The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons - Season 9 Episodes

The Jeffersons S9E1
Episode 1

Laundry Is a Tough Town (1)

Big Sky Cleaners, Georges biggest competitor, wants to buy George out but he refuses. The rival company plans a millionth-customer promotion. As the war escalates, Louise goes to settle things at Big Sky, only to become the millionth customer.

The Jeffersons S9E2
Episode 2

Laundry Is a Tough Town (2)

George has decided to accept his competitors offer to buy out Jefferson Cleaners and while hes happily looking forward to spending more time at home, everyone else doesn't share his enthusiasm.

The Jeffersons S9E3
Episode 3

Anatomy of a Stain

When Tom gets his pants back from the cleaners with a stain on them, he requests George give him a refund. But George blames Tom for putting a candy bar his pants. They have their day on The Peoples Court.

The Jeffersons S9E4
Episode 4

Social Insecurity

Florence goes on strike against George over her lack of a pension plan and his refusal to do anything about it. Louise, Helen and Tom soon join the picket line.

The Jeffersons S9E5
Episode 5

Charlie's Angels

After rejecting an offer to invest in Charlies declining bar, George suggests a tantalizing idea that turns the business into gold, leaving George green with envy, especially when he discovers whom Charlie got as his new partner.

The Jeffersons S9E6
Episode 6

Heeeere's Johnny

George idolizes his old, out-of-town buddy, Johnny, but he and Louise mix like oil and water, especially when Johnny misinterprets Louises sarcasm as an invitation to move in.

The Jeffersons S9E7
Episode 7

A Date with Danger

George and Louise try to rescue Florence after they learn the suave and likable bachelor shes out on a date with is a convicted murderer.

The Jeffersons S9E8
Episode 8

Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner (1)

The fun-filled challenge of solving a make-believe murder awaits George, Louise and Florence aboard a suspenseful mystery cruise, but unexpectedly, the fictitious crime appears instead to be the real thing.

The Jeffersons S9E9
Episode 9

Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner (2)

All evidence of the mystery cruise murder points the finger of guilt toward one suspect, but super snoop George refuses to accept the obvious and pieces together other clues to substantiate his own theory.

The Jeffersons S9E10
Episode 10

Appointment in 8-B

What Ralph the Doorman hears could destroy the Jeffersons marriage when he jumps to the conclusion that George is cheating on Louise.

The Jeffersons S9E11
Episode 11

Poetic Justice

George becomes the poet laureate of his building when some of his old romantic odes to Louise fall into outside hands, and a publisher expresses interest in his work.

The Jeffersons S9E12
Episode 12

How Now Dow Jones

Florences uncompromising attitude toward George undergoes a sudden turnabout when she and her friends risk their life savings and tap his investment sense in order to make a bundle in the stock market.

The Jeffersons S9E13
Episode 13

The Defiant Ones

Louises jealous curiosity reaches criminal proportions when she talks Helen into aiding and abetting her attempt to unlock a piece of Georges past that hes hidden safely away in his office safe.

The Jeffersons S9E14
Episode 14

My Maid. . . My Wife

Florence is jealous of a friend who has become wealthy, so she poses as Louise while Louise poses as her maid.

The Jeffersons S9E15
Episode 15

Mr. Wonderful

Georges jealousy and big mouth get him into big trouble when he spills some of Toms secrets.

The Jeffersons S9E16
Episode 16

My Girl, Louise

Putting her pride aside, Louise makes a last-ditch effort to save the Help Center from financial ruin by asking for a donation from a former condescending employer.

The Jeffersons S9E17
Episode 17

Bodyguards Are People Too

Jenny is depressed over her fledging career as a fashion designer until Georges bodyguard displays an interest in more than just her sketches.

The Jeffersons S9E18
Episode 18

True Confessions

George and Louise have been very, very good to their foster son but are in for the surprise of their lives when he visits for the first time.

The Jeffersons S9E19
Episode 19

Mr. Clean

An overly confident George discovers that betting against Florence may not be the easy win he thought when he talks himself into a daring challenge to prove that he can do in three hours what takes a full day.

The Jeffersons S9E20
Episode 20

The Good Life

Convinced that her life is dull and boring, Florence goes for a luxurious beauty treatment at a chic and exclusive salon, supposedly frequent by celebrities, to experience the finer things hoping, in the process, to come face-to-face with one of her favorite stars.

The Jeffersons S9E21
Episode 21

Father's Day

George agrees to partner with an apparently fatherless boy for a father-son tournament, unaware that his honorable intentions will lead him into the middle of a sensitive family problem.

The Jeffersons S9E22
Episode 22

Change of a Dollar

The inside story of what led to George and Louise's current success is revealed when one of George's dearest friends - the first dollar he earned - reflects back to the day the Jeffersons opened their cleaning store.

The Jeffersons S9E23
Episode 23

Designing Woman

George concocts a chance encounter for daughter-in-law Jenny with the world's foremost fashion designer, but his good intentions toward launching Jenny's fashion career are torn to shreds.

The Jeffersons S9E24
Episode 24

Double Trouble

George defies Louise and plots cunning star studded scheme to save Jefferson Cleaners from being overrun by his arch-rival, who's hired a famous soap opera heartthrob to promote business.

The Jeffersons S9E25
Episode 25

Silver Lining

A charity auction unexpectedly provides Florence with a generous inheritance, and a difficult choice - ethical responsibility or financial freedom.

The Jeffersons S9E26
Episode 26

The Wheel of Forever

George is forced to re-evaluate his financial frugality when a startling dream reveals his slim chance to pass through the pearly gates.

The Jeffersons S9E27
Episode 27

Personal Business

George agrees to spend one night a week with Louise. One night, him and Louise break their legs while bicycling.

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