The Gates

The Gates

The Gates - Season 1 Episodes

The Gates - Season 1

The Gates - Season 1

Nestled inside a private mountain community are The Gates. The image of perpetual suburban bliss, each street is lined with perfectly manicured homes protected by the massive iron gates, but a dark and delicious secret is buried just beneath the surface of this picturesque neighborhood.

The Gates S1E1
Episode 1


The Monohan family moves into a new home in an exclusive community called The Gates; things become complicated when the father, the new chief of police, must investigate neighbors in a missing-persons case his first day on the job.

The Gates S1E2
Episode 2

What Lies Beneath

Former Chief of Police Phelps was killed by a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. Things like that just don't happen in The Gates. Frank Buckley wants Nick to do his best to manage the situation. But the new chief isn't interested in a management position; all he wants to do is find the person who killed a cop.

The Gates S1E3
Episode 3


The policy at The Gates is that the police cannot enter a house without owner permission. But when a silent alarm is tripped at the McAllister home, Nick Monohan can't wait for an invitation. He and Marcus storm inside to find the supposed-to-be-vacationing Mr. McAllister in the kitchen. Nick apologizes for the confusion before leaving. He doesn't see the cowering woman behind the counter, a pool of blood beside her on the floor.

The Gates S1E4
Episode 4

The Monster Within

A missing hunter casts unwanted attention on Brett; Nick and Dylan try to put their differences aside during a father-daughter dance; an unexpected secret turns things upside down.

The Gates S1E5
Episode 5


Nick is forced into an alliance with a vampire; Marcus looks into Teresa's disappearance; a recent discovery threatens Andie's new relationship.

The Gates S1E6
Episode 6


Nick asks Dylan for help finding the killer when a neighbor is murdered by a vampire; Claire tries to end her arrangement with Christian; Andie decides to stop taking her medicine.

The Gates S1E7
Episode 7

Digging the Dirt

Dylan and Nick search for a damaging secret about Frank; social politics threaten Sarah's pool party; Devon experiments with Internet dating.

The Gates S1E8
Episode 8

Dog Eat Dog

At another one of those classy, cliquey social events we've come to love at The Gates, Ben McAllister and Simon Ford get into a little scuffle about lawn sprinklers. There's always been bad blood between these two, probably because Ben's a vampire and Simon's a werewolf. And vampires don't like when werewolves set their sprinklers to sprinkle while they're walking to their car. Hey, humans don't like it either.

The Gates S1E9
Episode 9

Identity Crisis

Special Agent Kat Russo of the FBI believes the target of a federal investigation is living inside The Gates. Robert Jessup is accused of financial fraud. He's a model, low-profile citizen who is currently off-property. Nick and Russo check out Jessup's house. It's filled with fake passports, a copy machine and photos of numerous members of the community, including Dylan and Claire Radcliffe.

The Gates S1E10
Episode 10

Little Girl Lost

Dylan and Claire turn to Nick for help when Emily is kidnapped; Brett faces the realities of a relationship with Andie.

The Gates S1E11
Episode 11


Ever have one of those days when a hideous, vengeful creature is trying to kill you from beyond the grave? Well, Nick Monohan is being haunted by Teresa, the woman who tried to kill him in "The Monster Within." Devon says Nick's nightmares will cease if he tries some of her special tea. Nick is reluctant to do so, because he doesn't trust Devon. The chief's a smart guy.

The Gates S1E12
Episode 12

Bad Moon Rising

The Monohans are beginning to question whom they can trust when lines are drawn.

The Gates S1E13
Episode 13

Moving Day

After Vanessa and Frank's deaths, the Monohans make plans to move from The Gates.

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