The Gummi Bears

The Gummi Bears

The Gummi Bears - Season 4 Episodes

The Gummi Bears S4E1
Episode 1

The Magnificent Seven Gummies

An Oriental prince takes the Gummies to Asia to help defend his kingdom against a dragon that is ravaging crops and disrupting people, but Duke Igthorn stows away and seeks to see if anything in the Asian kingdom can be used to attack Dunwyn.

The Gummi Bears S4E2
Episode 2

Music Hath Charms

Igthorn gets his hands on a set of magical bagpipes which entrance anyone listening to its tunes. Unfortunately, this includes most of the Gummis. Fortunately, Grammi has gone temporarily deaf.

The Gummi Bears S4E3
Episode 3

Dress for Success

The Gummi Bears attend a masquerade festival at Dunwyn, but so does Igthorn, with the intention to get rid of King Gregor once and for all. And the only tools Sunni has to stop him is her rather gaudy, self-made new dress.

The Gummi Bears S4E4
Episode 4

A Knight to Remember

Cubbi wants to play knight but when the Gummies don't believe Cubbi sees the ghost of a real Gummi Knight, Cubbi sets out to learn from him and help him fulfill an unfinished quest.

The Gummi Bears S4E5
Episode 5

Gummis Just Want to Have Fun

Grammi is visited by a childhood friend, Nogum who shows her how to have fun once again, but her chores don't get done in the meantime. Will Nogum get Grammi to come away with him?

The Gummi Bears S4E6
Episode 6

Color Me Gummi

When the dilapidated state of Gummi Glen and an exploding Stinkweed Stew force the Gummis to temporarily evacuate their home, Sunni tries to find a good place for herself, Tummi and Cubbi to stay in. But their last choice, Dunwyn, provea no safer than the wilds since rats are on the loose in the castle, along with an overeager exterminator.

The Gummi Bears S4E7
Episode 7

There's No Place Like Home

When King Gregor accidentally sees one of Gusto´s lifelike paintings in Cavin´s hands, Cavin panics and says he did the painting. King Gregor then commissions Cavin to create a portrait of him, forcing Gusto to help Cavin behind the scenes...without getting discovered.

The Gummi Bears S4E8
Episode 8

He Who Laughs Last

Fed up with Gummi Bear stories by Sir Garwin, a retired knight and Cavin's grandfather, a citizen of Dunwyn issues a challenge to him: Find evidence of the Bears' existence, or give up his fortune. Cavin, of course, is stuck between helping his grandfather and keeping the secret of his friends. Meanwhile, Tummi Gummi is cursed after eating a dangerous fruit and his friends must find a spell to save him.

The Gummi Bears S4E9
Episode 9

Tummi's Last Stand

When Tummi's big girth causes him and Cubbi to be almost captured by Ightorn and his ogres, Cubbi encourages Tummi to use an old Gummi training parcour to lose some weight. But the gauntlet turns out to be useful in other ways as well.

The Gummi Bears S4E10
Episode 10

The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again!

The other Gummis discover Cubbi's secret identity and force him to give up this "childish game." By happenstance Toadie takes up the mantle of the Crimson Avenger – and just at the wrong time, too, since Igthorn is about to carry out his plan to kidnap Princess Calla!

The Gummi Bears S4E11
Episode 11

Ogre Baby Boom

An accidental mixture of Gummiberry juice and baby powder reduces Igthorn's Ogre troops to infants, and Grammi takes in one of these babies in order to raise it for the better.

The Gummi Bears S4E12
Episode 12

The White Knight

Dunwyn's most famous paladin, Sir Victor, pays a visit to King Gregor's court. But the White Knight bears a secret which makes him an easy target for extortion by Igthorn.

The Gummi Bears S4E13
Episode 13

Girl's Knight Out

When Gruffi breaks his foot, he stubbornly refuses to stay put, believing that the Glen would suffer if he doesn't remain active. His attitude doesn't improve when a rowdy bandit gang decides to make camp right above the Gummi Glen abode.

The Gummi Bears S4E14
Episode 14

Good Neighbor Gummi

King Gregor proposes a series of tests for Unwin and the other squires to become Princess Calla's bodyguard, which includes stealing a golden apple from the strong and mysterious Black Knight. Calla conceals her appearance in a suit of armor and competes as well to prove she is capable of her own self defense.

The Gummi Bears S4E15
Episode 15

Top Gum

Inspired by some old stories, Cubby constructs a flight pack and races off into the clouds to find the legendary Aerials. Unfortunately, the Aerials are not like the old Gummi stories described ... in more than one way.

The Gummi Bears S4E16
Episode 16

Gummies at Sea

Tummi finds a Gummarine , an ancient sailing vessel that can take the Gummies to New Gumbria, where they can meet other Gummies. However, their plans are quickly derailed when Duke Igthorn captures the ship and uses it to attack King Gregor.

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