The Jamie Foxx Show

The Jamie Foxx Show

The Jamie Foxx Show - Season 5 Episodes

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E1
Episode 1

On Bended Knee

Jamie balks at proposing to Fancy, so he breaks up with her---but accidentally leaves an engagement ring at her apartment. He and his pals then search her place for the rock, hoping to find it before Fancy does.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E2
Episode 2

Double or Nothing

Phil and Mouse take Jamie to a club to help him get over losing his job and Fancy, but Jamie's pickup lines fall flat with the ladies. Then he meets a woman named Nancy, who seems to have much in common with Fancy.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E3
Episode 3

Serve No Wine Before I Get Mine

After a series of low-paying gigs, Jamie gets a break and records one of his original songs for a record producer, but the arrangement might not be as legitimate as the singer thinks.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E4
Episode 4

Shades of Gray

A lonely Jamie spends the night with Fancy at her apartment, but the morning after proves awkward for the former couple. The tension increases later that night when Jamie sees Fancy with another man at a party.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E5
Episode 5

I'll Do It My

Jamie refuses to sign with a record company and instead tries to sell compact discs of his original music over the Internet.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E6
Episode 6

Candy Girl

Jamie wants to film a video for his latest song at the hotel, but Helen opposes the idea because of the video's sexual content. To further complicate matters, the actress slated to appear in the video objects to her lack of wardrobe.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E7
Episode 7

Shakin' and Fakin'

Jamie gets sick after eating Japanese food and Fancy nurses him through the night, only to have him fake a relapse the next day to keep her from going out with another guy.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E8
Episode 8

If the Shoe Fits...

Jamie finds a pair of size-22 sneakers under Fancy's bed and he thinks that she is involved with NBA star Kevin Garnett, who books a press conference at the hotel.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E9
Episode 9


After striking out with Fancy at a bowling alley, Jamie calls upon Cupid to help him win back Fancy's affections. Meanwhile, Mouse starts dating a new woman he met with the love god's help.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E10
Episode 10

Bachelor Party

Jamie catches Fancy auditioning male dancers for her bachelorette party after they each promised not to have such gatherings, so he and Mouse plan to get even.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E11
Episode 11

East Side Story

The Kings announce their retirement and offer the hotel to Jamie and Fancy — but Fancy considers a job offer in New York. Meanwhile, Braxton feels unappreciated at work, having assumed that his time at the hotel would merit his taking over the operation.

The Jamie Foxx Show S5E12
Episode 12

Episode 100: Always and Forever (a.k.a. Happily Ever After)

After a five-seaon run, the comedy series takes a final bow with this star-studded celebration of Jamie and Fancy's wedding. The series, which debuted in 1996, followed the escapades of Jamie King (Foxx), an aspiring singer working in his family's L.A. hotel. The on-again, off-again relationship between Jamie and Fancy (Garcelle Beauvais) formed the lighthearted show's romantic center. In the series finale, Jamie sets out to retrieve his tuxedo for the big day and finds himself scrambling to get to the event on time as the bride, her parents (Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr.) and his mother (Gladys Knight) anxiously await his arrival.

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