The Odyssey

The Odyssey

The Odyssey - Season 2 Episodes

The Odyssey S2E1
Episode 1

Lands End

In the Downworld, a downhearted Jay spends time in the "bus-cafe" but is soon reunited with Flash and Alpha, as they find themselves on the run again, and find themselves near the lighthouse.

The Odyssey S2E2
Episode 2

To the Lighthouse

In the Downworld, en route to the Lighthouse, Jay and friends are captured by pirates and Flash disappears. In the Upworld Val is forced to go to a lawyer to have Brad declared legally dead, in order to pay for Jay's treatment.

The Odyssey S2E3
Episode 3

Some Place Like Home

In the Upworld, Donna and Keith prepare a birthday party for Jay's deceased father, in order to get a reaction from Jay. In the Downworld, Jay and Medea travel into the Lighthouse to rescue Flash.

The Odyssey S2E4
Episode 4

Whispers Like Thunder

In the Upworld, Jay wakes up which delights his mother, but it's only short-lived. In the Downworld, they're struck by earthquakes until Jay returns in time to find the Brad is turning 16 and leaving this world.

The Odyssey S2E5
Episode 5

The Hall of Darkness

In the Upworld, Val tells Donna she should spend less time with Jay and more time in the real world. In the Downworld, Yudo leads Jay to a school where the records of every person are kept in order to get more info about Jay's father.

The Odyssey S2E6
Episode 6

The Prophecy

In the Upworld, when Keith and Donna research the death of Jay's father, they learn that reports claimed he drowned but he was really a champion swimmer. In the Downworld, Yudo tries to use Jay to bring the "Big People" by putting Jay into a coffin with a window of crystal.

The Odyssey S2E7
Episode 7

The Greatest Show on Earth

In the Downworld, Jay and Flash find themselves in a circus show, run by Baz, a girl who claims to receive orders from "the man".

The Odyssey S2E8
Episode 8

But Where is Here?

In the Upworld, Keith puts up a poster in Jay's room of actress, Sierra Jones, which awakens Jay once again. In the Downworld, when Jay and Flash become lost in a maze of mirrors, Flash must face his inner demons while Jay must choose between both worlds.

The Odyssey S2E9
Episode 9

The Big Picture

In the Upworld, Val protests at the drugs used to sedate Jay as she learns that she must take the insurance company to court over Brad's policy. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Fractal uses a new device to help Jay forget about Brad, but instead it causes a flashback to the day his father drowned.

The Odyssey S2E10
Episode 10

Tick Tock

In the Upworld, Val takes the insurance company to court and must testify that she believes Brad is dead. Meanwhile, in the Downworld when Jay meets the pirates again, they convince him to go inside a giant clock that transports him to a middle-world where his father is alive.

The Odyssey S2E11
Episode 11

Run for Your Life

In the Downworld, Macro sends Finger and his monitors after Jay by turning it into a game show called "Run for Your Life".

The Odyssey S2E12
Episode 12

Who Do You Believe?

In the Downworld, while tracking Brad, Medea, Alpha, Jay & Flash go through the wall to the "adult" side and they are pursued by Iceface, who makes sure that adults stay on their side of the wall. Meanwhile, in the Upworld, Sierra organizes a benefit for Driftwood, and Arthur asks Val to attend as his date.

The Odyssey S2E13
Episode 13

You Decide

In the Upworld, Jay is finally awake and is shocked to find someone in his room that shouldn't be there - his father. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Jay's not there and yet the earthquakes have stopped.

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