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The Inbetweeners UK

The Inbetweeners UK - Season 2 Episodes

The Inbetweeners UK - Season 2

The Inbetweeners UK - Season 2

See Just How Awkward Highschool Can Be. What's on the mind of the average teenage boy? College, jobs, marriage - that whole bright and exciting future thing? Or the quest for more immediately pleasurable grown up stuff like beer and sex? For Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, it's the quest, and unfortunately for them, it's usually unsuccessful.

The Inbetweeners UK S2E1
Episode 1

The Field Trip

All aboard. It's a new term and that means it's time for the Geography and Sociology field trip to the seaside town Swanage. The trip gets interesting when Will cozies up to a friendly new student, Lauren. Unfortunately she has eyes for someone else--Simon. Jay sets out on a quest to find a legendary older woman who supposedly has a thing for young lads and Neil inadvertently dodges the advances of a more-than-willing but oh-so-wrong lover. The friends do make time for each other with a nice, quick boat trip on the water that ends up being anything but.

The Inbetweeners UK S2E2
Episode 2

Work Experience

Paperboy Will. As work experience week approaches, Will sets his sights on a newspaper job but ends up with an auto garage job that was meant for Neil. Attempting to fit in, Will simultaneously offends his co-workers and talks up his Valentine's Day plans with Charlotte at an underage disco. Simon gets some "love" on the dance floor while Will explains his loose talk to Charlotte, but all four friends run for cover as their night doesn't go according to plans.

The Inbetweeners UK S2E3
Episode 3

Will's Birthday

Happy birthday! It's Will's 17th and he wants to celebrate by having a mature dinner party with his friends and their dates. Problem #1: Will's party is the same night as far more popular, Louise Graham's party. Problem #2: none of the lads can get dates minus the one they hire. They decide to go to Louise's party and soon realize that even Patrice, the French exchange student staying with Simon, is more popular than them.

The Inbetweeners UK S2E4
Episode 4

A Night Out in London

Clubs not pubs. Will tries to 'seize the day' by suggesting they all reinvent themselves by doing something cool like clubbing in London. Simon isn't having any of it until he uses the opportunity to impress/invite Carli and her friend.

A night out in London seemed like a great idea until the lads encounter insulted bus passengers, strict bouncers, a dirty hobo and one very, very, VERY upset delivery man.

The Inbetweeners UK S2E5
Episode 5

The Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

Duke of love. Will gets picked by Mr. Gilbert to coordinate the school's efforts for The Duke of Edinburgh awards. He jumps at the chance and realizes he can accomplish the charitable work requirement and potentially hook up with his old babysitter, Daisy, by volunteering at the senior citizens home where she works. Simon sits out of the volunteer work on account of his parents' recent separation; which just leaves Jay and Neil to help botch things up at the home, with Will's new lady friend and with the awards.

The Inbetweeners UK S2E6
Episode 6

Exam Time

Pencils down. The end of year means it's exam time and the lads are all coping with it in different ways. Will is completely stressed out and chooses to OD on energy drinks, Simon helps Carli study in lieu of prepping for his own exams, Jay wants to spend time with his new girlfriend and Neil is, well, just busy being Neil.

With so many low points in a crazy year one can't imagine just how much lower things can sink for Will, Simon, Neil and Jay. Good thing we don't have to--instead, just sit back and watch.

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