The Office (U.K.)

The Office (U.K.)

The Office (U.K.) - Season 1 Episodes

The Office (U.K.) - Season 1

The Office (U.K.) - Season 1

David Brent is a petty, pompous boss who thinks he's the funniest, most popular man in the world. Pedantic and insufferable underling Gareth, Assistant to the Regional Manager, agrees with him. Tim is popular and funny but the joke is on him, as he's stuck in the middle of their little world, a world in which he hates everything except the receptionist, Dawn.

The Office (U.K.) S1E1
Episode 1


Rumors about layoffs, staplers hidden in lemon jelly and grossly inappropriate jokes made by regional manager David Brent are just part of a typical day at the Wernham Hogg Paper Company.

The Office (U.K.) S1E2
Episode 2

Work Experience

When a fake naked photo of David makes its way around the office, work stops completely. Gareth interrogates the usual suspects while David shows yet another new employee around the office, despite Jennifer's hiring freeze.

The Office (U.K.) S1E3
Episode 3

The Quiz

In a stroke of bad luck for Tim, his birthday is the same day as the Wernham Hogg Quiz Night. Despite ruining his plans, he makes the best of it by providing some stiff competition to the reigning quiz champions: David Brent and Chris Finch.

The Office (U.K.) S1E4
Episode 4


Staff training day at Wernham Hogg is going just as one would suspect: the trainer is undermined by David, Dawn and Lee get into a brutal fight and Gareth reveals a dirty secret. However, everything changes when David pulls out a guitar.

The Office (U.K.) S1E5
Episode 5

New Girl

Despite the orders to cut staff, David hires a pretty blonde secretary - because 'he needs one'. Meanwhile, Tim decides to leave Wernham Hogg to go back to school and Gareth's love life gets much more awkward.

The Office (U.K.) S1E6
Episode 6


It's judgement day at Wernham Hogg: employee tension has reached boiling point, Tim is given a unique opportunity and the Slough branch is faced with closure. Despite this, David is as cheery (and offensive) as ever.

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