The Life and Times of Tim

The Life and Times of Tim

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 3 Episodes

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 3

The Life and Times of Tim - Season 3

Often jobless, always hapless and sometimes shirtless, Tim manages to get by on white lies and little tact. At least he's got a girlfriend. Welcome back to the world of Tim: an ordinary guy whose quest to be normal leads to missteps, mistakes and misfortunes. HBO presents Season 3 of this animated series that finds the even-keeled, 20-something New Yorker landing himself in more trouble thanks to bad decisions in addition to his habit of befriending a wide variety of bizarre and unreliable characters.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E1
Episode 1

The Model From Newark/Tim's Hair Looks Amazing

Following layoffs at Omnicorp, Tim tells Amy he has a new job working at Ernst & Young. She's impressed, but he's actually working as an assistant to a demanding female basketball player named Tanya. When he lies to Amy about why he's sneaking off to Newark, she enlists Stu to find out if he's having an affair. Tanya surprises Tim at the bar in front of his friends and drags him off to the ladies room, which confirms Stu's suspicions. She needs him to secure clean urine for a drug test, and Tim asks his former co-worker Marie to provide it. As it turns out, Marie has been taking a variety of substances, including male growth hormone, and Tanya gets cut. When Tim gets home, Amy confronts him about his unexplained absences. With Stu too ready to pick up the rebound, Tanya storms in and dumps the pee on Amy. Tim comes clean about his job, and Amy finds the story too embarrassing to be a lie.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E2
Episode 2

Percey Davis Boulevard/Cool Uncle Stu Balls

The Boss gets a city block named after him, but needs Tim’s help for the ceremony. Stu feels rejected by his Bar Mitzvah-aged nephew, who once idolized him.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E3
Episode 3

The Caddy's Shack/The Sausage Salesman

Tim gets back his old high-school golf course job and competes with a 14-year-old in a “caddy-off.” To impress Amy’s dad, Tim claims to have a lucrative career selling sausages.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E4
Episode 4

Super Gay Eduardo / The Pros and Cons of Killing Tim

Tim tries to help an immigrant worker posting job flyers; Former Omnicorp employees file a class-action lawsuit with Tim as key witness.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E5
Episode 5

A Tale of Two Rodneys / Keith to the Rescue

Tim winds up with one Rodney as his assistant while Stu harasses the other; After The Boss' divorce takes effect, he goes to extreme measures to keep his dog Keith.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E6
Episode 6

Pudding Boy / The Celebrity Who Shall Remain Nameless

Tim's past comes back to embarrass him while on a business trip; in their new co- op building, Tim and Amy sign a VIP privacy form without knowing exactly whose confidentiality they are supposed to protect.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E7
Episode 7

Strip Club Hostage Situation / Game Night

Tim racks up a record-breaking corporate card bill; Amy and Tim host game night, which takes a strange turn when Tim disappears to buy Jenga despite inclement weather.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E8
Episode 8

Action Packed Heist / Fall Foliage

“Action Packed Heist”: The Boss recruits his employees for a covert operation.

“Fall Foliage”: Amy and Tim go on a Vermont foliage tour with Stu and his new lady friend.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E9
Episode 9

The Well Dressed Snitch / Pray for the Jets

“The Well Dressed Snitch”: Tim is invited to pose for GQ.

“Pray for the Jets”: The debt-ridden priest for the NY Jets asks Tim to place wagers on his behalf.

The Life and Times of Tim S3E10
Episode 10

The Smug Chiropractor / Corporate Disaster

“The Smug Chiropractor”: The Boss invites Tim to be the “token white boy.”

“Corporate Disaster”: After an ecological disaster involving Omnicorp, the company publicist chooses Tim to be the face of their apology.

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