The Firm - Season 1 Episodes

The Firm - Season 1

As a young associate, Mitch brought down Bendini, Lambert & Locke, a prestigious Memphis law firm operating as a front for the Chicago Mob. His life was never the same. After a difficult ten years, which included a stay in the Federal Witness Protection Program, Mitch and his family emerge from isolation determined to reclaim their lives and their future -- only to find that past dangers are still lurking and new threats are everywhere.

Episode 1


After 10 years, Mitch McDeere and his family leave witness protection to start a new life and a new law practice. But are they really safe?

Episode 2

“Chapter Two”

After 10 years, Mitch McDeere and his family leave witness protection to start a new life and a new law practice. But are they really safe?

The Firm S1E3
Episode 3

“Chapter Three”

While forced to defend a partner's son on a troubling charge, Mitch discovers a serial killer.

The Firm S1E4
Episode 4

“Chapter Four”

Mitch takes the case of a psychiatrist accused of murdering her ex-patient - a stalker!

Episode 5

“Chapter Five”

While defending a gangster, Mitch takes a huge risk by enlisting Kinross & Clark to help with the Sanderson case.

The Firm S1E6
Episode 6

“Chapter Six”

When Mitch McDeere defends a new father charged with arson, the biggest obstacle to getting justice isn't the facts or the law, but a judge with a shocking agenda. Tammy and Ray team up to solve unanswered questions about Sarah Holt and the elderly woman she is accused of murdering. Meanwhile, Abby faces a tough parenting decision when Claire requests a cell phone.

The Firm S1E7
Episode 7

“Chapter Seven”

Mitch and Ray defend a naive young man charged with armed robbery who can't protect himself without turning on his older brother. Claire's school project causes Abby to contemplate contacting her estranged parents. Tammy accosts Martin Moxon to convince him to meet Mitch and explain his cryptic clue.

Episode 8

“Chapter Eight”

After being released from custody, Mitch and his family question why Martin Moxon died and the connection to his client, Sarah Holt. Mitch represents a scientist when a large pharmaceutical company attempts to steal his groundbreaking research. Ray finds a critical clue in the conspiracy surrounding Martin Moxon's death. Tammy and Abby discover that someone has fed Mitch false information.

Episode 9

“Chapter Nine”

Mitch and Ray probe the death of a sergeant's son and the case becomes a national security matter; Tammy lands a new job to break new ground in the Sarah Holt case.

Episode 10

“Chapter Ten”

Mitch defends a woman accused of kidnapping a baby; Abby suspects that a student is being abused; Ray and Tammy find information concerning the Sarah Holt case; Joey Morolto admits to being the head of the crime family.

Episode 11

“Chapter Eleven”

Days before his execution, a death row inmate asks Mitch to help him give his victim's family an incredible gift. Did the condemned man really have a change of heart or is Mitch getting caught up in a killer's final game? Meanwhile, Tammy inherits a house and Ray gets some answers about Sarah Holt from her ex-husband.

Episode 12

“Chapter Twelve”

Mitch (Josh Lucas) finally convinces Sarah Holt (Alex Paxton-Beesley) to tell him the truth about her case, despite the potential danger this exposes her to. Meanwhile, Mitch makes a mistake in his defense of a man accused of murder, and the error could land his client in jail for life. Abby (Molly Parker) makes an important discovery with the help of Martin Moxon's wife Danielle (guest star Tara Rosling), while Tammy (Juliette Lewis) enlists the help of a hacker to scrounge for any clues on Sarah Holt's laptop. Callum Keith Rennie and Natasha Calis also star. Tricia Helfer and Shaun Majumder guest star.

Episode 13

“Chapter Thirteen”

Mitch and Ray meet with Andrew, who offers to help expose Kinross and Clark to the FBI; Abby tries to prevent the next murder; Mitch prepares to take on Kevin Stack.

Episode 14

“Chapter Fourteen”

Shaken by the fact that Abby (Molly Parker) has been kidnapped by Kevin Stack's (Martin Donovan) men, Mitch (Josh Lucas) begrudgingly makes a deal with him to trade key evidence to keep her safe. With the clock ticking, Mitch is ready to make the swap when the FBI suddenly arrests him and Ray (Callum Keith Rennie), jeopardizing Abby's life. Meanwhile, desperate to stay alive, Abby begins to play mind games on her captor in order to plot her escape.

Episode 15

“Chapter Fifteen”

Mitch (Josh Lucas) and Ray (Callum Keith Rennie) make dangerous decisions in their effort to expose Kevin Stack (Martin Donovan) and the Noble Insurance conspiracy. With Stack and Alex Clark (guest star Tricia Helfer) working hard to evade justice, Abby (Molly Parker) surprisingly finds herself at the center of the case.

Episode 16

“Chapter Sixteen”

When Abby takes the stand in the government's case against Kevin Stack, her testimony becomes the only thing that can keep him behind bars. Determined to make sure Stack doesn't evade justice, Mitch learns all the details of his master plan.

Episode 17

“Chapter Seventeen”

As Mitch represents a young woman charged with solicitation, he discovers she has a much more dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Abby and Claire take a trip to Kentucky to visit Abby's parents, but is reconciliation possible after ten years?

Episode 18

“Chapter Eighteen”

When Mitch (Josh Lucas) defends a renowned novelist accused of murder, his client's famously unstable nature threatens to destroy the case. Back in her hometown, Abby (Molly Parker) forms a bond with Dr. Wilson (guest star David Conrad, "Ghost Whisperer") that goes beyond the normal doctor-patient relationship.

Episode 19

“Chapter Nineteen”

Joey Morolto gives Mitch an offer he can't refuse -- if Mitch defends his best friend from a murder charge, the McDeeres and the Moroltos will be square. As Abby tries to save her mother's charity from a crooked accountant, she makes an unexpected realization about herself.

Episode 20

“Chapter Twenty”

When Mitch's client admits to a potentially damaging incident from his college days, Mitch has to race an aggressive prosecutor to prevent it from coming into the trial. Meanwhile, Abby has to decide if she is on board with working for Joey Morolto, Jr.

Episode 21

“Chapter Twenty-One”

Mitch and his team scramble to come up with a viable defense in Patrick Walker's case, forcing them to begin jury selection without a plan. Meanwhile, Joey Morolto, Jr. implements a deadly strategy to regain

Episode 22

“Chapter Twenty-Two”

On the day of Ray and Tammy's wedding, a new enemy threatens to destroy the joyous family occasion. As Patrick Walker's trial begins, Mitch makes a startling discovery that the conspiracy surrounding the case goes deeper than just the mob.