The Green Green Grass

The Green Green Grass

The Green Green Grass - Season 2 Episodes

The Green Green Grass S2E1
Episode 1

Testing Times

Sleepless nights, confusion over chemicals and an EU farm inspection - just a normal day on the farm for Boycie and Marlene.... until Boycie loses his hair!

The Green Green Grass S2E2
Episode 2

Here's To You, Mrs Boyce

Boycie considers a move into local politics. Bryan's ex-fiancée finds a cure for lesbianism. Tyler fails to score at Rugby, but creates a good impression. Marlene provides momentary distraction during Tyler's maths coursework, until Boycie steps in with his first aid knowledge.

The Green Green Grass S2E3
Episode 3

Bothered and Bewildered

Boycie decides his staff need to work harder and vows to sack the next employee he catches slacking. Mrs Cakeworthy is the first out the door, but she soon has her boss regretting her decision when the Londoner learns she is a witch. Elsewhere, Tyler has his own problems - he is traumatised by the school art class.

The Green Green Grass S2E4
Episode 4

Mother Earth

Beth's concern for animal welfare has far-reaching consequences for Winterdown Farm. Marlene's pursuit of a more holistic way of life proves to be crunch time for Boycie and something of an eye opener for Beth.

The Green Green Grass S2E5
Episode 5

Schoolboy French

The circle of life comes knocking at the Boyces' door with Tyler's French exchange student and a past love from Peckham sheds new light on old memories.

The Green Green Grass S2E6
Episode 6

More Questions Than Answers

Llewellyn has been forced to employ teachers over the summer as casual labour but even they can't help the fact that his farm is running at a massive deficit. With Boycie's farm doing well, Llewellyn challenges him to a pub quiz in the hope of winning £5,000.

The Green Green Grass S2E7
Episode 7

Brothers and Sisters

A family reunion leaves the staff of Winterdown Farm all tied up and lost for words, love is in the air for Bryan, and Boycie attempts to bury the past before the Driscoll Brothers bury him.

The Green Green Grass S2E8
Episode 8

From Here To Paternity

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