner; that's Cliff.

The Cosby Show S7E24
Episode 24

Cliff and Jake

Everyone tries to keep Cliff from hearing about the 50%-off sale at Jake's, his favorite appliance store.

The Cosby Show S7E25
Episode 25

Theo and the Kids (1)

Theo begins his internship in psychology as a counselor at a local community center.

The Cosby Show S7E26
Episode 26

Theo and the Kids (2)

As he grows more confident in his abilities and judgment, Theo's personal involvement with his students at the community center deepens.

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