The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist - Season 1 Episodes

The Philanthropist S1E1
Episode 1

Nigeria Part I

A wealthy philanthropist's life is changed when a hurricane hits the Nigerian town he was visiting. During the storm the billionaire rescues a young boy. These events lead him to pursue his new found passion for helping those in need.

The Philanthropist S1E2
Episode 2


Teddy visits Myanmar on business and meets a young girl in desperate need of help.

The Philanthropist S1E3
Episode 3


Teddy tries to help break up a sex trafficking ring in Paris.

The Philanthropist S1E4
Episode 4

Nigeria Part II

Teddy heads back to Kujama, Nigeria when a friend is kidnapped by a local rebel leader.

The Philanthropist S1E5
Episode 5


Teddy takes his ex-wife on a journey to Kosovo to share a new business venture that touches close to home.

The Philanthropist S1E6
Episode 6

San Diego

When charitable donations in San Diego are fraudulently charged to Teddy Rist's credit card, Teddy and Dax go on a manhunt to search for the identity thief.

The Philanthropist S1E7
Episode 7


Teddy and Philip's college friend, Rhada Shivpuri, asks for their help to delicately negotiate with both the Indian and Pakistani governments.

The Philanthropist S1E8
Episode 8


Teddy has come to the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti with his partner, Philip, to try and solve an almost-hopeless food shortage.

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