The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Season 3 Episodes

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Season 3

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Season 3

Season three of The New Adventures of Old Christine features recurring guest stars Blair Underwood as Mr. Harris, a teacher at her son's school whom Christine has a romantic relationship with; Dave Foley; and Andy Richter . Plus Jason Alexander guest stars.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E1
Episode 1

The Big Bang

Christine decides that, after a couple months of dating, she and Mr. Harris should finally sleep together. However, this is the first time she's ever waited so long to sleep with a man. There's been so much build-up that she's nervous she won't be any good in bed. Matthew rethinks med school after discovering that his assigned cadaver is a former neighbor, on the third season premiere of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Blair Underwood ("Sex and the City", "Dirty Sexy Money", "In Treatment") returns as Ritchie's former teacher and Christine's new boyfriend, Mr. Harris.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E2
Episode 2

Beauty Is Only Spanx Deep

Christine and Mr. Harris go on a double date with New Christine and Richard. After the waitress at the restaurant hits on Mr. Harris and thinks that New Christine is his girlfriend, Christine and Richard both panic that they are getting old and are dating out of their league. Christine decides that plastic surgery is the obvious solution and goes to a doctor to see about getting a few nips and tucks.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E3
Episode 3


Mike is a newly divorced dad who's kid is new to Ritchie's school. Christine gets excited by the opportunity to "mentor" someone who is so similar to her. But Mike is quickly accepted by the meanie moms and is even invited to their afternoon coffee (which Christine never even knew existed). Christine is disappointed in Mike, but he tells her that he just wants to fit in for his kid and persuades Christine that she should change her attitude toward the meanie moms in order to do the same.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E4
Episode 4


Christine promises to accompany Mr. Harris to an important event, but leaves him hanging when Ritchie's soccer game runs long.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E5
Episode 5

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

After Christine and Mr. Harris break up, Christine decides that she is in control of her life and she is not going to dwell on the negative. But a climb up a rock wall at a birthday party confronts her with the fear that she's going to spend her life alone. Matthew sees a therapist who thinks his relationship with Christine is unhealthy.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E6
Episode 6

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Christine is hesitant when New Christine asks if she can set her up on a date with someone from her law firm. Matthew and Richard convince her that she should be more like a man and date more casually. Christine decides to go for it, but is horrified when her date shows up and is 20 years younger than she is.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E7
Episode 7


Christine decides she's going to be more like Oprah by "giving to the universe" rather than getting annoyed about all the normal little things that bother her. She sticks to her guns - even when she finds out that Richard and New Christine have bought a house together and EVEN when she shows up at the new home and it's her dream house. But when she sees a picture of Ritchie with New Christine and Richard as a family, all her new philosophies fly out the window.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E8
Episode 8

Burning Down the House

Barb finds a joint in a purse in the lost and found at the gym. Christine is shocked and intrigued at the same time and decides she wants to try pot for the first time. They finally light up in Christine's garage, surrounded by all of her unfinished projects from the past. The joint is so small that it's impossible to get anything from it, but Christine, who is upset with herself for the number of things that she never finishes, decides this is one "project" that she's going to finish - she's going to find pot so they can get high.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E9
Episode 9

The Happy Couple

Barb and Matthew unsuccessfully try to keep the fact that they slept together a secret. When Christine finds out, she makes the whole thing about her and forbids them to see one another. Even though they don't really want to date, Barb and Matthew decide they're going to be a couple simply to spite Christine.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S3E10
Episode 10

One and a Half Men

Christine panics when her doctor tells her that she may be perimenopausal. She starts to use Barb's prescription cream which leaves her feeling a lot better...and a lot ballsier since it's a testosterone cream. When Lindsay and Marly give Ritchie a hard time at his first cotillion, Christine refuses to take this one lying down. Jason Alexander guest stars.

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