The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons - Season 4 Episodes

The Jeffersons S4E1
Episode 1

The Grand Opening (1)

In the hour-long season four opener, George plans a party for the opening of a new office. When he brags to folks at Charlies about his success, two thugs overhear and break into the apartment, with the intent to kidnap Louise.

The Jeffersons S4E2
Episode 2

The Grand Opening (2)

The kidnappers call George demanding a $100,000 ransom for the kidnapping of his wife. Little do they know they have kidnapped Florence.

The Jeffersons S4E3
Episode 3

Once a Friend

Eddie, one of Georges navy buddies, wants to meet up with him. But Eddies dropped one of the ds and is now Edie. George soon discovers that the d is not the only thing Eddie got rid of.

The Jeffersons S4E4
Episode 4

George's Help

Ernest Harden Jr. makes his first series appearance as Marcus Garvey Henderson, Georges young assistant. They get off to a rocky start. After George jumps at the chance of getting the street kid to work for him at half price, he discovers a suede jacket is missing.

The Jeffersons S4E5
Episode 5

George's Legacy

Afraid of dying, George wants to leave behind a legacy: A bust of himself on display. Seriously, he hires a sculptor.

The Jeffersons S4E6
Episode 6

Good News, Bad News

Louise and Helen are pitted against each other when Helen is chosen for a job Louise wants at the Help Center.

The Jeffersons S4E7
Episode 7

The Visitors

Florences bickering parents pay the Jefferson household an unexpected and unnerving visit. Sleep deprivation ensues.

The Jeffersons S4E8
Episode 8

The Camp-Out

George takes Marcus on a camping trip in order to avoid his mother. They contend with the elements while the women back home land Stevie Wonder tickets.

The Jeffersons S4E9
Episode 9

The Last Leaf

Louise loses her wedding corsage. With his wife superstitious that her marriage is over, George does everything he can to prove otherwise.

The Jeffersons S4E10
Episode 10

Louise's New Interest

Volunteering at a museum, Louise shows an affinity for archaeology and an attractive single archaeologist. When he plans an expedition -- with Louise as his only travel companion -- she hides this from George.

The Jeffersons S4E11
Episode 11

The Costume Party

George attends a costume ball hosted by the Interracial Awareness Association to meet a costume factory-owner who can give him more business.

The Jeffersons S4E12
Episode 12

Florence Gets Lucky

George needs Florence to do what she does best: insult him. He wants her to work her magic in front of a potential big customer who loves her sharp tongue. It goes so far as George taking Florence with him on a business trip.

The Jeffersons S4E13
Episode 13

George Needs Help

Louise, per usual, wants George at home more; she makes her workaholic husband hire a general manager, but George is too picky with the application pool.

The Jeffersons S4E14
Episode 14

The Jefferson Curve

The Jefferson Curve is a bend in the truth. Like Marcus sweet-talking a girl and telling her hes Lionel. The Jefferson Curve leads to George and Louise believing Lionel is having an affair.

The Jeffersons S4E15
Episode 15

984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C

When Louise discovers that George has been sending presents and money to a mysterious address in Harlem, she follows him to find out why.

The Jeffersons S4E16
Episode 16

George and Whitty

George and Louise are stunned by their landlord Whittendales plans to evict them, so they invite him over to discuss the issue. Bentleys ant farm gets in the way.

The Jeffersons S4E17
Episode 17

Lionel Gets the Business

George is on cloud nine when he finally persuades Lionel to join him in the familys cleaning business, until Lionel starts taking him to the cleaners.

The Jeffersons S4E18
Episode 18

The Blackout

George blows a fuse when a power blackout hits the city and looters do the same to his store. As George and Marcus arrive at the store, justice is served -- to the wrong people.

The Jeffersons S4E19
Episode 19

Florence's Union

George supports Florences desire to form a maids union until he gets wind that Whittendale doesnt. When Florence organizes a union-forming meeting at the apartment, she and Louise have to prevent George from finding out.

The Jeffersons S4E20
Episode 20

George and Jimmy

When George calls President Carter as a publicity stunt, he gets more publicity than he expected.

The Jeffersons S4E21
Episode 21

Thomas H. Willis & Co.

Two Marriages might be down the drain: Helen doesnt want Tom to co-sign a loan with George to start a publishing business and Louise accidentally drops her wedding ring in the sink.

The Jeffersons S4E22
Episode 22

Uncle George and Aunt Louise

Whatcho talkin bout, Weezy? Gary Coleman plays Georges difficult nephew, who stays with the Jeffersons.

The Jeffersons S4E23
Episode 23

George and Louise in a Bind (1)

A burglar ties up the bickering George and Louise. Stuck in rope, they reminisce. This is the Its the first half hour of a ninety-minute retrospective.

The Jeffersons S4E24
Episode 24

George and Louise in a Bind (2)

Sure, it may be only the fourth season of the show, but the clip fest continues as captured George and Louise reminisce. All in the Family moments are included.

The Jeffersons S4E25
Episode 25

George and Louise in a Bind (3)

the clip fest continues as captured George and Louise reminisce.

The Jeffersons S4E26
Episode 26

Jenny's Thesis

Jennys thesis research on street gangs puts her in danger. Tom and George follow her to Harlem, where she meets up with Marcus and some unsavory characters.

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