The Practice

The Practice

The Practice - Season 7 Episodes

The Practice S7E1
Episode 1


The attorneys prepare for Lindsay’s appeal after she’s sentenced to life in prison; a new attorney, Jamie Stringer, is hired to work at the firm; Berluti is approached by a woman who kidnapped an infant from a hospital many years earlier.

The Practice S7E2
Episode 2


Rebecca appears before the Supreme Judicial Court to argue Lindsay’s appeal; Berluti is guilt-stricken when Bernice White, the woman erroneously accused of kidnapping an infant sixteen years earlier, confesses to the crime.

The Practice S7E3
Episode 3

Of Thee I Sing

The attorneys are leaked a report withheld by the prosecution during Lindsay’s trial; Jamie is humiliated when she defends a flasher.

The Practice S7E4
Episode 4

The Cradle Will Rock

Bobby and Eugene defend a couple accused of killing their son by failing to procure medical treatment for him, which would have violated their religious beliefs. Lindsay returns to the office and decides to start her own practice.

The Practice S7E5
Episode 5

Neighboring Species

Eugene and Berluti clash when the firm defends a stem cell research facility targeted by the city zoning board; Lindsay represents a woman whose daily singing ritual prompted a neighbor to file a nuisance suit.

The Practice S7E6
Episode 6

The Telltale Nation

A man sues a former friend for recommending he seek counseling with a priest…even though the priest was molesting him; Jaymie suspects that a woman who killed her ex-boyfriend in alleged self-defense is, in actuality, a serial-boyfriend-killer.

The Practice S7E7
Episode 7

Small Sacrifices

A judge forces Bobby and Berluti to defend a child molester; Ellenor represents an African-American clergyman whose religion requires the sacrifice of live animals.

The Practice S7E8
Episode 8

Bad to Worse

Eugene and Ellenor grow increasingly frustrated with an airhead client accused of murdering her boyfriend; Lindsay is asked to represent an airline attempting to prohibit Arabs from flying on its planes.

The Practice S7E9
Episode 9

The Good Fight

When Bobby gives a dismal performance defending a man accused of killing an undercover police officer, a concerned Gamble approaches the judge in hopes of having Bobby replaced; Ellenor and Berluti trick Jamie into flirting with a judge.

The Practice S7E10
Episode 10

Silent Partners

As Ellenor and Eugene defend a doctor accused of killing his paramour, Lindsay represents a confessed murderer who offers to reveal information vital to another case in exchange for not going to jail.

The Practice S7E11
Episode 11

Down The Hatch (1)

The attorneys represent a family suing the bottling industry after their son dies of alcoholism; Ellenor convinces a woman on death row not to take her medication in an effort to spare her life on grounds of insanity.

The Practice S7E12
Episode 12

Final Judgment (2)

In a highly unethical move, Bobby threatens to sue the Berrys if they refuse to accept the bottling industry’s settlement figure; Ellenor attempts to keep the state from executing her mentally-ill client after she is given psychiatric medication.

The Practice S7E13
Episode 13

Character Evidence

Berluti helps a woman he’s been attracted to for years after she hits a man with her car; an attorney hopes Lindsay will assist with a lawsuit against a town for sponsoring soccer.

The Practice S7E14
Episode 14

The Making of a Trial Attorney

Bobby seeks financial compensation from the state when a DNA test overturns a client’s murder conviction fifteen years later; Claire’s projectile vomiting threatens to ruin her career as a lawyer; Lucy attempts to get out of serving jury duty.

The Practice S7E15
Episode 15

Choirboys (1)

A man accused of murdering three women threatens Gamble when she aggressively questions him and his mother on the witness stand; Lindsay finds herself clinging to client privilege when a murderer reveals the whereabouts of a young girl’s body.

The Practice S7E16
Episode 16

Special Deliveries (2)

Gamble attempts to bypass the jury’s “not guilty” ruling by having Russell Bakey civilly committed; Lindsay and Bobby realize their relationship is falling apart; Deeks continues approaching Lindsay despite warnings not to.

The Practice S7E17
Episode 17


Ellenor believes an insanity plea is the best bet for a woman charged with killing her brother-in-law; Jamie has personal reasons for representing a rape victim.

The Practice S7E18
Episode 18

Capitol Crimes

The firm fights to prevent the government from seeking the death penalty in a murder case; Bobby is tempted to cheat when his ex-girlfriend gets involved in the case.

The Practice S7E19
Episode 19

Les Is More

A woman with a mental disorder kidnaps CBS president Les Moonves and intends to shoot him with a cannon during her own reality TV show; Lindsay confronts Bobby about the kiss he shared with another woman.

The Practice S7E20
Episode 20

Heroes and Villians

Jamie becomes a witness against an accused rapist whom Eugene is defending; Lindsay turns over privileged information when she suspects a client of murder.

The Practice S7E21
Episode 21

Baby Love (1)

Berluti represents a girl suing over an accident that left her in a wheelchair; Eugene and Jamie find themselves attracted to each other while defending a woman accused of murdering her husband; Lindsay decides she wants a divorce.

The Practice S7E22
Episode 22

Goodbye (2)

Bobby informs his colleagues that he’s quitting the firm; Berluti and Rebecca defend a man accused of murdering his brother’s wife; things heat up between Eugene and Jamie.

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