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The Loop - Season 2 Episodes

The Loop - Season 2

The Loop - Season 2

As we reach our early 20s and face the daunting challenges of real life, there are those who choose to embark on a career path and those who'd rather goof off with pals. And then, every so often, there's someone who sets out to do both.

The Loop S2E1
Episode 1


Russ wants to secure a new route to the hot party destination of Reykjav

The Loop S2E2
Episode 2

The Phantom

Russ totals Sam's car in the company parking garage and rushes to cover up his crime and ease his guilt by lending Sam his motorcycle and sending him on a first-class business trip to Hawaii.

The Loop S2E3
Episode 3

Yeah, Presents

Russ's employees know he doesn't mean it when he tells everyone not to give him gifts for his birthday. They scramble to get him the most expensive and elaborate gifts they can find.

The Loop S2E4
Episode 4

CSI: Donut Idol Bowl

When Russ wants to attract more families to TransAlliance Airlines, he asks his team to create a fun and original icon for the kids.

The Loop S2E5
Episode 5

The Dutch

When Sam is invited to a business lunch with Russ and all of his friends from the other airlines - including Russ' nemesis "The Dutch" - he finally feels like he's arrived.

The Loop S2E6
Episode 6

Lady Business

Sam doesn't understand why Meryl is so angry at him for nominating her for a prestigious award that's only for female executives.

The Loop S2E7
Episode 7


Russ has to take drastic measures to keep TransAlliance in the black and asks his team to take on a corporate sponsor. When Sam is assigned the task, he initially resists because he feels they are selling out.

The Loop S2E8
Episode 8

Crazy Goat

When Russ' dearest friend Crazy Goat dies, Russ asks his staff to come up with crazy ways to make the company money just like Crazy Goat would.

The Loop S2E9
Episode 9


After Sam's meeting with the American Association of Plus-Sized Adults goes terribly wrong, he is forced wear a fat suit on a Trans-Alliance flight to understand their plight.

The Loop S2E10
Episode 10

The Stranger

Sam has to let Meryl down easy after Russ' good friend Ralph, a legend in the airline industry, offers to help him on a new project. When the project ends up becoming a circus, Sam begs Meryl to take him back, but she's not one to forgive that easily.

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