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The Inbetweeners UK

The Inbetweeners UK - Season 1 Episodes

The Inbetweeners UK - Season 1

The Inbetweeners UK - Season 1

See Just How Awkward Highschool Can Be. What's on the mind of the average teenage boy? College, jobs, marriage - that whole bright and exciting future thing? Or the quest for more immediately pleasurable grown up stuff like beer and sex? For Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, it's the quest, and unfortunately for them, it's usually unsuccessful.

The Inbetweeners UK S1E1
Episode 1

First Day

Meet Will MacKenzie. As if life wasn't bad enough, Will is forced to leave the private school he loved because his mother cannot afford it now that his father has run off and abandoned them. Will quickly makes enemies with students and faculty with every feeble attempt to fit in with his peers. Assigned to be Will's guide at his new school, Simon and his friends, Jay and Neil, soon find themselves unable to break free as Will forces himself into their circle. Things go painfully wrong when Will and his 'new friends' attempt to get served in a pub for the first time.

The Inbetweeners UK S1E2
Episode 2

Bunk Off

Simon loves Carli. And love conquers all—right? So when Will, Simon, Jay and Neil decide to cut class and drink, Simon figures what better way to declare his love than with a piece of art. Seemingly on the right track, Will and Simon decide that drunk works but they soon find out that drunk doesn't work as they proceed to offend, accuse and eventually humiliate themselves into a moment of clarity.

The Inbetweeners UK S1E3
Episode 3

Thorpe Park

Freedom. That's what's in store for everyone if Simon passes his driving test. Will, Jay and Neil become very excited with the prospect of having their very own driver. They plan their first road trip to an amusement park in an effort to ride roller coasters and chase girls. One problem, Simon is not that good of a driver and just getting to the park takes a huge effort. They make it to the park right before closing but things soon get unhinged as they try to salvage what little time is left.

The Inbetweeners UK S1E4
Episode 4


Party, Party, Party. Will neglects his hard-won friends when he has a surprising chance to hook up with the oh-so-fit and very popular Charlotte Hinchcliffe at a party. It's like old times after Will and Simon have a falling out, but Simon realizes he may be outgrowing Neil and Jay. Everyone is in for a shocker when they all attend a high school production of 'The Dating Game.'

The Inbetweeners UK S1E5
Episode 5

Caravan Club

Caravan club is a sexfest. Jay's seemingly tall tales of his conquests whilst caravaning lead the boys to call his bluff. They decide to pack up and join Jay's family for an excursion and are quickly introduced to the 'pleasures' of caravaning. While attending a party, Neil feels the beat of the rhythm of the night, Jay continues to weave his web of lies, Simon makes a 'mild' miscalculation and Will... well, Will just skids.

The Inbetweeners UK S1E6
Episode 6

Xmas Party

Chairman Will. It's the end of the term and Will decides to make a name for himself by overseeing the Christmas Prom Committee. Lucky for him no one else wanted the job. Either way--he is taking it very seriously and managed to get his friends to help. Simon wants the dance to be special and plans to finally make his move on Carli with the help of Jay, who is also DJ'ing. With the gang all making plays for significant others, Neil puts on his unique charm for a member of the faculty. Suffice it to say it is a proper ending to an eventful term.

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