The Deputy

The Deputy

The Deputy - Season 1 Episodes

The Deputy S1E1
Episode 1

Badge for a Day

The Deputy S1E2
Episode 2

The Wild Wind

Charlotte Nelson tells Clay McCord of her concern for her younger brother, Trooper, who has fallen into a gang headed by the evil Bull Ward. McCord then arranges for Trooper to get an honest job as messenger for a mining company, transporting shipments of gold. This pleases Ward who assumes that Trooper will turn the gold over to him, but Trooper has mended his ways and when confronted and threatened by Ward while delivering the gold, shoots him. Having proven his worth, Trooper now gets his friend, Tommy -- another former member of Ward's gang -- hired to assist him in his job as messenger.

The Deputy S1E3
Episode 3

Back to Glory

Three bank robbers come across a traveling-players' caravan. They shoot the actor-manager and two of them then kidnap Angela, one of the actresses. The third robber, Cowan, stays with the other actress, Lily, and is arrested by Simon Fry. Cowan winds up in the Silver City jail but escapes, steals a horse, and knocks down Fran McCord as he flees. Clay McCord and Herk Lamson track Cowan to a cabin where his two cronies are holed up with Angela. (One of these cronies is dying from a knife wound sustained when he and the other robber fought over Angela.) Clay and Herk arrest Cowan and Clay kills the other robber in a gunfight. Angela is then reunited with Lily.

The Deputy S1E4
Episode 4

Shadow of the Noose

Simon Fry arrests a "Drifter" for shooting a man, stealing his wife, and then shooting her. He takes the Drifter to a jail in the nearby town but, when a lynch-mob gathers, moves him on to Silver City. Following him is a landowner named Akins and several of Akins' cronies who are anxious for some quick "justice." Fran McCord believes the Drifter's pleas of innocence and persuades brother Clay to help Fry transport the prisoner to a trial in Prescott. Before this happens, Akins tricks the Drifter into making a jailbreak but this plan fails. On the trail to Prescott, Akins again makes a move against the Drifter which Fry and Clay thwart. Fry then reveals to Clay evidence of the Drifter's guilt.

The Deputy S1E5
Episode 5

Powder Keg

The Deputy S1E6
Episode 6

Like Father

While Chesley Vantage eagerly greets the arrival in Silver City of his son, Brad, who's been studying in Kansas to be a veterinarian, word reaches Deputy McCord that a gunfighter is also on the way from Kansas, apparently to settle a score. McCord soon learns that Brad acquired his vet training while serving time in a Kansas prison. He also learns that the gunfighter, Jim Stanton, wants to kill Brad because he mistakenly believes Brad warned authorities about a planned prison escape. McCord spares Brad from Stanton's wrath by coming up with a ruse to put Brad in jail. Then McCord kills Stanton in a barroom shootout. Brad's now free to set up his practice and his father, himself a reformed outlaw, is none the wiser about his son's criminal past.

The Deputy S1E7
Episode 7

Proof of Guilt

The Deputy S1E8
Episode 8

The Johnny Shanks Story

The Deputy S1E9
Episode 9

Focus of Doom

Marshals in three Arizona towns have been shot dead and Simon Fry fears the killer may now be coming to Silver City. He sends Herk Lamson off on vacation and watches as four suspicious strangers arrive in town: a cowboy named Barker, a gambler named Regan, a salesman named Madden, and a guitar-player named Wilk. Fry arrests Regan for cheating at cards while Clay McCord offers to escort Wilk back to his hotel. Wilk pulls a gun on McCord in an alley and explains he's been shooting marshals because his daughter was killed in the crossfire when marshals were making an arrest. Fry then comes into the alley followed by Fran McCord. Fran distracts Wilk who is then shot by Fry. As Wilk dies, he says he'll be happy to rejoin his daughter.

The Deputy S1E10
Episode 10

The Big Four

The Deputy S1E11
Episode 11

The Next Bullet

The Deputy S1E12
Episode 12

The Deal

A gang headed by men named Quincannon and Usher kidnap Fran McCord. They tell her brother, Clay, that to save his sister he must go along with their plan to rob the payroll of a local mine. Clay cooperates, even going so far as to lure Simon Fry out of town on the day of the robbery. Fry, however, sees through Clay's ruses and soon Clay tells him the truth. Together they ride to the mine and in a shoot-out with the gang, Clay kills Quincannon. Usher rides off to the cabin where Fran is being held. Fran has freed herself from her ropes and when Usher enters the cabin, she throws water in his face and hits him in the head with a frying pan. Clay and Fry then arrive to complete the arrest.

The Deputy S1E13
Episode 13

Land Greed

The Deputy S1E14
Episode 14

Man of Peace

Apaches steal a shipment of repeating-rifles headed for the cavalry at Ft. Donaldson. Simon Fry fears this means war but Clay McCord wants to get the Indians' side of the story and so travels alone to visit Chief Magnus. He learns the Chief is angry because white men have been ambushing Apaches and selling their scalps. McCord promises to deal with the culprits who prove to be an old man named Isbel and his two sons, the bloodthirsty Mordecai and the more sensitive Micah. In the ensuing shoot-out, Micah is killed but McCord, though shot in the leg, manages to arrest Isbel and Mordecai. Chief Magnus is now satisfied and returns the stolen rifles.

The Deputy S1E15
Episode 15

The Orphans

The Deputy S1E16
Episode 16


Con Marlowe makes a violent escape from a work-gang at the Arizona Territorial Prison. He heads for Silver City where his wife, Peg, awaits him and where he can find Marshal Lamson, the man he blames for sending him to prison. During an encounter between the two in Peg's hotel room, Marlowe strikes a match to light a cigar and Lamson, thinking Marlowe's drawing his gun, shoots him dead. The bullet strikes Marlowe in the back and when word of this spreads, townspeople turn against Lamson. Marlowe's widow vows to avenge her husband and sends for two gunfighters, Fred Sooley and Len Harbin. Sooley figures this isn't his fight and leaves town but Harbin challenges Lamson in the hotel dining room. Deputy McCord arrives on the scene, Harbin draws his gun to shoot Lamson, and McCord shoots Harbin dead, the bullet entering the gunfighter's back. The townspeople in the dining room agree McCord's actions were justified and McCord uses this incident to prompt the townspeople to reexamine their at

The Deputy S1E17
Episode 17

Hang the Law

The Deputy S1E18
Episode 18

Silent Gun

The Deputy S1E19
Episode 19

The Hidden Motive

While defending the Spencer ranch against rustlers, Deputy McCord shoots and kills ranch-owner Aaron Spencer. Though the shooting seems justified, McCord feels guilty, especially when breaking the news to young Mrs. Spencer. At first she is angry and bitter but later softens and seems to be falling in love with McCord, much to his discomfort. Red Dawson and his rustlers now break into the Spencer home one night, demanding money. (It seems Aaron Spencer, unknown to his wife, was the rustler's secret partner.) McCord arrives in time to arrest the rustlers and Mrs. Spencer decides to join relatives in Canada.

The Deputy S1E20
Episode 20

Lawman's Blood

The Deputy S1E21
Episode 21

The Return of Simon Fry

A man named Kipp has been brought in from San Francisco to get rid of Simon Fry. He ambushes Fry who's driving a buckboard but the buckboard overturns, spills a can of coal oil, and in the ensuing fire, Kipp is burned beyond recognition. His body is mistakenly thought to be Fry's and Clay McCord sadly delivers the eulogy at Fry's funeral. Fry, after revealing himself to an astonished McCord, then disguises himself as a book salesman and goes in search of the man who hired Kipp. Two of this man's thugs, Vic Rufus and Jubba, eventually lead Fry to their boss, Jake Carter. Carter, an old enemy of Fry, has been forcing farmers off their land, knowing that land values will rise sharply after a railroad goes through that area. Fry manages to arrest Carter.

The Deputy S1E22
Episode 22

Queen Bea

The Deputy S1E23
Episode 23

The Two Faces of Bob Claxton

The Deputy S1E24
Episode 24

Lady With a Mission

The Deputy S1E25
Episode 25

The Border Between

While returning from Mexico with a prison escapee, Marshal Fry and Clay McCord are ambushed by a Mexican landowner whose daughter, Felipa, has been kidnapped by an American miner from Leadville, Evan Sloate. The landowner vows to kill Fry unless McCord can return Felipa. McCord rides to Leadville and is directed to Sloate's mine by Lorrie, Sloate's discarded girlfriend. McCord gets a job in the mine and makes contact with Felipa but their conversation is interrupted by the jealous Sloate. Sloate flogs McCord and orders him off his property but McCord sneaks back and rescues Felipa. Sloate soon catches up with them. Before he can shoot McCord, however, Felipa shoots her kidnapper. The Mexican then gets his daughter back, Fry is freed, and he and McCord resume returning that escapee to prison.

The Deputy S1E26
Episode 26

Final Payment

The Deputy S1E27
Episode 27

Dark Reward

The Deputy S1E28
Episode 28

Marked for Bounty

The Deputy S1E29
Episode 29

The Truly Yours

A trio of three men, (Coffer, File, and Fancy), rob the bank in Silver City one night after setting fire to Clay McCord's store as a diversion. Clay persues them to a mine but winds up being imprisoned inside a mine tunnel. A family of traveling Gypsies comes across the scene. The two sisters in this family free Clay who then shoots one of the robbers and captures the other two. One of these two knew Clay from childhood and Clay, seeing that the robber isn't all bad, promises to speak up for him at his trial.

The Deputy S1E30
Episode 30

A Time to Sow

The Deputy S1E31
Episode 31

The Last Gunfight

Gunfighter Johnny Dean wants to shed his reputation by settling down in Silver City under the alias "Roger Enright." He plans to buy a ranch north of town and marry the local music teacher, Helen Ivers. Trouble arrives in the form of Dan Crawford, a young man who's been trailing Dean and who wants to kill him in a shootout in order to acquire a reputation. Local bully Burt Johnson learns of Crawford's quest and decides to kill Dean himself. To settle which man will get the "honor," Crawford and Johnson play cards. Crawford wins but when Johnson learns Crawford has a reputation for shady card-dealing, he challenges Crawford to a duel on the town's street. Dean tries to avert bloodshed by stepping between them but the men fire anyway and Dean is killed. Deputy McCord checks the body and says it shows only one bullet hole. Each shooter claims to be the one who fired the fatal shot but McCord refuses to settle their dispute, not wanting either man to claim "credit." He later confides to Ma

The Deputy S1E32
Episode 32

Chain of Action

The Deputy S1E33
Episode 33

The Lucifer Urge

Barney Wagner uses loopholes in the law to evict farmers from their land. Clay McCord deplores this practice but cannot intervene since Wagner's staying within the law. Eventually McCord tricks Wagner into offering him a job which then enables him to arrest Wagner for attempted bribery. This pleases McCord since Wagner shot McCord's father eleven years ago.

The Deputy S1E34
Episode 34

Palace of Chance

The Deputy S1E35
Episode 35

The X Game

The Deputy S1E36
Episode 36

The Stand-Off

Fry falls prey to a trap laid by an escaped criminal.

The Deputy S1E37
Episode 37

Trail of Darkness

The Deputy S1E38
Episode 38

The Choice

The Deputy S1E39
Episode 39

Ma Mack

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