The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy - Season 5 Episodes

The Fall Guy S5E1
Episode 1

Dead Ringer

Colt is sent after a jumper and then discovers his quarry has

entered an Elvis Presley impersonator contest and merged with

the crowd.

The Fall Guy S5E2
Episode 2

King of the Stuntmen

There is a 'King of the Stuntmen' contest

The Fall Guy S5E3
Episode 3

Femme Fatale

Howie goes undercover as a female impersonator, Denise, when

the skip is a material witness in hiding

The Fall Guy S5E4
Episode 4

A Fistful of Lire

Colt has to protect an Italian village

The Fall Guy S5E5
Episode 5

The Life of Riley

When Colt catches a young man wanted in Los Angeles, he

stumbles into a 'kidnapping for adoption' ring in Sacramento.

Simon begs Colt to wait one more day while he checks out his

last lead--a VW that matches the one used in the kidnapping

The Fall Guy S5E6
Episode 6

October the Thirty Second

Elvira and company are filming a horror movie in an old haunted

mansion during a storm, of course

The Fall Guy S5E7
Episode 7

Seavers, Dead Or Alive

The tables are turned when Colt is framed and becomes a


The Fall Guy S5E8
Episode 8

Escape Claus

A fitting story for Christmas--Santa is arrested for freeing

the reindeer. He asks what each wants for Christmas. Jody

wants a 'white' Christmas in spite of the current heat wave;

Colt reluctantly says he needs a new truck. There is a

child care center threatened with eviction and some crooks

want the bonds Santa's cellmate is hiding.

Trench's slogan: "You bust 'em, we bond 'em"

The Fall Guy S5E9
Episode 9

No Rms Ocean Vu

Colt is stranded on a desert isle with a spoiled socialite, who

has a perfume company, after their plane is shot down by

robbers. Prologue is filming a perfume commercial

The Fall Guy S5E10
Episode 10

Miami's Nice

An FBI agent persuades Colt to participate in a cocaine sting.

Jody presents awards to Miss Stuntwoman USA winners

The Fall Guy S5E11
Episode 11


One of Colt's old classmates steals his own jewels for the

insurance money.

The Fall Guy S5E12
Episode 12

Trial By Fire

An old army buddy begs Colt to rescue one of the group that was

betrayed years ago in Vietnam. He insists a recent photo shows

the man as a POW even though everyone believes he is dead.

The Fall Guy S5E13
Episode 13

In His Shadow

A young man arrives who might be Colt's son.

The Fall Guy S5E14
Episode 14

The Lucky Stiff

Jerry has lost his money, house and wife, so he puts out a

contract on himself--then wins the lottery.

The Fall Guy S5E15
Episode 15

Beach Blanket Bounty

A severe earthquake rocks L.A. and Colt coincidentally is

involved with a 'rock' group, who want $20,000, and an industrial

The Fall Guy S5E16
Episode 16

The Last Chance Platoon

Colt becomes the drill instructor for a platoon of misfits.

The Fall Guy S5E17
Episode 17

I Now Pronounce You ... Dead

Pearl wants Colt to grab the skip during his wedding, but one

of his wives beats him to it. As his creditors chase him, more

wives turn up. Song--On The Road Again.

The Fall Guy S5E18
Episode 18

Two On a Skip

Trench sends Colt after another bounty hunter who he thinks is

taking too long and spending too much.

The Fall Guy S5E19
Episode 19

The Lady in Green

An old actor who played "Silver Blade", a Zorro type crime

fighter, in his earlier days, witnesses a murder and wants

to go after the killer

The Fall Guy S5E20
Episode 20

Tag Team

Colt wins two pro wrestlers (losers) and Howie trains them.

They do come in handy in a pinch

The Fall Guy S5E21
Episode 21

War On Wheels

A town was bought to become a reservoir, but one resident

refuses to leave. His granddaughter wants to put him in a rest

home. Howie has a remote 'out-of-control' tank. A gang of

bikers have them all trapped in the town

The Fall Guy S5E22
Episode 22

The Bigger They Are

A cop wants evidence against a club owner who sells pcp to


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