The Deep End

The Deep End

The Deep End - Season 1 Episodes

The Deep End - Season 1

The Deep End - Season 1

In a city where wealth and power rule, everyone strives to make it to the top. For five eager and attractive law associates, being accepted into one of Los Angeles' most prestigious law firms is the first step on their way up. But as they soon realize, the law offices of Sterling are far more cutthroat than they could have ever imagined and they must fight for themselves and their clients to stay afloat in shark infested waters. These young and impressionable associates are immediately thrown into cases and forced to deal with the emotional and ethical decisions that come with the job they've worked so hard for.

The Deep End S1E1
Episode 1


Five brilliant, ambitious and, let’s just say it, “great-looking” attorneys have begun their careers at the prestigious Los Angeles law firm of Sterling, Huddle, Oppenheim & Craft (we’ll just call it Sterling). Let’s dive into The Deep End by getting to know the key players.

The Deep End S1E2
Episode 2

Where There's Smoke

Dylan and Katie are basking in the afterglow of their night together when…DING DONG! Someone’s at the door. And by someone, we mean Cliff. Dylan is a lawyer, so he’s pretty good at piecing things together. He says, “So when I was comforting you after your breakup with your boyfriend…that was our boss! Who is married to our other boss?!” Told ya he was good.

The Deep End S1E3
Episode 3

To Have and to Hold

Mei Brundage is a Chinese woman who is pregnant with the baby of a Marine killed in Afghanistan. The government says her proxy marriage to the baby’s father is invalid because he was killed before they could consummate the union. Mei was recently let go from her job, so her work visa is invalid, as well. Hart and Dylan plead Mei’s case, but the judge rules that she must return to China.

The Deep End S1E4
Episode 4

Nothing Personal

Hannah is a college student who was stripped of her tennis scholarship after the school did a test that revealed she may be a man. Dylan and Beth are taking their client off the tennis court and into civil court to fight for her right to volley. But the school is within its rights to order a gender test which reveals that Hannah is not strictly male or female. The terms of her scholarship explicitly state that the recipient must be female. She’s out of luck unless two of our favorite first-years can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

The Deep End S1E5
Episode 5

An Innocent Man

Kevin Mather, the son of one of Sterling’s biggest clients, is accused of murder after a man dies following a fight. Kevin’s father hasn’t spoken to him in years, as he has a history of substance abuse. Mr. Mather wants Dylan and Liam to negotiate a plea so that his son spends some time in jail. He wants Kevin to finally learn some responsibility.

The Deep End S1E6
Episode 6

White Lies, Black Ties

The firm’s annual charity gala is taking place at Cliff and Susan’s place for anyone and everyone associated with Sterling. As much as everyone loves a party, there’s work to be done first.

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