The Glades

The Glades

The Glades - Season 3 Episodes

The Glades S3E1
Episode 1

Close Encounters

In a brackish swamp, an alligator slides into the mire, drifting close to some unseen prey, its eyes beaming like holograms. An armadillo rustles through palmetto fronds. Its beady eyes are red in the pitch-black night. A shiny red Camaro is parked on a desolate dirt road next to the swamp with its engine is off and the windows fogged up. Music plays inside while a young couple — Adam and Chelsea — make out, lost in the heat of the moment. Suddenly, they hear a faint, spooky clanging noise outside of the car. But they ignore it and go back to their make-out session.

The Glades S3E2
Episode 2

Poseidon Adventure

At the beach, a lifeguard keeps watch while dozens of people splash around in the ocean. His gaze catches something strange in the water. Quickly looking through his binoculars, he spots what looks like a shark fin approaching the shore. He runs towards the water, blowing his whistle and yelling for people to get out of the water. People scream and frantically rush out, not looking behind them. When the lifeguard walks up to the fin, which has now washed ashore, he sees that it's not a shark as he originally thought, but a woman dressed as a mermaid. The group gathers around, staring at the beautiful, and very much dead, young woman.

The Glades S3E3
Episode 3

Longworth's Anatomy

Detective Jim Longworth assembles a bookshelf in Callie Cargill's new, one-bedroom Atlanta apartment. Callie enters with two coffees, admiring Jim's work. Jim tells her now she'll have something to remember him by. They share a smile and she hands him a chicken sandwich for the plane ride. Jim asks Callie how Jeff is handling the move and Callie tells him he's fine; it seems that she's the only one experiencing separation anxiety. But he's in good hands with his grandma watching him. Callie tells Jim to hurry up and get ready to go because he's going to miss his plane back to Florida. She looks upset to see him go, though she knows he has to. He grabs his overnight bag and they're about to leave, when Callie turns around and tells Jim she needs one more thing. She slips off his T-shirt, bringing it close to her nose and tells him that she wants it to remember him by. Jim smiles, and leans in for a kiss. They kiss harder. They're not going anywhere. Jim's flight will have to wait.

The Glades S3E4
Episode 4

The Naked Truth

A man wearing swim trunks trudges out of the water, dragging a canoe behind him with one hand and holding a paddle in the other. He drags the boat ashore and he sees a rogue canoe left lying upside down a few yards away. He heads over, grabbing it by its bow. As he lifts it, he discovers a woman's naked body underneath. Visibly startled, he screams and drops the canoe.

The Glades S3E5
Episode 5

Food Fight

Detective Jim Longworth walks toward the lab, clearly on a mission. Reading Jim's mind, Medical Examiner Carlos Sanchez catches up to him and asks if he's eaten lunch yet. Jim says he's in pursuit of lunch and asks Daniel Green if he got a hit on the BOLO he requested. Daniel hands him a piece of paper. Was the BOLO for a hit and run? Stolen vehicle? Nope. Jim is on the hunt for tacos. From out of nowhere, Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke appears behind Jim and Carlos. After hearing them mention lunch, she asks if she can come along. Jim tells her they're going to a famous taco food truck, The Art of Boar; the name is a clever spin-off of the famous book, The Art of War. Jim normally hits up the place for breakfast, but it wasn't in its usual spot and there were no Twitter updates on its location, so he put a BOLO out for it. Jennifer disapproves of Jim's use of a BOLO for lunch purposes, telling him that it's against FDLE policy. But since she's hungry, she'll let it slide this one time.

The Glades S3E6
Episode 6

Old Times

Brad and Lisa run through a wooded park, their heart monitors beeping. Lisa takes off ahead of Brad and disappears around a curve. He's about to kick into gear when the heart monitor she's wearing (and that he's monitoring) starts beeping furiously. Scared and concerned for his friend, Brad races down the trail to search for her. He rounds a curve to find her bending over, gasping for breath. He follows her gaze to the bloody body of a beautiful young woman on the ground.

The Glades S3E7
Episode 7

Public Enemy

Three teenage boys throw a football around on a suburban street. One of them chucks the ball over the fence of a house, gesturing for the others to follow him. They plan on breaking into the house to find some beer. In the backyard, one of the boys jimmies the lock on the back door, while his friend takes a seat on a patio couch. He immediately stands up after feeling something strange underneath him. He lifts back the cover on the couch to reveal a dead woman.

The Glades S3E8
Episode 8

Fountain Of Youth

At the Fountain of Youth Spa, a man dressed as Ponce De Leon leads a tour group through the grounds, while briefing them on the history of the place. They arrive in front of an opulent fountain decorated with cherubs, which is spewing water into a mossy collecting pool. The guide gestures toward the fountain, revealing, to his surprise, a woman floating face down in the water.

The Glades S3E9
Episode 9


Two marine biologists climb out of the water and onto a lush, practically untouched tropical island. They make their way onto the beach, and head towards their towels and backpacks. The female biologist grabs her water purifier and heads off into the forest in search of a stream. As she checks the ground for mud, she notices unusual red drops on the ground. Curious, she follows the trail of red to a nearby shrub where she sees a man, face down and dead, the back of his head bashed in.

The Glades S3E10
Episode 10

Endless Summer

A large sand sifter drives down the beach, picking up seaweed and debris. The driver hears the shifting grate get caught on something, so he hops down from the cab to investigate. Twisted in the tines of his rake is the half buried, bloody body of a bikini-clad woman.

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