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The Middle - Season 2 Episodes

The Middle - Season 2

The Middle - Season 2

The second season of the television comedy series The Middle aired between September 22, 2010 and May 25, 2011, on ABC in the United States. It was produced by Blackie and Blondie Productions and Warner Bros. Television with series creators DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler as executive producers.

The show features Frances "Frankie" Heck, a working-class, Midwestern woman married to Mike Heck who resides in the small fictional town of Orson, Indiana. They are the parents of three children, Axl, Sue, and Brick.

The Middle S2E1
Episode 1

Back to School

After a disastrous attempt to get her kids ready for the first day of school, Frankie devises a plan to stay on top of her kids’ schedules in order to better organize their lives. But things go from bad to worse when Frankie – aided by a reluctant Mike — tries to be pre-emptive and explains Brick’s eccentric quirks to his new, no nonsense teacher, Ms. Rinsky (Doris Roberts), and gets accused of being over protective. Meanwhile, Sue is so enthusiastic about being on the school’s cross-country team that she wears a heavy sweatshirt touting her team spirit in 80 degree heat, and Axl’s body clock gets thrown for a loop when Frankie begins waking him up for school with an alarm clock.

The Middle S2E2
Episode 2


Frankie says, “Out here in The Middle, fall means a lot of things. Crunchy leaves…hayrides…and most importantly, homecoming.” Since Axl made the varsity football team, Frankie gets to escort him onto the field before the big homecoming game. They haven’t had a lot of mother-son moments lately, so this one will be extra-special. She’ll be able to kiss Axl on the cheek knowing that he won’t wipe it off in front of a crowd.

The Middle S2E3
Episode 3

The Diaper Incident

Everyone gets older except for Frankie Heck, who refuses to admit that she may be aging ungracefully. Frankie gets a rude wakeup call when Sue asks her to pick up some diapers for a babysitting job. The young clerk at the store thinks she’s inquiring about products for incontinent adults.

The Middle S2E4
Episode 4

The Quarry

Mike tries to teach Axl a lesson after he is suspended from school; Brick is baffled by his own magic trick.

The Middle S2E5
Episode 5

Foreign Exchange

Frankie convinces the family to host a Japanese foreign exchange student.

The Middle S2E6
Episode 6


Frankie is excited about being invited to a neighborhood Halloween party.

The Middle S2E7
Episode 7

A Birthday Story

On his ninth birthday, Brick wants to hear the true story about the day he was born.

The Middle S2E8
Episode 8

Errand Boy

Brick is tired of being forced to accompany Frankie on errands and wants to stay home alone.

The Middle S2E9
Episode 9

Thanksgiving II

Mike reluctantly invites his brother and father over for Thanksgiving.

The Middle S2E10
Episode 10

A Simple Christmas

Frankie's holiday plans are threatened when her parents come to stay with the family.

The Middle S2E11
Episode 11

Taking Back the House

Axl, Sue and Brick resist when Mike and Frankie try to regain control of the household.

The Middle S2E12
Episode 12

The Big Chill

Mike gets mad at Frankie when she unwittingly pays $200 for eye cream; Axl cares for a mechanical infant for health class.

The Middle S2E13
Episode 13

Super Sunday

In preparation for the upcoming Super Bowl, Brick studies football; Mr. Ehlert asks Frankie to accompany him to a managerial seminar.

The Middle S2E14
Episode 14

Valentine's Day II

Frankie is happy when Axl asks her to help him choose a present for his mysterious new girlfriend; Mike accidentally embarrasses Brick; Sue tries to find the guy she kissed during a hayride.

The Middle S2E15
Episode 15

Friends, Lies And Videotape

Frankie intends to find a suitable friend for Brick; Sue sneaks into an R-rated movie with her friend Carly.

The Middle S2E16
Episode 16

Hecks On A Plane

Everything that can go wrong does when the Heck family embarks on a trip to New York.

The Middle S2E17
Episode 17

The Math Class

Ms. Rinsky (Doris Roberts) asks Frankie and Mike to attend a math class after Frankie questions her teaching skills; Sue and Axl consider helping their aunt find a time capsule she buried.

The Middle S2E18
Episode 18

Spring Cleaning

The Hecks spend spring break trying to clean out the house; Brick opens an information stand where he sells advice for a dollar.

The Middle S2E19
Episode 19

The Legacy

Mike's motives are questioned when he punishes Axl by forbidding him to play in the last school basketball game of the season; Sue wins a trophy; Brick has to wear his cousin's clothes.

The Middle S2E20
Episode 20

Royal Wedding

Frankie becomes obsessed with the upcoming royal wedding; Brick helps Sue when she decides to try out for the school's news team; Mike has to make cutbacks at the quarry.

The Middle S2E21
Episode 21

Mother's Day II

Things don't go as planned when Mike and the kids give Frankie a day without the family as a Mother's Day gift.

The Middle S2E22
Episode 22

The Prom

Axl invites the wrong girl to the prom, then decides to stand her up; Sue tries to fit in with the school's B crowd; Brick bores Frankie and Mike with his one-man plays.

The Middle S2E23
Episode 23

The Bridge

Frankie and Mike try to get Brick over his fear of crossing bridges; Axl competes against his nemesis for a job.

The Middle S2E24
Episode 24

Back To Summer

Brick must write a daily journal for school or risk being held back; Axl has time left in his community service requirement; Sue must prove she had perfect attendance.

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