The Real Ghost Busters

The Real Ghost Busters

The Real Ghost Busters - Season 5 Episodes

The Real Ghost Busters S5E1
Episode 1

Something's Going Around

When the mysterious Doctor McCatheter gives Louis Tully free samples of supernaturally tainted health chips, the Ghostbusters snack their way into a debilitating allergy to ghosts and ghost-fighting equipment!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E2
Episode 2

Three Men and an Egon

Egon accidentally gets caught in the Proton Beams along with a ghost, causing them to exchange aging processes. Egon begins regressing at an alarming rate and the Ghostbusters must reverse the process before he dissappears into nothingness!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E3
Episode 3

Elementary My Dear Winston

The fictional spirits of Sherlock Holmes, his trusted aide Watson, and the nefarious Moriarty materialize in Manhattan. Moriarty begins absorbing evil from various modern-day sources, determined to transform into a real, corporeal villain! Winston soon learns that the game's afoot!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E4
Episode 4

If I Were a Witch Man

The Ghostbusters are called to a small, New England village to exorcise a recently escaped ancient witch, Kestrel. Her intent is to exact revenge on various town descendants, including the Spengler family. Undercover in the local all-girls school, Egon is taken possession of by Kestrel!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E5
Episode 5

Partners in Slime

An overstuffed ghost named Poso wishes to become the ghostfather of all ghosts. He kidnaps Janine and Louis and as ransom for their release, he demands that the Ghostbusters turn over their headquarters and their ghostbusting equipment.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E6
Episode 6

Future Tense

After a successful bust the Ghostbusters are given a television set as thanks, but due to a piece of spectral matter that has become lodged within it, the television reveals alarming visions of the future… including the death of the Ghostbusters!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E7
Episode 7


Due to their egos, the Ghostbusters are tricked into attending separate functions where they are each captured and swept away into the Ghostworld. There, they are subjected to a bizarre trial for their crimes against ghostkind.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E8
Episode 8

The Ghostbusters Live! from Al Capone's Tomb!

Much to his comrades' displeasure Peter sells the Ghostbusters' television rights and telecasts the new show live from Al Capone's tomb in order to stage the fake appearance of his ghost ad midnight. Unfortunately, the real Al Capone shows up, and he's angry.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E9
Episode 9

The Halloween Door

The Chairman of Citizens United Against Halloween, a man named Crowley, wishes to hire the Ghostbusters to assist him in his crusade. When they refuse, Crowley mistakenly opens up the Halloween Door and breaks the underworld's ancient contract of imprisonment! The Ghostbusters must now battle Boogaloo and save the world!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E10
Episode 10


Peter becomes supercharged with extraordinary powers of strength and flight, but his new super powers are not without a price.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E11
Episode 11

Trading Faces

A bullying ghost resembling Slimer escapes from the Ghostworld through an antique mirror, then traps Slimer and Louis in Ghostworld.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E12
Episode 12

Transcendental Tourists

Peter, Winston and Slimer head for Mount Rushmore on a much-anticipated vacation. However, a ghost family on their centennial holiday want the place all to themselves!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E13
Episode 13

Surely You Joust

An ethereal baby dragon draws the Ghostbusters into a real fairy tale, complete with an evil wizard and a climactic duel pitting ancient wizardry against ghostbusting technology!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E14
Episode 14


A witch's lost black cat is found y Slimer and use its powers to grant all of Slimer's fondest wishes, resulting in chaos at the firehouse.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E15
Episode 15

Slimer's Curse

Slimer wins a million dollars in cash on the lottery, but everything Slimer buys with his prize money is cursed!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E16
Episode 16

Til Death Do Us Part

With Janine on vacation, a beautiful temporary secretary, Dixie, is hired as a substitute. Dixie, secretly a ghost, is short on office skills, but her beauty has the Ghostbusters falling over themselves to impress her.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E17
Episode 17

It's About Time

The firehouse, by the Mayor's mandate, must be torn down to make way for an urban renewal project. In the midst of their packing, Peter inadvertently short-circuits a Ghost Trap and catapults them all back to the year 1959!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E18
Episode 18

The Ransom of Greenspud

Three ghosts enter the firehouse intent on releasing their ghostly leader, Spiderlegs, from the Containment Unit. They kidnap Slimer, taking him into their hideout to barter with the Ghostbusters.

The Real Ghost Busters S5E19
Episode 19

Revenge of the Ghostmaster

A very angry Ghostmaster returns to capture the Ghostbusters. The guys find themselves surrounded by a force field wherever they go, a force field that shuts of all energy, including Proton Packs!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E20
Episode 20

Loose Screws

Slimer accidentally breaks one of the Ghost Traps, and rather than confess his mistake, allows the Ghostbusters to take the trap on a job… with scary results!

The Real Ghost Busters S5E21
Episode 21

Slimer Streak

A powerful, high-stakes gambling spirit enjoys toying with the Ghostbusters, trapping them in a steam locomotive at the original New York Penn Station.

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