The Listener

The Listener

The Listener - Season 1 Episodes

The Listener S1E1
Episode 1

I'm An Adult Now

When Toby rescues a young woman from a terrible car accident, he starts having disturbing visions of the son of the woman, who has gone missing. The woman is traumatized and scared for being kidnapped at gun point. As the worry for the situation of the child increases, Toby realizes that he is going to have to act fast to find a sense to the mental discords that are tormenting him.

The Listener S1E2
Episode 2

Emotional Rescue

A vision of an explosion sets Toby into uncovering the identity of a serial arsonist.

The Listener S1E3
Episode 3

A Voice in the Dark

When Toby follows his "hunches" to find an abducted teen, he learns some new information about his own family.

The Listener S1E4
Episode 4

Some Kinda Love

When a woman he meets in a club turns up dead, Toby becomes a murder suspect.

The Listener S1E5
Episode 5

Lisa Says

When Toby (Craig Olejnik) saves a teenage boy from a gang beating, he learns that a series of drug store robberies may be linked to the runaway's turbulent past.

The Listener S1E6
Episode 6

Foggy Notion

When a blind woman's brother is killed in an apparent gang hit, Toby looks below the surface to expose a Chinatown kingpin's smuggling ring.

The Listener S1E7
Episode 7


Toby finds a kindred spirit in a teenaged faith healer.

The Listener S1E8
Episode 8

One Way or Another

Toby's (Craig Olejnik) intuition that there may be something more to Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos) pursuit of a serial rapist brings them closer.

The Listener S1E9
Episode 9

Inside Man

Toby has difficulty sorting out the thoughts of a disturbed teen, the only eyewitness to his parents' brutal murder.

The Listener S1E10
Episode 10


Using his "gift," Toby helps Oz raise money to save his parents' restaurant by going after a reward for locating the missing remains of a convicted killer's murdered wife.

The Listener S1E11
Episode 11

Beginning To See The Light

Toby helps a woman safeguard her life by unraveling the mystery of her dead father's past.

The Listener S1E12
Episode 12

My Sister's Keeper

While testifying in the case of a young chanteuse's murder, Toby rescues an elderly John Doe with dementia, who remembers Toby from his own forgotten past.

The Listener S1E13
Episode 13

The Journey

An Alzheimer patient mysteriously seems to be connected with Toby's past. Toby needs to decipher the man's confused thoughts in order to find out the truth about his past and his mother.

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