The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life - Season 8 Episodes

The Facts of Life S8E1
Episode 1

Out of Peekskill (1)

Mrs. Garrett falls in love with a friend from the Peace Corps who wants her to move to Africa with him.

The Facts of Life S8E2
Episode 2

Out of Peekskill (2)

When Mrs. Garrett chooses to leave with Bruce, her sister Beverly Ann moves in.

The Facts of Life S8E3
Episode 3

Ready or Not

Beverly Ann is worried that Tootie and Rudy are considering becoming lovers.

The Facts of Life S8E4
Episode 4

Another Room

When Jo decides to move out to get more privacy, the girls suggest converting the attic to a loft.

The Facts of Life S8E5
Episode 5

Off-Broadway Baby

Tootie finds she has competition at an audition when she hears a rival practicing her song.

The Facts of Life S8E6
Episode 6

The Little Chill

The girls reminisce at a reunion with other alumni from Eastland.

The Facts of Life S8E7
Episode 7

The Ratings Game

Jo tries to prove that Blair's computerized date rating system is useless.

The Facts of Life S8E8
Episode 8

The Wedding Day

Jo innocently offers to marry an illegal alien who is facing deportation.

The Facts of Life S8E9
Episode 9

Fast Food

To pass a business course, Blair works with Natalie at a Mexican restaurant.

The Facts of Life S8E10
Episode 10

Where's Poppa?

Blair is horrified when her father is indicted for tax evasion.

The Facts of Life S8E11
Episode 11

Write and Wrong

Natalie finds out that a short story of hers has been plagiarized by someone called "Desiree".

The Facts of Life S8E12
Episode 12

Seven Little Indians

The girls are trapped in a surreal slasher Movie with a killer on the prowl.

The Facts of Life S8E13
Episode 13

The Greek Connection

Natalie writes an article that angers sorority pledge Tootie.

The Facts of Life S8E14
Episode 14

Post-Christmas Card

Natalie gets into trouble after getting her first credit card as a Christmas gift.

The Facts of Life S8E15
Episode 15

A Star Is Torn

Tootie has little sympathy when Cinnamon shows up after running away from a concert tour.

The Facts of Life S8E16
Episode 16

A Winter's Tale

When snowed in at a ski cabin, a soon-to-be-wed friend suddenly falls for Blair.

The Facts of Life S8E17
Episode 17

Cupid's Revenge

The girls' love lives go awry on Valentine's Day.

The Facts of Life S8E18
Episode 18

62 Pick-Up

Visits by former teen idols Bobby Rydell and Fabian inspire fantasies about the 60's.

The Facts of Life S8E19
Episode 19

Boy About the House

Beverly Ann becomes tired of Andy being shuttled among foster homes.

The Facts of Life S8E20
Episode 20

Ex Marks the Spot

Beverly Ann's ex-spouse turns up unexpectedly, wanting to renew their romance.

The Facts of Life S8E21
Episode 21

Younger Than Springtime

Matchmaker Blair accidentally pairs Jo's lonely dad with a 23-year-old.

The Facts of Life S8E22
Episode 22

This Is Only a Test

Blair finds that only a good score on an exam will get her into law school.

The Facts of Life S8E23
Episode 23

Rites of Passage (1)

Blair and Jo graduate from college.

The Facts of Life S8E24
Episode 24

Rites of Passage (2)

As the girls make plans for summer, Jo gets a job offer in L.A.

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