The Man Show - Season 6 Episodes

Episode 1

“Tonya Harding Boxing Match”

Doug Stanhope Goes One-On-One with figure skater Tonya Harding in a 3 round boxing match. The judges include 2 juggy's, and the man show blind guy. Included: The Magical Negro helps the boys' and even the newest diet plan -- Tape worm!

Episode 2

“Joe & Doug Road Trip”

Doug, Joe, and the Juggys hitchhike naked and also a look at the deleted scenes in pulp fiction.

Episode 3

“That's My Boy!”

Joe and Doug welcome "Brian Holtzman" the guy who threw water on a crying baby to shut it up, they interview frozen Ted Williams, Joe Shops for a Religion, and then the audience gets to do Q&A with frozen Ted Williams.

Episode 4

“A Man Show Man Tribute”

Joe and Doug discuss why women should have sex with real working men which leads them to - Juan Gone Wild the story of a real man and a Juggy, then the Juggies participate in the science fair and a new segment, Man Show Mystery.

Episode 5

“Stealing Another Man's Midget”

The Man Show midget is back, after he was thrown away by Adam and Jimmy.

Episode 6

“Sexy Censor Pays a Visit”

Joe and Doug discuss why you should never hit a woman, then Doug agrees to box Tanya Harding, but first Joe takes him to the gym for some training - The Magical Negro III

Episode 7

“Juan Goes Wild”

Doug brings average joe, Juan, with him to girls gone wild to show him what it's like to be rich.

The Man Show S6E8
Episode 8

“Guess Whose Asscrack”

Joe and Doug discuss bad relationships and then pay it off with their idea for a new dating service called I'll Suitors, Part 2 of Joe's new psychic show, The Other Side, and, of course, midgets.

The Man Show S6E9
Episode 9

“Juggy Boot Camp”

Joe and Doug present Man Show Inspirational Stories starring "Juggy Kathy", its Guess Whose Ass Crack II with Ron Jeremy, and another episode of Geriatric Crossfire.

The Man Show S6E10
Episode 10

“Hot Tubs for Humanity”

Joe and Doug encourage you to Quit Your Crappy Job, they do a solid for the everyday man in Hot Tubs For Humanity, present new stuff for sale on The Man Show Shopping Network, and test the Juggies engineering skills in Girlfriend Junk Wars.

The Man Show S6E11
Episode 11

“Compilation Show II”

The Second best of The Man Show from Catalina - Magical Negro Hooker - Ill Suitors- Dr Phil Takes Questions, Ass Watch with Jay Mohr, Doug's Mom Reviews Porn.