The New Batman Adventures

The New Batman Adventures

The New Batman Adventures - Season 1 Episodes

The New Batman Adventures S1E1
Episode 1

Holiday Knights

Three holiday-themed vingettes. (1) Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn kidnap Bruce Wayne and use his credit cards for a shopping spree. (2) While shopping for a gift for her father, Barbara Gordon spots a group of shoplifters that turn out to be portions of Clayface. (3) Batman and Robin race to stop the Joker from killing the crowd at the Gotham City New Year Celebration.

The New Batman Adventures S1E2
Episode 2

Sins of the Father

Young orphan Tim Drake becomes Batman's new ward when he becomes involved in one of Two-Face's deadly plots.

The New Batman Adventures S1E3
Episode 3

Cold Comfort

After the events in "Sub-Zero" Mr. Freeze has been forced to be bound to a new robotic body. His wife Nora has been revived, but believing him dead, she has remarried and left Gotham. If Freeze can't have a life of happiness, nobody can, so he begins lashing out at the city by destroying what people care about so they can feel the same pain he feels.

The New Batman Adventures S1E4
Episode 4

Never Fear

The Scarecrow develops a new toxin that, rather than inducing fear, eliminates it, making average people incredibly reckless and dangerous.

The New Batman Adventures S1E5
Episode 5

You Scratch My Back

In an effort to further distance himself from Batman, Nightwing tries to go it alone to stop a smuggling ring and gets unexpected help from the seductive Catwoman.

The New Batman Adventures S1E6
Episode 6

Double Talk

Arnold Wesker is released from Arkham, completely free of his Scarface persona. But Scarface's old gang, needing their old boss back, begin working to drive Wesker back to his old ways.

The New Batman Adventures S1E7
Episode 7

Joker's Millions

Crime boss Edward "The King" Barlow dies and in his will leaves his arch-rival, the Joker, a large fortune. Joker immediately goes on a shopping spree, even searching for a replacement for Harley Quinn, but realizes too late that all the money is fake.

The New Batman Adventures S1E8
Episode 8

Growing Pains

Robin fights to protect a young girl with amnesia who is being stalked by her "father", who turns out to be Clayface. Having created the girl from his own body to scout out the city, he now intends to reabsorb her.

The New Batman Adventures S1E9
Episode 9

Mean Seasons

Batman pursues an ex-model, who is now looking for revenge and calling herself "Calendar Girl".

The New Batman Adventures S1E10
Episode 10

The Demon Within

Batman and Robin assist occultist Jason Blood when Klarion the Witch-boy takes control of Blood's alter-ego, Etrigan the Demon.

The New Batman Adventures S1E11
Episode 11

Over The Edge

During a fight with the Scarecrow, Batgirl is ambushed on a rooftop and falls to her death. Having watched his daughter's demise, Jim Gordon blames Batman for her fate and vows revenge, even recruiting Bane in the process.

The New Batman Adventures S1E12
Episode 12

Torch Song

A lovelorn pyrotechnic engineer, Garfield Lynns, gets dumped by a big time singer named Cassidy. Lynns becomes the supervillain Firefly, bent on burning the woman who burned him.

The New Batman Adventures S1E13
Episode 13

Love is a Croc

Baby Doll becomes enamored of Killer Croc, and the pair forms a very unlikely yet very successful criminal duo. However, their partnership soon falls apart when Baby Doll learns that Croc is only using her to further his own criminal career.

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