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The Good Wife - Season 2

The Good Wife - Season 2

The Good Wife is a drama starring Julianna Marguilies as a wife and mother who boldly re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail. Alicia Florrick starts over by pursuing her original career as a defense attorney. As a junior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm, she joins her longtime friend, former law school classmate and firm partner Will Gardner, who is interested in rekindling their former relationship.

The Good Wife S2E1
Episode 1

Taking Control

Picking up just as we left off, Alicia is about to join Peter on the dais as Will calls. Eli grabs the phone and gets Alicia to take Peter’s hand. Will leaves two messages: the first saying he understands they should just drop it, then the second saying no, I love you, and I’m not dropping this. Eli deletes the second message. Before they have a chance to settle things, Will gets caught up in the law firm merger and has to deal with the new partner, Derrick Bond. In court, Alicia is appointed as a counselor to an accused murderer who insists on defending himself.

Vance Salle, the owner of a political website is accused of murdering his partner. He claims that the government is responsible for the murder and framed him, all because of sensitive material that was leaked on his website. The prosecution – which Cary is a part of – seems to have a straight forward case. However, it starts to turn in Salle’s favor with some clever help from Alicia. Kalinda, along with Bond’s investigator Blake, help track down a witness that lends credibility to Salle’s conspiracy theory. But in the end, it becomes clear that Salle really is the killer, and the best Alicia can do is to rush to closing arguments before newly-found damning evidence is presented. Alicia convinces Salle to take a 5-year plea before the jury rules.

The Good Wife S2E2
Episode 2

Double Jeopardy

Dissatisfied that Alicia wins a not guilty verdict for a young Army Reservist accused of murdering his wife, Cary has the case re-tried in military court. In military court, the rules are different and the law is presented differently stacking the decks against Alicia. But Alicia has a plan and calls Cary to the stand as a witness as a way of producing evidence which gives a break in the case and saves her client. Meanwhile as the campaign kicks into full gear, Child resorts to dirty tricks in an effort to mar Peter’s reputation.

The Good Wife S2E3
Episode 3

Breaking Fast

For the first time, we see SLG go squarely on the offensive with prosecutors, filing a multimillion-dollar malicious prosecution suit against the S.A.’s office for ruining an innocent defendant’s life. Childs is desperate to defend his department’s decisions while covering his own ass; Diane and Will debate how to best utilize Alicia in a case against her husband’s political opponent; and Kalinda and Cary go head-to-head in trying to determine the true culprit’s identity. All of the maneuvering builds to one explosive conflict between Alicia and Glenn Childs that could make or break the case—and ultimately, the campaign.

Alicia’s freewheeling, energetic brother surfaces in her life again-- and levies a surprising (and false) accusation against Peter. In navigating the fallout, Owen tells Alicia the truth: he thinks she should leave her husband.

The Good Wife S2E4
Episode 4

Cleaning House

Alicia once again faces the impossibly sweet young Nancy Crozier, only this time she’s our co-counsel and – supposedly – on the same side of the case. Although Alicia’s prepared for her innocent-with-a-dagger routine, we initially think it can work toward our common goal: defending our linked clients in a civil suit. But when Nancy proves as dangerous as the opposition, Alicia fights on two fronts and ultimately out-maneuvers her to protect her client.

Meanwhile, when a bombshell drops in the Childs campaign, Alicia is implicated in an ethics scandal. If Alicia is proven to be the source of the leak, it’s not only a blow to the Florrick campaign, but she could be disbarred. Could Childs have leaked the information to get revenge on Alicia? Peter and Eli race to clear Alicia’s name, but when they learn that Childs is innocent, they realize another agenda is at play. A third candidate is setting the stage to enter the State’s Attorney race. Now the question is: who is it?

The Good Wife S2E5
Episode 5

VIP Treatment

This episode begins right where the last one ends, with young DA Wendy Scott-Carr announcing her intent to run for State's Attorney at a gala dinner in front of Alicia, Peter, and the LGB partners. While Peter and Eli try to figure out what this means for their campaign, Alicia is called back to the firm on an urgent matter.

The Good Wife S2E6
Episode 6

Poisoned Pill

In our first sweeps episode, LGB crosses swords with a brilliant disabled attorney named Louis Canning who is cynically deployed by a desperate pharmaceutical company to battle the claim that their new billion-dollar antidepressant caused the grisly murder-suicide of our client’s parents.

The Good Wife S2E7
Episode 7

Bad Girls

After receiving a critical peer review from new partner Derrick Bond, Alicia is saddled with the DUI case of teen star Sloan Burchfield, who ran her Escalade into a pole after a night of underage drinking.

The Good Wife S2E8
Episode 8

On Tap

LGB takes on the case of Matthew Wade, an alderman who has been indicted for taking campaign contributions in exchange for getting a mosque built on the site of an abandoned housing project.

The Good Wife S2E9
Episode 9

Nine Hours

Ten years ago, Carter Wright was accused of starting a fire that killed his ex-wife. He's been on death row ever since. When LGB gets a cryptic call about the case from a courthouse clerk, they realize that something must have been overlooked by his previous counsel and they have less than 8 hours before the deadline to file an appeal.

The Good Wife S2E10
Episode 10

Breaking Up

When drugs are found in the possession of wealthy law student Jonathan Murphy and his working class girlfriend Alexis Symanski. Jonathan’s father calls in LGB.When drugs are found in the possession of wealthy law student Jonathan Murphy and his working class girlfriend Alexis Symanski. Jonathan’s father calls in LGB. But the case gets more complex when the drugs are found to have come from a pharmacy where the clerk was murdered.

The Good Wife S2E11
Episode 11

Two Courts

While defending Scott Bauer, an internet spam distributor accused of murdering his father, Alicia and Will are stymied by hostile judge Edward Weldon due to an altercation he had with Will on the basketball court.

The Good Wife S2E12
Episode 12

Silly Season

This episode will be from Cary's point of view, as the state attorney's office prosecutes Joey Church for the murder of Jay Winston.

The Good Wife S2E13
Episode 13

Real Deal

When a miscarriage/infertility cluster in a suburban neighborhood appears to have been caused by poorly disposed pesticides, Alicia and her team pound the pavement rounding up clients in a possible multi-million dollar class action lawsuit.

The Good Wife S2E14
Episode 14

Net Worth

Will takes on the defamation case of wunderkind internet billionaire Patric Edelstein, the 25-year-old founder of Patric is suing the makers of a biopic that he claims is defaming him, and while Will knows the case will be a tough sell he also knows that he can milk this 'cash cow' for hundreds of billable hours.

The Good Wife S2E15
Episode 15

Silver Bullet

Kurt McVeigh, the right-wing ballistics expert with whom Diane has an on-again off-again relationship, is on trial for testimony he gave in a murder trial. Pablo Beltran, the accused cop killer in that case, was sent to prison partially on the back of McVeigh’s testimony. When extreme misconduct from the DNA lab caused Beltran to go free, however, he decided to go after McVeigh knowing that a judgment against the expert would end his career. As Eli decides how best to use a “Nannygate”-style political bombshell that could cripple Wendy Scott-Carr’s campaign, Alicia helps Diane defend McVeigh and piece together the truth about Beltran’s shooting.

The Good Wife S2E16
Episode 16

Great Firewall

LGB is suing a social networking website on behalf Shen Yuan, a Chinese dissident who was jailed and tortured for five years by his government. Shen claims that the website failed to protect his anonymity by turning his IP address over to the Chinese government. Alicia and Will know that if they can get a large enough settlement, the comapny will stop cooperating with the Chinese and they can help prevent the incarceration of future activists. But when Alicia sees Patric Edelstein, (the internet billionaire from 214) in the office, she begins to suspect that the firm has an ulterior motive for taking Shen’s case. As Peter finds a silver bullet that might drive Glenn Childs from the campaign for good, Will and Diane attempt to wrestle control of the firm away from Derrick Bond once and for all.

The Good Wife S2E17
Episode 17

Ham Sandwich

When LeMond Bishop's wife leaves him, LG represents the drug kingpin in a series of increasingly nasty divorce proceedings. LeMond is intent on trying to reconcile with the woman he still loves, but she is resolute. He cheated on her, and now he has to pay. Alicia and Will must convince the court that their client is fit to be a father despite his underworld dealings or he could lose his family for good. Meanwhile, Kalinda is subpoenaed by a grand jury to answer for a variety of crimes she’s committed in the past. But is Glenn Childs actually after Kalinda, or is he really trying to take down Alicia and LG? Kalinda meets with Blake and Blake teaser her that he knows her secret and reveals that Kalinda slept with Peter in exchange for helping her with a situation.

The Good Wife S2E18
Episode 18

Killer Song

Jarvis Bowes has spent the last 30 years in a psychiatric hospital after being convicted for the rape and murder of Malory Cerone. While institutionalized, he wrote a song which was covered by a pop band and has recently hit the top of the charts. Now Alicia and Lockhart/Gardner are helping Malory's daughter sue Jarvis for the proceeds from the song, claiming he wrote it about killing her mother. But when Alicia looks into Bowes' crime, she finds that the roots of the song may be even more disturbing than they had initially thought. Meanwhile Alicia and Diane help Eli attempt to secure citizenship for Natalie, but their case hits a snag when Natalie's father is wrongfully arrested and threatened with deportation.

The Good Wife S2E19
Episode 19

Wrongful Termination

Alicia and LG take a class action suit against GoView, a video-on-demand company that created working conditions so miserable that several employees committed suicide. Opposing counsel is once again Louis Canning, this time taking the case over from former LG partner turned rival Jonas Stern. Stern had been on the verge of settling, but Canning insists on a trial. When Alicia finds an internal memo proving that GoView looted the employee pension fund, they are stuck with a case that is slowly becoming unwinnable and a piece of evidence that would leave their class with nothing if it came to light.

The Good Wife S2E20
Episode 20

Foreign Affairs

Lockhart/Gardner represents a small drilling contractor in a contract dispute against a major oil conglomerate. Things seem straightforward at first, but quickly get out of hand when a South American dictator nationalizes the drilling company and takes over the case. Suddenly, Lockhard/Gardner is forced to cater to the dictator’s whims, including taking orders from an aging actor who played a famous lawyer on television. Meanwhile, Peter and Wendi are neck-and-neck in the polls leading up to Election Day. In order to win over the people, Eli tells Alicia that she must enter the fray and show her support for Peter in a televised interview.

The Good Wife S2E21
Episode 21

In Sickness

Lockhart/Gardner nemesis Patti Nyholm returns, this time defending a hospital in a liver transplant case. A woman with only weeks to live has been bumped from the transplant list, and our firm only has days to reverse the hospital’s decision before the liver goes to someone else. The case takes an unexpected turn when Nyholm turns the tables – she’s been wrongfully terminated by her firm due to her pregnancy, and she wants to hire Will and Alicia to take her case. But can she be trusted?

With the revelation of Peter's one night stand with Kalinda, Alicia takes action, throwing Peter out of their home, and deals with the emotional fallout from Peter, their children, and her mother-in-law Jackie.

The Good Wife S2E22
Episode 22

Getting Off

Lockhart/Gardner defends Stephanie Engler, the owner of an adultery Web site, after one of her users is murdered; however, the civil case turns criminal when the murder is pinned on Stephanie. Alicia goes ballistic on Kalinda about her one-night stand with Peter, causing Kalinda to contemplate leaving the firm, on.

The Good Wife S2E23
Episode 23

Closing Arguments

Despite their tense relationship, Alicia and Kalinda rush to prove their client's innocence in a murder trial, while the timing might finally be right for Alicia and Will to pursue their relationship.

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