The Net

The Net

The Net - Season 1 Episodes

The Net S1E1
Episode 1


Computer expert Angela Bennett has her identity stolen by a terrorist group after opening an unexpected email. She must stop them with the help of a stranger known only as the sorcerer but the problem deepens after her new identity is wanted by the FBI.

The Net S1E2
Episode 2

North by Northwestern

On her way to Chicago in search of her father, Angela gets detained by the police in Ohio who think that her laptop computer is a bomb. She befriends a cellmate who helps her escape the clutches of the Praetorians. The public defender assigned to Angela doubts her story until Trelawney catches up with him.

The Net S1E3
Episode 3


While in Chicago, Angela gets shot. Sorcerer with a doctor at a Chicago hospital but Angela gets involved in an organ harvest program that the Praetorians are heading up.

The Net S1E4
Episode 4

Bulls and Bears

The Praetorians are trying to manipulate the stock market to raise $100 million cash to finance a Praetorian needed satellite from the Russians. Angela joins the stock brokerage to prevent the theft. Angela's voice activated computer is destroyed while Trelawney meets up the some really bad boys.

The Net S1E5
Episode 5

Death of an Angel

Angela stages her death in an attempt to regain her identity and freedom from the Praetorians. She takes residence at the university where her father was a professor. There she meets Kyle, an aspiring law student. When Kyle's uncle, who is a judge, is falsely accused of child pornography over the internet, Angela helps out.

The Net S1E6
Episode 6

Kill the Buddha

While working as a barmaid, Angela befriends the owner and becomes friends with him and his wife, who are an interracial couple. When Eric is murdered, Angela finds out they were policemen. Wanting not to get involved due to trying to protect herself from discovery by the Praetorians, Angela is torn between helping the widow and protecting herself.

The Net S1E7
Episode 7


An old college boyfriend of Angela's is involved in hacking state lotteries. Things get ugly when Daniel hacks with the lotteries under control of the Praetorians. Angela needs to help Daniel while preventing the Praetorians from winning all the lotteries.

The Net S1E8
Episode 8

Jump Vector

Angela poses as a river guide to learn more about a new program about to be released with a back door allowing the Praetorians access to any computer using this new operating system.

The Net S1E9
Episode 9

Go Like You Know

Angela joins forces with a streetwise guy to fight a cyber terrorist who is overloading power grids on the east coast.

The Net S1E10
Episode 10


Angela meets Sorcerer! A bizarre cult calling itself Harvest Sun has the interest of the Praetorians. While Angela tries to get through to the cult members, she finally meets Sorcerer and is quite surprised!

The Net S1E11
Episode 11

Diamonds Aren't Forever

Angela and Sorcerer counter a Praetorian plan to bring down the world diamond market.

The Net S1E12
Episode 12

Pandora's Box

Angela and Sorcerer need to stop a Praetorian plot to dump nuclear waste in the world's oceans.

The Net S1E13
Episode 13


A friend of Jacob's is murdered for trying to publish a negative review on a music web site. The Praetorians are involved in an elaborate scheme to control the world's music.

The Net S1E14
Episode 14

Lucy's Life

The Praetorians set up a camera accessible via the Internet in a student's dorm in an attempt to trap Angela.

The Net S1E15
Episode 15

Pay the Line

Jacob gets involved in on-line gambling scheme and gets in over his head. He needs Angela's help to pay his debts back and they wind up in Las Vegas in some high stakes gambling. Meanwhile, Trelawney is told he has to clean up the mess he left behind with Hearney.

The Net S1E16
Episode 16

Lutanic Fringe

Angela is concerned about Jacob's obsession with an internet cult leader.

The Net S1E17
Episode 17

In Dreams

A 14-year-old girl with a photographic memory holds the key to a Praetorian code.

The Net S1E18
Episode 18

Y2K: Total System Failure

Angela has to try and stop the seemingly unstoppable Millenium Bug after a programmer is killed who was close to finding the solution.

The Net S1E19
Episode 19


A sinister new drug leads Angela and Jacob to a showdown with the Praetorians. Angela becomes an FBI CIC agent.

The Net S1E20
Episode 20

Last Man Standing

New CIC agent Angela must put a stop to cybercast wrestling matches fought to the death.

The Net S1E21
Episode 21

Chem Lab

Angela and Jacob go to high school to find the young creators of a chemical weapon.

The Net S1E22
Episode 22

Angela and Walter are in hot pursuit of a clever murderer who spies on his victims using the internet.

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