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The O.C. - Season 4 Episodes

The O.C. - Season 4

The O.C. - Season 4

High school is over. Time to move on. But events conspire to reunite Ryan, Seth, and Summer in posh, seaside Newport. And there may even be a new Core Four. After Taylor says a quick "au revoir" to France, she just might pursue Ryan until he catches her.

The O.C. S4E1
Episode 1

The Avengers

In the fourth season premiere, everyone struggles to adjust to life without Marissa.

The O.C. S4E2
Episode 2

The Gringos

Ryan travels to Mexico--with a stubborn Seth in tow--to put an end to his turmoil in the only way he knows how, but he comes up empty in quest for revenge.

The O.C. S4E3
Episode 3

The Cold Turkey

It's Thanksgiving morning at the Cohen house, and the family is still dealing with what happened in Mexico.

The O.C. S4E4
Episode 4

The Metamorphosis

When Summer tries to become the gossip-loving girl she once was, she realizes that Brown may have changed her forever.

The O.C. S4E5
Episode 5

The Sleeping Beauty

Summer and Che (recurring guest star CHRIS PRATT) take their activism to a new level, resulting in more freedom than they expected.

The O.C. S4E6
Episode 6

The Summer Bummer

When Seth visits Summer at Brown, he finds an empty dorm room.

The O.C. S4E7
Episode 7

The Chrismukk-huh?

It's time for another Chrismukkah in Orange County.

The O.C. S4E8
Episode 8

The Earth Girls Are Easy

As the new year approaches, Ryan plans a special surprise road trip for Taylor and himself.

The O.C. S4E9
Episode 9

The My Two Dads

Newly engaged Seth and Summer both panic about the prospect of being married, but neither will break it off, despite the advice of their friends.

The O.C. S4E10
Episode 10

The French Connection

Taylor's ex-husband, Henri-Michel (HENRI LUBATTI), gets a little too close to home while promoting his erotic memoirs.

The O.C. S4E11
Episode 11

The Dream Lover

Che (recurring guest star CHRIS PRATT) and Seth take a trip to a forest, where Che has a dream and discovers that his spirit might be in love with someone unexpected.

The O.C. S4E12
Episode 12

The Groundhog Day

As the Cohens prepare for Kirsten's 40th birthday party, Kirsten gets some news that will change her life forever.

The O.C. S4E13
Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

As Valentine's Day approaches, Ryan worries that the pressure of the holiday will ruin his relationship with Taylor.

The O.C. S4E14
Episode 14

The Shake Up

Taylor eagerly prepares for her first real birthday celebration, but she frets over the fact that Ryan has still not told her he loves her.

The O.C. S4E15
Episode 15

The Night Moves

In the aftermath of a major earthquake that cuts off power and communication between the Cohens and their loved ones, Seth must take over Ryan's role as the protector when Ryan is injured and the boys are stranded on a deserted road.

The O.C. S4E16
Episode 16

The End's Not Near, It's Here

In the emotional series finale of "The O.C.," Ryan, the Cohens, the Coopers and their friends build new lives, resolve lingering issues, face major decisions and undergo shocking personal transformations.

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