The Life and Times of Tim

The Life and Times of Tim

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 2 Episodes

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 2

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 2

Welcome back to the twisted animated world of Tim: an ordinary guy who makes a habit out of misunderstanding. HBO presents Season Two of this adults-only animated series about an average guy who can't seem to catch a break.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E1
Episode 1

Tim's Beard/Unjustly Neglected Drama

In the second-season premiere, Tim's post-breakup beard winds up interfering with his job; and Stu's drug dealer entices him and Tim to attend a play. Guest voices include Will Forte, Tony Hale and Kari Wahlgren.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E2
Episode 2

The Comeback Sermon/Atlantic City

After Amy kicks Tim out, he tries to find a roommate, but Stu's night terrors and Debbie's hooking sour the deal. When Tim goes to the YMCA for shelter, his old friend, the priest, invites him home to his killer loft. The priest explains that he's been suspended for having a girlfriend and is now trying to write his "comeback sermon." Offering to be Tim's wingman, the priest insists they go to a club, where he and Stu "sandwich dance" with a girl as Tim looks on. The next morning in church, the priest tries to explain to his congregation that he's changed, but they're not buying it once Tim describes the dancing. Tim is not invited back to the loft.

Tim, Stu and Rodney all call in sick on a Monday and take the bus to Atlantic City. When they find their hotel packed with elderly folks, they head to a strip club to get Tim's mind off of his breakup with Amy by meeting some women who aren't on social security. Unfortunately, one of the dancers is named Amy and looks exactly like Tim's ex "with double-Ds, stiletto heels and a coke problem." After her shift, Stripper Amy accompanies Tim and Stu back to the casino (Rodney has disappeared), where Tim is dragged into a backroom for answering his phone at a blackjack table. Later, Stripper Amy takes Tim down to the boardwalk, where he runs into the real Amy's dad. Luckily, the two men can agree that what happens in South Jersey stays in South Jersey.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E3
Episode 3

Legend of the Month/Marie's Dead Husband

Tim and Amy get back together, and she marks the occasion by giving him a ridiculous night shirt. When she leaves for a "work thing" though, the building catches on fire and Tim -- wearing the shirt -- has to help a female firefighter named Nancy put out the blaze. Afterward, she convinces Tim that he can never tell anyone that she needed help, that it's hard enough for female firefighters to earn the respect of their male co-workers. She even convinces Tim to let her carry him out of the building. The story becomes an overnight sensation, however, and everywhere Tim goes, he sees the photo of Nancy carrying him. He decides to set the record straight at a ceremony held in Nancy's honor, and the whole situation results in "Tim's Law," a piece of legislation that sets female firefighters back by decades. He is very proud.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E4
Episode 4

The Girl Scout Incident/Rodney Has A Wife?

When a coworker sells his daughter's Girl Scout cookies, Tim puts his foot down, insisting that the girl won't learn anything if she doesn't do the legwork. But Tim's refusal - the only thing standing in the way of 100 percent participation at Omnicorp - costs the Girl Scouts $3,000 in company-matching funds. Most of the office brands him a "child-hater," but one coworker, a creepy Boy Scout leader named William, likes the cut of Tim's jib. He agrees to let Tim lead the troop to prove he doesn't hate kids. When Tim picks up the scouts, though, he lacks the funds to pay for a van, so he takes them camping in Central Park. After a run-in with a transvestite, the boys find an abandoned sack of knock-off handbags, which they sell on the street, raising $5,000. At work the next day, William busts Tim for the criminal enterprise.

Rodney explodes into an obscenity-laced rage at the office after finding out his wife is cheating on him. Tim is shocked - he had no idea Rodney has a wife. Rodney drags Tim and Stu on a stakeout to uncover the truth, and they see her making out with a pro hockey player. Not sure whether to be upset or stoked, Rodney spends the night with Tim and Amy. She tells Tim that he needs to fix the situation because it bodes ill for their future - in a few years she might cheat on him with a squash player. Tim brings Rodney to a hockey game to see his wife, Rochelle. Rodney hands her flowers, but then his apology is interrupted by a clutch play - after which Rodney ends up cheering the player who's banging his wife. Rodney goes to a bar after game to beat the player up, but when Rochelle announces she's pregnant, her new boyfriend flees, leaving Rodney with the love of his life and an unborn child guaranteed to have a killer slap shot.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E5
Episode 5

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Gone Wild/Amy's Got a Gun

Amy forces Tim to pay $17.50 for two beers at a fancy club, and as the bartender harasses him for leaving a weak tip, a doctor named B.J. approaches. He asks Tim to fake a medical emergency in front of two hot girls so he can come save the day. Tim hits the floor, and B.J. comes to the rescue, diagnosing Tim with an anxiety attack. The next day, Tim - who has no health insurance - goes to see Dr. B.J. about some abdominal pains. When he gets to the office, he waits endlessly while the doctor flirts with a couple of hot pharmaceutical reps. The second rep, Kelly, offers to give Tim a ride home after Dr. B.J. says nothing is wrong with him. Halfway through the drive back, Dr. B.J. calls because Kelly has stolen his car, which she says she's going to drive off the George Washington Bridge. Before Kelly can steer the car into the river, however, OnStar calls and immobilizes the vehicle - causing a massive car accident. As the paramedics put Tim on a stretcher, he asks them about his bloating and abdominal pains.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E6
Episode 6

The Salty Jazz/Jews Love to Laugh

Tim and his coworkers go on a booze cruise around the island of Manhattan, with Tim's drunken boss at the helm. Tim has no cell signal and needs to get home for "date night," but the boss insists that stay and chug margaritas. Later that night, Amy wakes up to find Tim eating peanut butter on the kitchen floor, and when he characterizes the evening as "a work thing," she suggests he put in for overtime. When he brings it up with Marie from HR the next day, she opens a file, but then the boss is hurt that Tim wants to be paid just to hang out with him. So Tim invites the boss out for drinks, and they head uptown, where they smoke pot with some jazz musicians. During the band's performance, Tim and the boss get onstage to scat, but one musician thinks he heard Tim scat a racist epithet and kicks them out. The next morning at work, Marie announces a random drug test.

Tim's coworker Stan tells an anti-Semitic joke: Three Jews walk into bar - and then buy it. Tim is offended, but his Jewish officemate Herschel doesn't have a problem with it. Jews love to laugh at themselves, he says. For dinner, Tim and Amy join her friends, who repeatedly point out how little he seems to know about his girlfriend. When they ask about his job, he retells the joke and offends the couple. That night, Tim goes to O'Flaherty's, and the guy from dinner, Amy's coworker Adam, shows up with two Jewish friends - and they decide to buy the bar. By the time Tim gets home, Amy has already talked to Adam and heard the whole story. This freaks Tim out, but Amy explains that Adam is her "work husband" and it's totally platonic. When Tim goes back to O'Flaherty's, the place has become kosher. In the back room, Adam is raging over how much money he's losing at the bar, and he explains to Tim that he only bought the place to impress Amy, who he's in unrequited love with. Tim threatens to tell Amy about Adams feelings unless he sells the bar back to O'Flaherty. Adam gives in - losing half his investment but breaking the stereotype that all Jews make great business decisions.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E7
Episode 7

Nagging Blonde/Elephant

Tim and Stu win a game of pool at O'Flaherty's, and their opponent - a self-described hustler named Gabe - reneges on his bet, leaving Tim in the lurch for $190. At home, Amy nags Tim to go shake the hustler down for the money owed. The next day, Tim goes to the school where Gabe teaches math. When he tells the principal about the gambling debt, the administrator doesn't care, but it soon comes out that Gabe has been having sex with one of his students at Quizno's, which is a problem. After Gabe gets fired, he takes Tim and Stu to the horse track, where they place a long-odds bets on Nagging Blonde. But the "hot tip" that led Gabe there turns out to be his family's ploy to stage a compulsive-gambling intervention ... at the track. As Gabe's family confronts him about his problem, Nagging Blond wins the race - pulling in $10,000. That night, Tim takes Amy to dinner, explaining how a horse that reminded him of her won them so much money. She's thrilled ... until he tells her the animal's name.

Tim and Stu meet some political chicks, who are protesting the circus as it arrives in Manhattan. But when he calls an elephant trainer a monster, the man leaves the animal with Tim to teach a lesson, only to come back later and find Tim feeding the elephant falafel. The trainer takes his elephant back, and the next day, an Eastern European juggler comes to Tim's office and brings him to the circus, explaining that the falafel has sickened the elephant. When Tim arrives at Madison Square Garden, Stu and his new protester girlfriend are demonstrating outside the circus. Stu asks Tim to sneak them inside. Backstage, the elephant trainer is angry because Tim bonded with his animal, and now the beast is depressed. The trainer forces Tim to be mean to the elephant to break their connection. Stu, who's just finished having sex with his date in front of the lion cages, ends up spooking the elephant, which stampedes and injures a group of clowns. The ringmaster comes out to reprimand Tim and explains that the circus's horrific working conditions extend to all its employees - not just the animals.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E8
Episode 8

Debbie's Mom/Escape Artist

Tim and his coworkers go on an office retreat, but instead of flying to Orlando, they visit Coney Island - in the winter. The ruse is part of the year's corporate goal of "distrust-building." The Boss explains that people work harder when they hate each other and then makes Tim tell the group something embarrassing about Stu (that he masturbates at his desk, which surprises no one). After this exercise, an angry magician uses his show to teach the group not to trust anyone in business or in life. He enlists Tim to aid him during the escape portion of his show, locking himself in a tank full of water before forcing Tim to swallow the key. Midway through the act, with the magician struggling inside the tank, Tim frees him... but the next day a lawyer serves Tim papers. The magician is suing Tim for ruining his act. Tim's lawyer says that any jury would like the magician better, so Tim brings Helen from work as a witness. At the courthouse, however, Helen turns on Tim - driving home the lesson that he can trust no one.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E9
Episode 9

Personality Disorder/Pong

Stu's three-piece Halloween costume - Tim as a hot dog, Amy as mustard and Stu as the bun - not only offends Amy but also causes static at Tim's office. When Stu shows up late to work, everyone thinks Tim has dressed up as a penis. The boss is thrilled with Tim's penis costume, but Marie from HR (who is dressed as a sexy nurse) tells Tim he needs to remove his getup before he gets fired. After helping Tim out of the costume, Stu suggests that he get a note from a doctor to explain the bad behavior, so Tim visit's Stu's childhood psychologist for an awkward therapy session involving candy and a toy truck. When Tim returns to work with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, Marie and the boss have a breakthrough: Since Tim suffers from a disease that prevents him from respecting the feelings of others, they can now put him to work sharing inconsiderate feedback with company employees. Tim tells a coworker that he smells bad, informs the boss's wife that she's gained weight ... He even belittles two girls on school soccer team. But when Tim is asked to tell Becky to wear a sexy sweater, Stu overhears and is overcome with jealousy (he secretly loves Becky) and arranges for the boss to find out that Tim lied about his disease. Instead of firing Tim, however, the boss assumes he must be a sociopath and tasks him with killing his neighbor's cat.

Stu hits on a receptionist at Omnicorp, and though she's very polite, she has to point out that she's far too attractive to date him. Upstairs, Stu and Tim listen to their coworker Stan explain how he got banned from O'Flaherty's for starting a fight over the pool table. After work at the bar, Stu and Tim watch as the table is removed and replaced with a ping-pong setup to prevent any more violence. It turns out that Stu is awesome at ping-pong, and when Becky says that she'd be into him if she didn't have a boyfriend, Stu starts to take his game very seriously. While training at a rec center, Stu get into an altercation with another player and then agrees to battle him at O'Flaherty's. A bit of Googling, however, turns up that his opponent was an Olympic champ - there's no way Stu will ever win. Becky shows up dressed as a cheerleader, but before the game can start, Stan arrives, starts a fight with the ping-pong pro and punches him in the face. Stu's win by forfeit, however, is not enough to get Becky back to his place.

The Life and Times of Tim S2E10
Episode 10

London Calling/Novelist

All the international heads of Omnicorp meet in New York when the company's chairman comes to town... to clean house. Tim's boss holds a meeting to dole out the firings - and lucky Tim makes it through unscathed. The boss introduces Tim to the chairman, who invites him to a lunch meeting to decide whether Tim should go to London for a management-training program. Tim rents a suit (which is a little tight in the crotch) and heads to the Oak Room for his meeting, and everything goes well. But Tim gets into an argument about tipping with the bathroom attendant, who later comes out into the dining room and tells everyone in the restaurant that Tim didn't wash his hands and said lewd things about one of his coworkers. Both are actually lies, but they're enough to get Tim fired on the spot.

Without a job, Tim has decided to spend his afternoon at O'Flaherty's, which is quiet and filled with desperate alcoholics. And when Tim, Rodney and Stu try to compare their problems with those of the drunken daytime regulars, they don't even come close: One man is losing his jawbone to cancer. Tim steps outside and ends up talking with a crazy novelist who looks more like a homeless vet. Tim decides to follow his own dream to become a writer, and goes straight home to share his plan with Amy, who's surprisingly supportive. Tim returns to the bar the next day to talk with his new mentor again, but the man dies facedown in a plate of nachos. As it turns out, the writer, Norman Walker, was famous and Tim had no clue. O'Flaherty's immediately starts cashing in on the author's demise, selling death-themed dishes and bragging to literary nerds about Tim's "relationship" with Walker. The story of Tim's tutelage under him actually reaches the man's publisher, and they want Tim to co-author his last book. They assign him a ghost writer, who could care less about the book and just wants to get paid, so Tim decides to write it himself. This makes Amy very proud ... until she reads the drivel he's produced.

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