The Fall Guy - Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1

“Bail and Bond”

Colt and company go to Rio de Janeiro after a bail-jumper

involved with money laundering. The local cop tells them to

help him catch the Countess or else

Episode 2

“The Ives Have It”

Terri sends Colt to Aruba to bring back a burglar, but it

turns out she is one of twins and had a good reason for the

breaking and entering, but which one did it?

Episode 3

“Colt's Outlaws (1)”

Colt organizes his stuntman friends into a biker club to stop a

man who runs the town of Littlefield and oppresses the


Episode 4

“Colt Breaks Out (2)”

Colt organizes his stuntman friends into a biker club to stop a

man who runs the town of Littlefield and oppresses the


Episode 5

“Mighty Myron”

An orangutan in a carnival sideshow is accused of murder and

slated to be destroyed, but some of the carnival workers want

to save him.

Episode 6

“Reluctant Traveling Companion”

A woman bail jumper demands she be returned by train rather

than plane. She raises a ruckus and disturbs the man in the

next compartment who happens to be Richard Burton.

Episode 7

“A Piece of Cake”

A New York City police officer tries to take advantage of Colt

in his scheme to frame a syndicate member.

Episode 8

“Hell On Wheels”

Jody is persuaded to join a Roller Derby team, and steps are

taken to see that she is hired, when they have to arrest one of

the female skating stars.

Episode 9

“How Do I Kill Thee... Let Me Count the Ways”

A man is tricked into supplying computer tapes by using a fake

auto accident and telling him the other victim died, thus

making him a murderer. Two bumbling detectives take the case

Episode 10

“Win One for the Gipper?”

Colt's nephew and a friend are kidnapped by some army men who

want to have a winning football team.

Episode 11

“Happy Trails”

Two con men sell a stolen car to Howie to use in the movie when

he tells them the car will be smashed. The law begs to differ.

When the conmen run, a posse of cowboy stars takes off after them

Episode 12


Colt is sent off to Mexico to bring back two jewel thieves. An

undercover private detective has the same objective.

Episode 13

“The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold”

Ozzie is back. This time he has witnessed a murder while rag-

picking. He temporarily regains his sanity, but not for long.

Episode 14

“Death Boat”

When a jewel thief has plastic surgery and takes a cruise to

recover, Colt and insurance investigator Kay Faulkner join the

cruise along with Howie and Jody who pretend to be an invalid and

his nurse. Now if only they could identify the thief

Episode 15

“Eight Ball”

Colt tries to dry out an alcoholic former pool expert and

protect him from the mob, so he can enter and maybe win an

upcoming competition.

Episode 16

“Spaced Out”

While the town is held spellbound by a purported UFO, the bank

is being robbed. Jody is kidnapped and Colt traces the origin

of the UFO, and it seems to rain money.

Episode 17

“Strange Bedfellows”

A wild tale in which a man who fails to convince Colt to bail

out a woman, takes Jody hostage to further his cause. The

woman has an urgent need to pick up a million dollars.

Episode 18

“The Molly Sue”

Terri took the airplane as collateral and it was stolen, so

Colt is sent to Panama to retrieve it or Ace. Anyone who watched

the Rockford Files knows that Angel, played by Margolin, was never

up to any good and he plays the skip the same way.

Episode 19

“One Hundred Miles a Gallon”

The son of one of Colt's friends skips and Colt goes to South

Carolina after him, but they aren't running moonshine like he

thought and the regular drivers quit

Episode 20

“P.S. I Love You”

Tab Hunter is framed for the murder of a debt collector and

Colt sets out to find the real culprit.

Episode 21

“The Chameleon”

A man who was a master of disguise takes part in an staged

accident to cover the robbery of an armored car.

Episode 22

“The Chase”

Max sees a murder in the parking lot where he was about to

steal a car. He is arrested and the killers escape. Now he is

the target.

Episode 23

“Just a Small Circle of Friends”

An industrialist begs Colt to rescue his daughter from a cult

which she thinks is great, but isn't quite what she believes