The Lying Game


Sara Shepard, the author of Pretty Little Liars, is releasing a new series about identical twin sisters who were separated at birth, one rich and the other poor. When the less fortunate sister finds out that her twin has gone missing, she sets out to find her in the ABC Family series The Lying Game.

Charisma Carpenter Talks ‘The Lying Game’

The ABC Family series The Lying Game returns for the second half of Season 1 with Episode 1.11: O Twin, Where Art Tho? on Monday, January 2 at 8 PM ET. Actress Charisma Carpenter, who plays Ann Rebecca Sewell on the series, recently held a conference call where she discussed the second half of The Lying Game's first season. Here's what she had to say.

Can you give us some insight into why Annie has been gone so long and her relationship with Phyllis?

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Kirsten Prout Talks ‘The Lying Game’ Kristen Prout discusses ABC Family's The Lying Game The ABC Family network recently debuted the new series The Lying Game, which airs on Monday nights at 9 PM. The series centers on identical twin sisters, who were separated at birth, with one growing up wealthy and the other growing up poor. When the rich sister goes missing, her sibling with lesser means seeks out to find her. Actress Kirsten Prout stars in the new series as Char Chamberlin, and she recently held a conference call to discuss her role on this ABC Family series. Here's what she had to say below.

On the show Char and her friends practice ballet. So, do you have a history of ballet or is that something you trained for during the show?

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