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The Mentalist - Season 2

The Mentalist - Season 2

Simon Baker returns as Patrick Jane in Season Two of 2008/09's top-rated new drama. Notorious for his lack of protocol and past as a sham psychic, Jane's got a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes with his razor sharp skills of observation. With a little more edge and a lot more office dynamics, the California Bureau of Investigation's supersleuth solves case after case with a style all his own!

The Mentalist S2E1
Episode 1


CBI arrives at a department store, the recent murder scene of Ivor Rasmussen. Eager to return to the Red John case, Jane makes short work of the suspect pool, using his mentalist skills to find the murder weapon and expose the killer. Back at headquarters, Minelli gives Jane an earful for the quarter million dollars worth of damage and the dead suspect as a result of his unorthodox methods. Minelli's also concerned with how close the team is to Red John given their recent events, so he hands the case over to a new CBI team led by the straight-shooting Sam Bosco. Without his revenge on Red John, Jane begins to box up his personal effects, but decides to help out with one last case. Monica Dunniger, an estranged wife and mother is found dead in her motel room, the victim of what looks like a personal crime gone wrong. As the case unfolds, the team discovers she was part of an accounting cover up. Her boss Rhonda Jaffe was responsible for stealing from her company and Monica discovered the discrepancy and threatened exposure. Rhonda made a deal with her that would admit her son into one of the best cancer treatment centers and pay her a monthly wage and in return she took the blame and disappeared. When her son's cancer was cured, Rhonda feared Monica’s return home and killed her. The proof lied in an accounts book checked into the library with all the fraudulent activity as well as a DVD confession clearing her name. Jane stays with CBI and we’re left with him getting Bosco’s security codes changed, the beginning of a turbulent relationship.

The Mentalist S2E2
Episode 2

The Scarlet Letter

The team arrives at a bridge in Sacramento to investigate the death of Kristen Marley an intern for Senator Melinda Batson. Jane rules out Kristen’s death as a suicide when he notices she’s wearing one shoe while the other is missing. There are a number of suspects in this case. There is a rumor that Melinda’s husband, Elliott was having an affair with Kristen, but Jane discovers that Walter Crew, Melinda’s father was the man Kristen was having the affair with. Going through phone records from the night of the murder, the team brings in Harlan, Kristen’s step brother who was released from a carjacking arrest the night of her murder. While in questioning, Cho and Rigsby find Kristen’s missing shoe in Harlan’s trunk. Harlan still maintains his innocence, saying the shoe was planted. Jane, claiming he’ll deliver the real killer in 12 hours, gets Lisbon to hold off on booking Harlan for Kristen’s murder. Jane discovers a bug in one of the lights. He traces the bug back to Art Cavalleri, a private investigator hired by Walter Crew who posed as the CBI janitor and was responsible for Kristen’s death. Art escapes Jane & Lisbon but is killed in a car chase. Using Art’s body as a bargaining chip, Lisbon brings in Elliott and Melinda Batson and Walter Crew for questioning, offering leniency if they confess to any of the details relating to Kristen’s death. Elliott steps forward, admitting to his arranged marriage and Melinda’s affair with Kristen. Kristen broke it off with Melinda, favoring Walter and when Melinda found out about her affair with her father, she killed her and her father helped cover it up. With the case closed, Jane makes a peace officering to Bosco and his team, but uses the opportunity to bug his office and listen in on their progress of the Red John investigation.

The Mentalist S2E3
Episode 3

Red Badge

Lisbon sits with Roy Carmen, the CBI psychologist assigned to her since the encounter with Red John. Roy signed off on Jane after one session, and will do the same with Lisbon but he believes she has something she wants to tell him. A new case ends their session, William McTeer, a serial child rapist who Lisbon put away back in her San Francisco P.D. days with Bosco is found murdered in an alley. Forensics comes back with the prints on the gun, and they belong to Lisbon! Minelli takes Lisbon and the team off the case and puts Bosco on it instead. Unable to recall what she did the night of the murder, Lisbon fails the polygraph test and is suspended. Jane hypnotizes her in hopes that she’ll remember, but when that fails, he begins to put the pieces together of what really happened. Together Jane and Lisbon set a trap for the Killer, CBI psychologist Roy Carmen. At the office, Lisbon suffers a nervous breakdown. Worried for her mental state, Minelli sends Roy Carmen to her apartment to check on her. Pretending she’s suicidal, Lisbon gets Roy to replay the night of the murder and Roy slips on a detail that only the killer would have known. Jane deduces that Dr. Carmen had been putting lorazapam in the coffee Lisbon was drinking during their sessions and lifted her prints from the mug to transfer to the murder weapon in order to frame her for McTeer’s murder.

The Mentalist S2E4
Episode 4

Red Menace

The team is called out to investigate a carjacking homicide, but some details make them think it’s more personal. The victim’s name is Gordon Hodge, a lawyer to the motorcycle gang Sinner Saints, one of the top gangs in the state. The investigation begins with gang members who deny any involvement. Jane focuses his attention on the leader Von McBride but is unable to get any information out of him. However he does begin to plant the seed that there’s an informant amongst them. Von’s girlfriend Diamond becomes their first suspect when they uncover the affair she was having with Gordon. Diamond denies having anything to do with the murder, citing that if Von knew they would have found her dead body as well. She does divulge that the only other person that knew about the affair was Gordon’s wife, Nina. Early on in the investigation a woman showed up at the Saint’s bar screaming murder, but no one claimed to know who she was. Looking into the vandalism of Gordon’s office, they discover it’s the same woman, Felicia Guthrie who blames McBride for the murder of her brother as well as Hodge who as McBride’s lawyer was able to have the murder case dropped. Jane has Felicia wrongly accused of Hodge’s murder by planting his missing cufflink in her dumpster. Under arrest, Hodge’s wife and his son, Lucas are called down to CBI to witness her booking but Lucas breaks down and confesses to the murder, unable to allow Felicia to take the blame. Jane’s tale of an informant among the gang members pays off when he tricks McBride into looking like the informant.

The Mentalist S2E5
Episode 5

Red Scare

The death of Alan Foster at the Beckworth Mansion has some locals saying that the ghost of Walter Beckworth was responsible for Foster’s death. Not a believer in ghosts, Jane is intrigued by the haunting, but knows he’ll figure out the logical explanation. Alan bought the house from Victoria Abner when the property taxes became too much for her and was planning the remodel when he was murdered. The questioning of Alan’s wife, Lillian, initially points the investigation towards Victoria but she later reveals that she was on the property the same night. Alan had an affair the year before and Lily was checking up on him to see if he was home alone but left before the murder took place. Through his research, Jane discovers that Beckworth had a treasure hidden in the mansion and sets a trap for the killer. Taking the bait, Victoria Abner’s nephew, Drew, reveals himself and confesses to the murder. While the team enjoys their case closed pizza, Jane surprises them with the Beckworth treasure, a very rare and expensive bottle of wine. On the personal front, Rigsby and Van Pelt declare their feelings for each other.

The Mentalist S2E6
Episode 6

Black Gold and Red Blood

The body of Kirby Hines lies on a Central California wildflower meadow. There’s some commotion by the police tape, an ongoing dispute over land between Ted Luscum and Kirby’s in-laws, the Gerber family. The situation between the two parties escalates ending with Luscum’s arrest for drawing a bowie knife on Cho. Once back at headquarters, CBI’s investigation is quickly broken up when Jane is placed under arrest for the bug he planted in Bosco’s office. Rather than resign from CBI, Jane accepts his punishment and goes to prison. Cho questions Luscum who conveys that the dispute was over oil and the land he claims that was taken from him. Jane is visited by Cho who brings the case file for him to look over. Jane figures out that the entry “Vultures” in Kirby’s journal refers to the actual birds and since they’re a protected species and nesting on the land, Kirby’s in-laws the Gerber family wouldn’t be able to drill for the oil. Jane uses some phone trickery to get Roddy Gerber, who he suspects is responsible for beating up Kirby prior to his murder, arrested for punching Rigsby. With Roddy in prison, Jane gets him to admit to the altercation with Kirby, killing the vultures and destroying their nest, but he’s ruled out as a suspect in the murder. In order to close the case, Jane escapes from prison and tricks Gerber’s wife Sandrine into a confession. Now with Jane back in custody, Lisbon leverages an incident from her and Bosco’s past to get Bosco to drop the charges on Jane.

The Mentalist S2E7
Episode 7

Red Bulls

Following a lead in the kidnapping case of Mia Westlake, Bosco and his CBI unit converge on a house in a run down neighborhood in Oakland. They expect the house to be empty but see that the lights are on inside. They break down the door with their guns drawn and find Lisbon and her CBI unit investigating a corpse found at the same house. The corpse is identified as Colin Haymer, a kidnapping victim from 3 years ago. The family paid the ransom, but their son was never returned to them. Minelli agrees with Lisbon and Jane on the coincidence of the house coming up in both the Westlake and Haymer kidnapping cases and wants Bosco and Lisbon’s teams to work together on the outcome. The $3.75 million ransom demand for Mia is received and the specific amount requested leads Jane to suspect there’s someone working on the inside. Jane’s lost interest in the corpse preferring to pursue the current kidnapping investigation which Bosco reluctantly agrees to. Back at CBI a lead from the abandoned house where this all started takes Rigsby, Van Pelt and Agent Hicks knocking on doors at an Oakland apartment complex looking for “Deezer”, the leader of the Crazy Hill Gang who were responsible for Colin Haymer’s kidnapping. One resident surprises Van Pelt shooting her twice in the chest, but her Kevlar vest absorbed the shots. Rigsby and Hicks pursue the suspect ending with Rigsby killing who is soon identified as Diane Zaranski aka “Deezer”, Colin’s girlfriend who the SFPD suspected of working for the gang that abducted him 3 years ago. Bosco comes around on Jane’s suspicion of someone working on the inside and participates in Jane’s plan that flushes out Mrs. Kent, Verona and Duncan Westlake’s nanny. Tracing the last call Mrs. Kent made to the kidnappers from her cell phone, they rescue Mia Westlake. With a new respect for Jane, Bosco gives Jane his Red John file and asks for his unique perspective.

The Mentalist S2E8
Episode 8

His Red Right Hand

CBI receives a call to investigate a body found at a state cemetery. The coroner discovers that the body had been frozen and posed in the position it was found prior to being placed in the morgue, but no identification has been made. The team arrives back at headquarters to discover Bosco shot and critically wounded while two members of his unit are dead. Agent Hicks is unaccounted for. CBI is locked down as Lisbon and Jane try to stabilize Bosco before the paramedics arrive. The security tapes are reviewed and building personnel are interviewed. Jane inquires about the identity of the body that was found at the cemetery. Forensics identifies the body as Dr. Towlen Morning from Stockton. Jane is immediately out the door to Dr. Morning’s office in Stockton with Lisbon and Cho in tow. There he finds a Red John smiley face painted on Morning’s office wall along with Agent Hick’s dead body. Dr. Towlen Morning was the family doctor of Janet and Carter Peak, Red John’s third and fourth victims, but Carter’s body was never found. Jane believes that Red John made a mistake in the murder of Carter Peak and killed Dr. Morning and Bosco’s team to stop them from discovering his mistake. Jane and Cho head out to Cloverville to investigate Carter Peak’s body that was discovered in the foundation of a strip mall that was recently torn down. At the coroner’s office, they find out that an Agent Rojo, matching Bosco’s assistant Rebecca’s description, already signed out the body along with all the samples for lab testing. Meanwhile, Rebecca attempts to finish Bosco off while he lies in his hospital bed but is foiled and she’s arrested. Bosco’s injuries prove too much for him and he passes away. Jane questions Rebecca. Rebecca reveals that Red John had her kill Bosco and his team because he missed Jane and wanted him back on the case. In the process of being moved to another location, Red John, dressed as a guard, poisons and kills Rebecca. Minelli is unable to handle the trauma of recent events and resigns as department head of the CBI.

The Mentalist S2E9
Episode 9

A Price Above Rubies

The CBI team members are all in attendance at a fund raiser event when one of the contributors, Esther Doverton, receives a phone call that her jewelry store has been robbed and her husband, Carl Ward, has been shot. The team believes it was the work of someone on the inside of the Doverton Company working with the jewel thief. Using a traffic light camera’s license plate image of the getaway car, Van Pelt identifies Doyle Murphy as the diamond thief. Van Pelt and Rigsby track Doyle’s car to a motel, but find Doyle dead with a bullet hole in his forehead. Doyle’s ex brother in law Donald Culpepper is suspected of killing Doyle when he’s identified by the motel manager as the last person to visit Doyle in his room. Donald explains that he paid for Doyle’s rehab while he was still married to his sister, but when they split up; Donald paid Doyle a visit because he wanted the money back, but Doyle wasn’t there. Van Pelt reviews past security tapes of the jewelry store and discovers Tom talking to Doyle Murphy. Tom claims Doyle was just a customer and has no recollection of him. The team fakes the kidnapping of Esther Doverton in exchange for the stolen diamonds and Tom admits that he was responsible for the robbery and the murder of Doyle Murphy.

The Mentalist S2E10
Episode 10

Throwing Fire

Baseball scout Barney Sloop is found dead in his Zen garden, the victim of a fatal head wound from a baseball bat. Barney’s business partner Freddy Fitch discovered the body upon his return from a high school baseball clinic in Portland. As Jane starts into the investigation, he is knocked out by a fly ball. Throughout the investigation, Jane goes in and out of flashbacks to when he was a boy growing up in the circus scamming patrons out of money with his father. With a bag of ice to his head, the CBI investigation is back underway as Freddy talks about how Barney buried his head in his work after his son died and his marriage subsequently collapsed. Barney’s life insurance is valued at 20 million, which is motive for his wife, Leslie to kill him. Also when the team discovers that Freddy is the sole beneficiary to their business, Jane accuses Freddy of the murder but he denies any wrongdoing. Two of the baseball prospects staying at the compound Scotty Sinclair and Snake Gallidos are interviewed, but their response is that Barney was a friend and mentor to them and they would never hurt him. Van Pelt and Rigsby track down Barney’s wife, Leslie Sloop, at her son’s grave with a gun to her head. Van Pelt talks her down from killing herself and when questioned, her alibi the night of Barney’s murder checks out. With the investigation still open, Jane heads back to the baseball academy to prove his theory correct and uncover the killer. When the topic of age came up earlier with Snake’s father, Jupiter, Jane realized that Snake was using his younger brother’s birth certificate so that he appeared younger to scouts making him a more viable prospect. When Barney found out about this deception and told Jupiter he was going to send Snake home, Jupiter killed him.

The Mentalist S2E11
Episode 11

Rose-Colored Glasses

The team is called out to Rancho Rosa to investigate a double homicide. Selby and Jana Vickers were found in their car, both with two bullet wounds to the chest, dressed for Selby’s fifteenth high school reunion party. The investigation begins at the reunion check-in. Lisbon and Jane deliver the news about the Vickers to Willa Brock the reunion chair. She reveals Selby’s horrible prank that got him expelled in high school. Selby dragged a classmate, Derek Logan, into the girl’s locker room, blind folded, stripped him naked, hog tied him and snapped pictures of the incident and posted them all over the school. As the investigation unfolds the team discovers that Selby’s wife Jana was a mail order bride for a guy named Terence Badali. Terence wanted the forty thousand dollars it cost him to get Jana to the US from Poland. It is discovered that Selby had an accomplice during the prank in high school that got him expelled, Willa Brock. Selby was going to black mail Willa for the money he owed Terence knowing that her career could not handle that kind of scandal as her talk show was about to go national. Rigsby pretends he’s Derek Logan and lures Willa into a trap where she confesses her involvement in the prank and the murder of Selby and Jana Vickers.

The Mentalist S2E12
Episode 12

Bleeding Heart

Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a mayor's aide. Rigsby announces his relationship with Van Pelt to LIsbon and the team.

The Mentalist S2E13
Episode 13


Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a luxury car saleswoman.

The Mentalist S2E14
Episode 14

Blood In, Blood Out

Cho’s past life as a gang member in the Avon Park playboys is revealed when a member of the gang is murdered.

The Mentalist S2E15
Episode 15

Red Herring

Jane and CBI investigate the murder of a chef competing in a best chef competition in Napa Valley. The 23rd Annual Westing Resort Best Chef competition is just underway when chef Jeffery Barge falls over dead while describing his dishes for the judging panel. Jane tastes a dish from Chef Barge which is far too salty and after checking the victim’s tongue he realizes Barge was poisoned. Jane’s theory is confirmed when the coroner suspects that ricin was used, a poison made from castor beans. The other chefs in the competition are the likely suspect pool and the CBI finds that their personal lives were all intertwined. Eliza Greene, Jeffrey’s sous chef had a shot at her own restaurant but was unable to get her liquor license and when the restaurant folded Eliza went back to work for Jeffrey. French chef, Adrien Ludo, and Jeffrey were known for their disdain of one another. Chef Hannah Diaz sent a bottle of gin to Jeffrey knowing he had a drinking problem, the night before the competition to keep him off his game. Even though the poison was found in the gin, Jane doesn’t suspect Hannah. Jeff’s estranged wife, Abigail tells them of a phone call she received from him the night before he died. He called to say he was sorry, she hung up on him. The team learns that Jeff was having an affair with another chef, Julia St. Germain. She and her husband, Arliss were all competitors in the cook off. The competition continues along with the investigation, but it’s shut down when Julia drops dead in the kitchen with the ricin found in red savina pepper spice that Julia liked to use in her dishes. The remaining contestants all gather for a memorial dinner where Jane adds red savina pepper to the soup unbeknownst to the chefs who have prepared the meal. As everyone partakes in the soup Jane announces the addition of the pepper to the dish. Eliza panics and says that they all must go to the hospital outing her as the killer. She confesses that she killed Jeffrey and Julia because they blocked Eliza’s liquor license so that he could keep her in his own kitchen.

The Mentalist S2E16
Episode 16

Code Red

A research scientist at a government facility is exposed to a deadly toxin. Knowing that she has only a few hours to live, she calls Jane and asks him to find her murderer. Doctor Alicia Seberg entered the Biohazard Lab in the Zitek Biosystems Special Projects Facility and discovered a vile of the deadly virus Crytohansa B had been released. After a quick search on the internet, she finds that Jane is the best detective in the area and calls him at CBI to tell him she’s been murdered. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the facility and are met by Dean Harken who is also investigating the case on behalf of The California Disease Control Authority. Though Harken makes it clear that they’re really not needed, Jane and Lisbon press on and try to get as much information from Alicia before the virus kills her. After speaking with her daughter, Alicia dies in the lab. The radiation decontamination begins on the room immediately. The state of the art security system with retina detection that narrowed their initial investigation down to just the few people that would have access, actually doesn’t work and anyone could have gotten into the lab. With this new twist in the case, Jane fakes the release of the virus into the entire facility. Since Alicia Seberg’s killer had to take the antidote in order to handle the virus, they will try to escape before the Air Force drops an incendiary bomb on the facility. Griffin Welks emerges from the flood culvert exit from the facility where Rigsby and Cho await. Griffin had been quietly stealing the virus for sale on the black market and before someone realized that it was missing, he killed Alicia to cover his tracks.

The Mentalist S2E17
Episode 17

The Red Box

The CBI team investigates the murder of an SAT tutor. The new boss, Molly Hightower, arrives at CBI. Lisbon is on edge as she and Jane approach the crime scene of murder victim, James Smithson, British and the SAT tutor of choice for local rich kids, including the daughter of homeowners Hopper and Jolene Banks. The new head of the CBI, Molly Hightower was expected today and she’s three hours late. Frank Bandino, ex-cop turned high-end residential security executive tells them that the body was discovered by a student who showed up for a tutoring appointment. Having worked with Rigsby at San Diego PD, Bandino tells Rigsby that it looks like one fatal headshot, a .38, no struggle, no robbery and no murder weapon. Jane looks around the tutor’s room, clocks his books on ancient Egypt. In one book, he finds a well-worn photo of a little kid with his working class mother at a Liverpool football match. On the body, Jane sees a faded crude tattoo, “Kingswood”. Bandino tells them that Smithson recently taught history at a tony East coast prep school and was educated at Eton and Oxford. Finding a small, empty red lacquer box with dirt on it, Jane tells Bandino that it’s all a lie. Smithson’s crooked teeth and the tattoo from Kingswood, a boy’s reformatory, don’t add up to posh. Bandino tells them the time of death but he’s wrong again when Smithson opens his eyes. Smithson’s brief revival is Lazarus Syndrome, his heart somehow caught an electrical charge and restarted. Alive, but most likely brain dead, Smithson is gurneyed away. As Lisbon and Jane head to the main house, a series of long lens photographs of the team are taken by someone we can’t see. At the main house, footage from the security cameras support Jolene Banks alibi while implying that Hopper Banks could be a possible suspect. Bandino admits that Hopper, a photographer asked him to get him a gun, a .38, as a prop for a series of photographs. Van Pelt confirms that Smithson isn’t Smithson, his I.D. is an expensive forgery. Meanwhile, interviews with a few of the mothers of the students Smithson tutored reveal that Smithson slept with them. At this point, either a jealous husband or a lover is the likely suspect. Which lead them to Hopper Banks. Jane confronts Hopper about the gun which he denies purchasing. But then Cho shows him the photographs Hopper took which featuring a .38 special. Jane posits that Hopper killed Smithson because Jolene was sleeping with him. Jolene admits the affair. Hopper denies that he killed Smithson. Enraged, he informs them that he’s calling the AG office to complain about Jane’s tactics. As Lisbon and Jane head back to CBI, Jane tells Lisbon they’re being followed. They apprehend their tracker, who turns out to be Inspector Slocombe from Scotland Yard. Back at CBI, Slocombe says that the victim, ”James Smithson”, is really Oliver Stans. Showing them a museum copy of an ancient, jeweled ring worn by Cleopatra, Slocombe believes Stans stole the original from the British Museum nine months ago. He picked up chatter that Louis Anglet, a dealer who traffics in stolen antiquities was going to buy the ring here. Slocombe believes that Anglet killed Stans for the ring and needs to get back on his trail but a wary Lisbon tells Slocombe that he’s staying at the CBI until she checks out his story. Lisbon returns to find that Slocombe has given the team the slip and new boss, Molly Hightower arrives at CBI. Jane tracks Slocombe to Oliver Stan’s hospital room. He’s figured out that Stans is Slocombe’s son and understands that Slocombe came to get his son out of trouble and get the ring back. Jane lets Slocombe leave so he can find Anglet and the ring. Under questioning, Hopper Banks denies knowing that his computer contains a browsing history of the theft of the ring. He also denies ever contacting Louis Anglet. At a courtyard spa, CBI finds Slocombe all over Anglet demanding to know who killed his son. Back at CBI, Jane takes over the interrogation of Anglet, putting three identical Cleopatra rings on the table. Jane tells Anglet that whoever sold him the ring – say, Hopper Banks, sold him a fake. When Anglet is released, Hightower is furious at Jane. By convincing Anglet that Hopper cheated him, Jane just signed Hopper’s death warrant. With CBI at his house, Hopper’s scared of the threat from Anglet but still claims he knows nothing about the ring and didn’t kill Stans. At the security shack, Bandino leaves and heads towards his van when he’s attacked by Anglet, furious about the fake ring Bandino sold him. Bandino swears the ring was real, that he killed Stans and framed Hopper Banks for the murder. After capturing Bandino, Jane returns the real ring to Slocombe to take back to the museum. At CBI, Hightower, tells Lisbon that it’s obvious that Rigsby and Van Pelt are having an intimate relationship which is against CBI rules. Since Lisbon hasn’t done anything about it, she will.

The Mentalist S2E18
Episode 18

Aingavite Baa

A bloodied woman steps in front of Cho's and Van Pelt's car begging for help. Having lost her memory, Jane uses his mentalist skills to determine the woman's previous location, a horse stables. At the stables, they discover the bodies of three victims, all shot to death. The team has to investigate these murders as well as try and identify the injured woman whose lost memory is the key to this mystery.

The Mentalist S2E19
Episode 19

Blood Money

During a sting, the CBI team arrests a hitman who admits to the killing of an assistant D.A. At the preliminary hearing, his defense attorney takes CBI apart because prior to the arrest, Jane entered the hitman’s apartment without a warrant. The case is tossed and the hitman goes free. Now Jane and company must start the investigation over from scratch. Having obtained new evidence of the hit man’s guilt in the murder, the team ascends on his home to arrest him. As they lead him out of the house, he falls to the ground, dead from a sniper’s bullet. The CBI team must now find the killer that was hired to silence the hitman.

The Mentalist S2E20
Episode 20

Red All Over

The team investigates the death of a CEO of a media company. Xander Harrington Jr., newly announced CEO of Harrington Media, was stabbed in the neck and killed with a letter opener at his celebration party. Xander Harrington Sr., aka, Alex, was the previous CEO, but his son staged a coup forcing him out. The investigation within the family gets underway with Xander’s wife Sadie’s assistant, Ashley. She is linked to a religious cult, Visualize, which the Harrington family published a critical article about. Through the cult’s influence, Ashley plants a bomb in the house, but Lisbon is able to diffuse it. Jane become suspicious of Alex and his daughter Ella and realizes that she’s not his daughter. Alex’s other son, Eddie, had an affair with Alex’s wife Meredith and is Ella’s real father. Alex mistakenly accused Xander of the affair, but Xander, knowing the details through his close friendship with Meredith, only confessed to knowing that Ella wasn’t Alex’s and the miscommunication drove Alex to kill Xander.

The Mentalist S2E21
Episode 21


Jane and company investigate the death of an introverted mathematical genius, Noah Valiquette, who was murdered by a gun-wielding clown who then cut off his index finger. When Noah's wife reports a break-in at their home and a safe is discovered, along with the severed finger, the team begins to understand that Noah was working on a top-secret de-coding project that cost him his life.

The Mentalist S2E22
Episode 22

Red Letter

CBI investigates the murder of a charismatic head of a non profit organization which fights human trafficking. Hector Brava, who runs an organization called Freedom Trails, was killed just before he was going to deliver his keynote speech at the Global Human Rights Conference. Kristina Frye is helping the police with their investigation much to Jane’s chagrin. Cho and Rigsby interview Russell Bigelow, a researcher working with Hector. He has Hector’s speech that would have exposed The World Anti-Trafficking Coalition as a front for an actual human trafficking group building itself a monopoly. When Jane discovers that Hector was being set up with call girls by Russell, he figures out the murder. Jane and Kristina hold a fake séance to trap the killer. Russell had a women pretend to be Hector’s daughter, after receiving a letter from Hector’s actual daughter’s mother describing the details of their relationship only Hector would know. With the imposter posing as Hector’s daughter, Carmen Reys, Russell tricked Hector into thinking that he’d had sex with his own daughter. When the real Carmen Reys, visited him, he figured out Russell’s scheme to blackmail him, so Russell killed Hector.

The Mentalist S2E23
Episode 23

Red Sky in the Morning

Jane is sitting down to lunch with psychic Kristina Frye when he receives a call from Van Pelt that he must come in to see a video she received from an anonymous sender showing a murder in the style of Red John. The victim in the video, Marley Sparrow, was found by her college roommate in the Bay Area. After a look at the crime scene, Jane sees that it wasn’t Red John. Kristina Frye reaches out to Red John on TV and soon after, the woman that interviewed her, Jackie Sandoval, is murdered by Red John. Under watch by the CBI and state troopers, Kristina manages to sneak out of her house. Jane follows a lead in the Marley Sparrow case that takes him to San Joaquin Valley where he’s captured by Wesley Blankfein, the Red John copycat. As Wesley is about to stab Jane, Red John appears and shoots Wesley. Red John lets Jane know that his life is his and he only lives because it pleases him and with that he’s gone again.

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