“Not A Review For Specific Episodes- But What It Is As A Whole- An Easy Going Watchable Riff On Life With A Lot Of Titting About”

October 6th, 2011

King Of Queens is something that I have loved for many years due to the power of being so damned stupid and an easy watch. It's lucidly full of cheap gags, rotten performances but it's an easy watch when settling down mid-day- to relax to the voices of booming beef cake Kevin James and Stiller senior. Episodes show the life of one man- a man who makes with mail, has his girl's father hidden beneath their kitchen- not like that- and he lives a life of love, food, games and just awkward situations. To give it its regards the actors aren't all that bad but since the transition from TV- cinema James hasn't hit home well- but only at the box office with a league of fans- though not with a fellow critic here and there. But there is no deny the fun and ace vibe and feel and music that attaches itself to this mild amusingly dumb series, which I want to be rebirthed and flung out for us to see enjoy and relax to.

Kevin James has this power of being a bit of a tit- though titting around isn't all much that bad. Its full of charm, simple gags, but Jerry Stiller is the ace in the hole- and in the whole- literally bot just making my ribs hurt every opportunity he has to appear but once his lips part I gag and just go with him and have a ball. Me and Mr. Stiller senior, were close me and him.

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