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The Mentalist - Season 4 Episodes

The Mentalist - Season 4

The Mentalist - Season 4

Following on last season's explosive finale, Patrick Jane returns as THE MENTALIST. Starring Simon Baker as the California Bureau of Investigation consultant and former faux-psychic obsessed with finding the serial killer who murdered his family and destroyed his life, this hit procedural combines crime-solving twists with wry humor that celebrate mind over matter.

The Mentalist S4E1
Episode 1

Scarlet Ribbons

Patrick Jane’s story picks up just moments after he kills a man in the middle of a crowded shopping mall. As the police escort him out, Jane is calm and collected – after all, he’s finally ended the life of his nemesis Red John. Unfortunately, the evidence doesn’t seem to bear out his claim. The gun he used to threaten Jane and the cell phone he used to talk with O’Laughlin are both missing. Further, it looks like the man Jane shot is a respected local businessman. With the entire CBI team suspended due to his actions, Jane must find a way out of jail and prove that the man he shot was indeed Red John.

The Mentalist S4E2
Episode 2

Little Red Book

Jane is reinstated as a CBI consultant following the ‘not guilty’ verdict in his trial, but the rest of his team isn’t so lucky. Cho, Van Pelt, and Rigsby are all reassigned and Lisbon is put on indefinite suspension. Jane must work with a new team, lead by the tough, stern Gerald Haffner, in order to find out who killed the personal trainer at a gym that caters to Sacramento’s elite. But as Jane works to solve the murder, he begins to form another plan - one that will either get his old team back together, or permanently disgrace them in the eyes of the bureau.

The Mentalist S4E3
Episode 3

Pretty Red Balloon

It’s a race against the clock when a seven-year-old boy is abducted from his school bus stop and the chances of his safe recovery plummet by the hour. The CBI team’s assistance has been personally requested by the abductee’s mother, who was a client of Jane’s during his days as a psychic. She has also enlisted the help of Nate Glass, a charlatan who claims that he can see the future as well. As the team investigates a series of other kidnappings that might be linked the crime, Jane attempts to prove to his former client that he is no psychic – and neither is Glass.

The Mentalist S4E4
Episode 4

Ring Around the Rosie

While working security at a political rally, Jane notices a suspicious looking man carrying a gun. The CBI brings him in, but they can’t charge him with anything – he’s no criminal, just a gun-loving lawyer with a concealed weapon permit. Jane, however, is convinced that the man is a psychopath teetering on the brink. Luther Wainright, their new department head, tells Jane that he’s got 24 hours to prove his hunch is correct. Meanwhile, Lisbon leads an investigation into the death of a photographer at the same rally. When a homeless man confesses to the crime, the case seems open and shut. But Lisbon has reason to believe that the accused man, a down-and-out blues singer, is actually innocent.

The Mentalist S4E5
Episode 5

Blood and Sand

Jane and the CBI travel to the island of San Felix, just a few miles off the California coast. After examining the body of a woman that washed up onto the shore, Jane deduces that the victim was murdered – and the killer is most likely still on the island. But it will take all of Jane’s skills to find the murderer among the odd group of misfits that call San Felix home.

The Mentalist S4E6
Episode 6

Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien

When the body of a police officer is found dead, the CBI travels to a small resort town in the mountains in order to investigate. While on the case, Theresa Lisbon crosses paths with her younger brother, Tommy Lisbon, and his daughter Annabeth. Agent Lisbon is startled to learn that Tommy is a bounty hunter now, and he’s been tracking escaped fugitive Carmine Alexander since St. Louis. Once it starts to look like Alexander might be responsible for the cop killing, though, the Lisbon siblings realize that they’re both after the same man for completely different reasons.

The Mentalist S4E7
Episode 7

Blinking Red Light

When the CBI are called in to assist the San Francisco police in a homicide investigation, Jane and the team quickly find themselves at the forefront of a search for a serial killer. Their initial suspect seems good for it – he’s a guilty-looking man without a concrete alibi who refuses to cooperate with law enforcement. Jane, however, believes they have the wrong guy. With the help of a citizen who runs a web site dedicated to finding this killer, (mirroring Jane’s obsession with Red John), Patrick begins exploring alternative suspects.

The Mentalist S4E8
Episode 8

Pink Tops

After an undercover cop is found dead outside a nightclub, the CBI must retrace her investigation in order to find the killer. Enlisting the help of a prostitute who has knowledge of the Sacramento underworld, Jane and the team must investigate an elusive drug kingpin who may be behind the crime.

The Mentalist S4E9
Episode 9

The Redshirt

The CBI are called in to investigate when a retired NFL star is presumed dead after his car blows up. A brief search reveals the truth – the star’s look-a-like assistant was the actual victim of the bomb while his boss survived. Jane believes that this gives his team a unique opportunity: by keeping the fact that the intended victim survived a secret, they can stay one step ahead of the killer.

The Mentalist S4E10
Episode 10

Fugue in Red

While searching for a firefighter’s killer, Jane is attacked and nearly drowned in a small pond. Upon waking up, he can no longer remember anything about Red John, the murder of his family, or his work with the CBI. Lisbon and the rest of the team must continue the investigation with the help of an increasingly erratic Patrick Jane who has reverted back to his pre-CBI con man persona.

The Mentalist S4E11
Episode 11

Always Bet on Red

When a high-end divorce attorney is killed on his boat, there are no shortage of suspects – it seems everyone had a reason to want him dead. With the help of Summer, the escort/undercover informant from Ep. 408, Cho and Rigsby investigate an illicit gambling den that the victim liked to frequent in the hopes of tracking down the killer. Meanwhile, FBI agent Susan Darcy (Ep. 407) returns to ask Jane questions about whether Red John might have been behind Panzer’s death. Jane denies it, but is forced into action when Red John hacks into the CBI computer system and plants a video of Darcy for Jane to find. It’s clear the killer is back – and Jane has a hard decision to make.

The Mentalist S4E12
Episode 12

My Bloody Valentine

The CBI investigates the death of the son of an Argentinean mob boss at a cabin deep in the wilderness. The only eyewitness is an Asian prostitute who can barely speak English, and the only evidence they have is blurry night vision footage of a car driving toward the house before the murder. While Jane and the team investigate suspects both inside and outside of the mob family, Van Pelt attempts to take the prostitute back to the CBI for questioning. But when she gets chased down by armed men along the way, she finds herself lost in the wilderness. And with her own survival in doubt, the specter of Craig O’Laughlin and the memories of last year’s shooting start to haunt her.

The Mentalist S4E13
Episode 13

Red Is The New Black

Jane and the team investigate the murder of a disgraced clothing designer who was only days away from revealing his new line and re-joining the world of high fashion. Suspects range from his former boss, a French businessman who needed new designs to save his failing company, to the DJ who leaked the video that got him fired in the first place. Meanwhile, FBI agent Darcy continues her investigation into Red John despite Jane continuing to deny that the serial killer is still at large.

The Mentalist S4E14
Episode 14

At First Blush

While visiting the courthouse, Jane decides to interject himself into a murder case that appears to already be over. A woman stands accused of killing her lover, and the evidence against her is good enough that the deliberating jury is expected to convict her in the next day or so. After speaking with the accused, however, Jane comes to the conclusion that she is innocent. With only hours remaining before the jury reaches a verdict, Jane realizes that the only way to save this wrongfully accused woman is to find the real killer himself.

The Mentalist S4E15
Episode 15

War of the Roses

When a young, female charity worker turns up dead, former high-end dating website owner Erica Flynn, whom Jane put in prison in Ep. 319 for killing her husband, calls from jail claiming to have information about the murder. Of course, Erica’s knowledge comes at a price – a furlough from prison for the duration of the case. While Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt search for clues, Jane and Lisbon work with the devious Erica in order to solve the crime.

The Mentalist S4E16
Episode 16

His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

When the leader of an anti-cult activist network is found dead, the CBI immediately suspects Visualize – a large and influential cult that they’ve had dealings with in the past. Indeed, the evidence seems to point directly at Bret Stiles, the charismatic head of Visualize who has locked horns with Jane several times before. But Stiles is as slippery as they come, and the more the evidence points to him the more Jane begins to suspect that his old nemesis has another trick up his sleeve.

The Mentalist S4E17
Episode 17

Cheap Burgundy

Jane agrees to help FBI agent Susan Darcy with a homicide investigation, although he suspects she has an ulterior motive in wanting his assistance: probing him for information about Red John. The case appears simple at first – a woman’s body was found murdered in a secluded mountain meadow, and a mentally disturbed war veteran remembers waking up next to her covered in blood. The rest of the CBI team handles the murder of a young woman who was killed after meeting a man in an online chatroom. Lisbon is convinced that the murderer is an arrogant techy billionaire, but without Jane around they find it difficult to get a confession.

The Mentalist S4E18
Episode 18

Ruddy Cheeks

The CBI investigate the murder of a wealthy salesman who was killed despite having terminal cancer. Jane is confused – who would kill a man that was only weeks away from dying of natural causes? There are no shortage of suspects, however, from an estranged addict son to a charlatan faith healer, all of whom had reasons to want this man dead.

The Mentalist S4E19
Episode 19

Pink Champagne on Ice

A poker chip in the pocket of a dead man leads the CBI to a small casino in the middle of the California desert. While there, Jane runs in to Jack Hellion, a stage magician he used to tour with during his career as a mentalist. While Lisbon and the team attempt to retrace the steps of their victim in order to find the killer, Jane gets Hellion to admit a shocking secret – someone is holding his girlfriend hostage until he robs the casino for them.

The Mentalist S4E20
Episode 20

Something's Rotten in Redmund

Jane and the CBI try to determine who would have reason to kill a popular English teacher. Meanwhile, Cho and Summer hide their relationship from Lisbon, and Rigsby nervously awaits a special delivery.

The Mentalist S4E21
Episode 21

Ruby Slippers

Murder's a drag, when Jane and the CBI try to find the killer of a young man found burned to death outside a cabaret featuring female impersonators. During the investigation, they discover a list of suspects, all of whom bullied the victim.

The Mentalist S4E22
Episode 22

So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper

While investigating the murder of a surfer, Lisbon reconnects with her former fiancé, Kenny Johnson, who she hasn't seen in over a decade. Also, Cho questions his decision to be in a relationship with Summer.

The Mentalist S4E23
Episode 23

Red Rover, Red Rover

On the eighth anniversary of his wife and daughter's death, Jane receives a message from Red John, causing Jane to lose focus on his current case and put the investigation and his career at the CBI in jeopardy.

The Mentalist S4E24
Episode 24

The Crimson Hat

After another failed attempt to defeat Red John, Patrick Jane hits rock bottom, finds a lover and shoots one of his own.

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