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The Hills

The Hills - Season 4 Episodes

The Hills - Season 4

The Hills - Season 4

The fourth season of The Hills, an American reality television series, consists of 20 episodes and was broadcast on MTV. It aired from August 18, 2008, until December 22, 2008. The season was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California, with additional footage in New York City, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; Italy; and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The executive producer was Liz Gateley.

The Hills focuses on the lives of Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Heidi Montag. During the season, Conrad's distaste for Montag's boyfriend Spencer Pratt continues to inhibit reconciliation between the women. Meanwhile, Patridge is concerned that her new housemate Lo Bosworth is straining her relationship with Conrad. The season finale saw Port relocate to New York City to accept employment with Diane von Fürstenberg, while Montag and Pratt elope.

Upon the conclusion of the season, Port was commissioned her own spin-off series The City, which originally chronicled the lives of her and friends Olivia Palermo, Jay Lyon, Erin Lucas, and Adam Senn. Additionally, rumors were widespread that Conrad wished to leave the series to pursue other career opportunities, though she made her final appearance on the series during the mid-season finale of the following season.

The Hills S4E0
Episode 0

Drama in The Hills

The Hills S4E0
Episode 0

The Lost Scenes

The Hills S4E1
Episode 1

We'll Never Be Friends

The tension between Lo, Lauren and Audrina continues and soon things reach boiling point.

The Hills S4E2
Episode 2

Drama Follows Them

Stephanie's birthday party is around the corner and so everyone tries to make an appearance. Also things start to change for Whitney.

The Hills S4E3
Episode 3

Better Off As Friends

Whitney's love life starts to heat up while Lauren's starts to cool down. Meanwhile Heidi and Spencer fight.

The Hills S4E4
Episode 4

Boys Make Girls Cry

Brody attacks Stephanie and insults her, just before he's arrested.

The Hills S4E5
Episode 5

Something Has To Change

Brody is still in jail, so the girls try to come up with a way to get him out. Plus Audrina and Lauren finally sit down and talk to each other.

The Hills S4E6
Episode 6

You Always Miss A Best Friend

Justin goes MIA. Holly calls Lauren, but how will Heidi and Spencer react to that?

The Hills S4E7
Episode 7

When Lauren's Away

Lauren leaves for family vacation, and things in Los Angeles go awry. Stephanie dates Doug behind Lauren's back, and Audrina gets friendly with Heidi.

The Hills S4E8
Episode 8

Don't Act Innocent…

Doug and Stephanie have to explain themselves to Lauren. Meanwhile Heidi's mother pays a visit.

The Hills S4E9
Episode 9

If She Never Met Spencer…

Heidi tries to reach out to Lauren. Meanwhile Audrina has a date, but what will Justin say to that?

The Hills S4E10
Episode 10

Who To Choose?

Spencer sets an ultimatum for Holly to move out. Meanwhile Audrina checks which boy is best for her. Will it be Justin?

The Hills S4E11
Episode 11

You'll Never Have This…

Lauren and Audrina travel to Cabo for Brody's birthday, but Audrina's problems with Justin threaten to ruin the festivities. Back in LA, Spencer gives Stephanie's new boyfriend a hard time over dinner.

The Hills S4E12
Episode 12

I Want You To Be With Me

Audrina wants to make things work with Corey, but finds herself torn when Justin drops by Epic. Meanwhile, Stephanie starts having doubts about her new boyfriend when he fails to defend her in front of Brody.

The Hills S4E13
Episode 13

It's Her Move

Audrina suprises Lauren when she moves out, and Heidi disappoints Brent Bolthouse when she invites Spencer to a work event and gets caught having a little too much fun.

The Hills S4E14
Episode 14

Back To New York

Whitney finds romance when she and Lauren head to New York City for fashion week. Back in L.A., Spencer makes things worse for Heidi by approaching Brent to ask for her job back.

The Hills S4E15
Episode 15

One Last Chance

Heidi decides to go back to Brent and Sam and ask for her job back. Plus, Holly Montag's crashing at Lauren and Lo's since getting kicked out of her sister's place.

The Hills S4E16
Episode 16

You Did This

A nasty rumor threatens to end Lauren and Audrina's friendship and Heidi realizes Spencer's been withholding information from her.

The Hills S4E17
Episode 17

It's About Trust

Audrina tries to make amends with Lauren after the fall-out. Then it's off to Nana's house where Spencer and Stephanie compete for their grandmother's affection.

The Hills S4E18
Episode 18

Dream Boy

In NYC, Whitney has an interview with Diane von Furstenberg and sees Jay. Plus, Lauren says goodbye to her Laguna home and Stephanie makes a difficult decision about Cameron.

The Hills S4E19
Episode 19

Mr. And Mrs. Pratt

Spencer and Heidi ignore the concerns of their families and elope in Mexico. Meanwhile, Whitney says goodbye to Lauren and her life in Los Angeles as she leaves for her dream job in New York City.

The Hills S4E20
Episode 20

I Heidi Take Thee Spencer

The season four finale finds Lauren and Heidi running into each other and are reminded why the once were best friends. Meanwhile, as Heidi's mom pays a visit, the she and Spencer know they must face reality; and Audrina is surprised by Justin with a trip to Palm Springs.

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