The Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall - Season 5 Episodes

The Kids in the Hall - Season 5

The Kids in the Hall - Season 5

Experience classic sketch comedy as it will always be remembered in the constantly outrageous and over-the-top The Kids In the Hall. For their fifth and final season, the legendary Canadian quintet pulls out all the stops, with even more brilliant sketch comedy that leaves nothing in the closet.

The Kids in the Hall S5E1
Episode 1


Idiot Boy has a job and he's not very good at it meanwhile the Cops and their suspect watch the Philadelphia Phillies ridiculed on TV. Sketches include: Idiot Boy at Work, Police Department 1, You've Gained Weight, Police Department 2, Feelyat!, Brian's Been Arrested, Police Department 3, and The Beard.

The Kids in the Hall S5E2
Episode 2


From a man who films a documentary about getting fired from his job to a disgusting old man who asks his neighbor to roll his wife over, this episode is sure to leave you laughing. Sketches include: Police Department 1, Disgusting Old Man, The Chosen One Thinker, Chance Meeting, Police Department 2, Firing Documentary, Police Department 3, Grizzly, and Police Department 4.

The Kids in the Hall S5E3
Episode 3


It's hard not to laugh when you watch Buddy Cole discuss how to keep and care for your new male slave and a man on a date reveals he has a jugghead tattoo. Sketches include: Whores 1, Meet Your New Male Slave, Someone Doesn't Like You, Whores 2, Poreef, The Tattoo, and The Hit.

The Kids in the Hall S5E4
Episode 4


A newsreel footage reveals that God existed and that He's dead, the Whores contemplate raising their prices in order to make themselves high class whores, and Buddy Cole delivers a monologue about Mario from Montreal. Sketches include: God is Dead. New Boots, Accelerated-Time Breakup, Whores 1, Buddy's Bar, Whores 2, and Dipping Areas.

The Kids in the Hall S5E5
Episode 5


Meet the whacky characters of this episode such as Stump, who used to be The Waiter With Hands For Hands, the butt freak film buff, and the man who sells sounds. Sketches include: Steps 1, Stump Hand Waiter, Butt Freak Film Buff, Police Department, Steps 2, Guy Who Consoles People in Hospital, Steps 3, and Evan the Stereo Salesman.

The Kids in the Hall S5E6
Episode 6


In this Kids in the Hall episode, two guys, in the middle of high school lunch, talk about Burt Reynolds' thing and Joel goes mad with his moderate amount of power. Sketches include: Fight-Picking Guy 1, Weston & Virgil in 1972, Power-Mad after Promotion, Sick About Crime, Laundromat Business Opportunities, Fight-Picking Guy 2 , Post-Apocalypse Poets, Fight-Picking Guy 3, and Coal-Shoveler with Angst.

The Kids in the Hall S5E7
Episode 7


A guy acts slow to make friend leave, a man is looking for a hooker with a heart of gold and Bruce gives a monologue about love. Sketches include: Slow Motion Trick, Ex-Girlfriend Relocation,Whores 1, Love, Breast-Obsessed Businessman, Whores 2, Naive Duck Hunting, Whores 3, and They Love Me in France.

The Kids in the Hall S5E8
Episode 8


A gross guy wants you to call 555-SLUT while two step class instructors argue over a song and the Chicken Lady exhibits some very strange behavior at the mall. Sketches include: Slow Motion Trick, Ex-Girlfriend Relocation, Whores 1, Love, Breast-Obsessed Businessman, Whores 2, Naive Duck Hunting, Whores 3, and They Love Me in France.

The Kids in the Hall S5E9
Episode 9


In this episode the Steps guys discuss coming out to their parents, an American in Canada wants crab shampoo, and a man has an idea for a new restaurant featuring boiled potatoes. Sketches include: Steps 1, Crab Shampoo, Obfuscator Boyfriend, Mr. Tisane's Tea Problem, Boiled Potatoes, and Steps 2.

The Kids in the Hall S5E10
Episode 10


Check out this group of Kids in the Hall sketches that feature the residents of a town are forced to lick it the town clean and Scott's comparison of Dave and an elk. Sketches include: Lick Town Clean, Agents in the Bar, The Lovers 3, Noisy Kid, Dave/Elk, Humpback Gays, The Lovers 4, My Training.

The Kids in the Hall S5E11
Episode 11


A man complains about being a test-tube baby and Kathie sleeps with dry cleaner. Meanwhile, the starving street singers look for food. Sketches include: The Test-Tube Baby, Kathie, Whores 1, Starving Street Singers, Communist Threat, Whores 2, and Girlfriend's Jobs.

The Kids in the Hall S5E12
Episode 12


In this episode, a roommate shoplifts in order to contribute, and the shoe shine isn't stoned, he just notices things. Meanwhile, a man lices through his hangover to tell the tale. Sketches include: Shoe Shine, The Monkeys, You Scuzzy Piece of Filth!, Raj and Christine, and Husk Musk.

The Kids in the Hall S5E13
Episode 13


m a man who talks to his clothes to an old man who asks women to dance in their underwear, this episode of Kids in the Hall is sure to keep you laughing. Sketches include: Clothes-Talker, Sid & Sharisse Wedding, Whores 1, Darn Near Puked, Whores 2, Scott's Vision, and Again! Again!

The Kids in the Hall S5E14
Episode 14


Check out this group of sketches featuring a man who complains about "Bikini Inspector" T-shirts and a wedding ceremony conducted by Buddy Cole. Sketches include: Police Department, Bleeding Ear, Bikini Inspector, Wedding at Buddy's, and Hi-Tech Car Alarm.

The Kids in the Hall S5E15
Episode 15


Ever wonder what it would be like to invite a Cyclops to a party? You'll find the answer to this and more in this episode of Kids in the Hall. Sketches include: Cyclops, The Convenience Store Worker, Hillbilly's Problem, and Fran the Italian.

The Kids in the Hall S5E16
Episode 16


A free spirit writes a police report naked, a Korean War vet doesn't want to lose his cable, and Scott gives a monologue about a dream he had. Sketches include: Don't Shut off My Cable!, Police Department, Scott on Los Angeles, and Carlo the Scientist.

The Kids in the Hall S5E17
Episode 17


A man has a submarine for an office and three men have a conversation on 555-JERK. Sketches include: Greater Possibilities, Steps, "Living Proof" Press Conference, and Big Bucks.

The Kids in the Hall S5E18
Episode 18


In this episode of Kids in the Hall, the perfect couple practices being perfect, Aliens celebrate Bellini Day, and the A.T. & Love boss has a problem. Sketches include: Band Killer, Brown Stuff, I'm Late, Steps, Bye Stan, and Bellini Day.

The Kids in the Hall S5E19
Episode 19


The voiceover guy corrects Francesca Fiore's grammar. Meanwhile, the Queen drops by unexpectedly for tea, and the Humanoids for Humanism rob a sperm bank. Sketches include: Francesca, Bruno & the Voiceover Guy, Sperm Bank I, The Queen at Tea, Sperm Bank 2, Man of Destiny, Sperm Bank 3, Heart Channel, and Sperm Bank 4.

The Kids in the Hall S5E20
Episode 20


A man has problems with his "44" noisy roommates and a husband and wife read "Memoirs" and reminesce. Sketches include: Noisy Roommates, Memoirs, and Journey to the Top of the Stairs.

The Kids in the Hall S5E21
Episode 21


How to end the final season in the KIDS IN THE HALL? Have everyone fired, shut down Buddy's bar, and witness a burial! Sketches include: End of the Beginning, Armada Grows Old, The Sixth Kid, Buddy's Bar, A.T. & Love Buyou, and Burial.

The Kids in the Hall S5E22
Episode 22


This Season 5 Best-Of Compilation features fan-favorite sketches: God is Dead, Chicken Lady at the Mall, Hillbilly's Problem, The Convenience Store Worker, Meet Your New Male Slave, and Disgusting Old Man.

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