The Shield

The Shield

The Shield Episodes

The Shield - Season 7

Season 7

The repercussions from the Money Train Heist continue to plague the Mackey family as Vic ignites a war between the Armenian mob and a powerful drug cartel with ties to the Mexican government.

The Shield - Season 6

Season 6

Vic Mackey has vowed to find the killer of one of his own men, Curtis Lemanksy. What Vic doesn't know is that Lem's killer is another member of his own team, and a co-conspirator in Vic's original sin, Detective Shane Vendrell.

The Shield - Season 5

Season 5

As the Strike Team attempts to defuse racial tensions in the neighborhood, friction inside The Barn escalates with the arrival of Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh, an ambitious Internal Affairs officer determined to bring down Vic Mackey.

The Shield - Season 4

Season 4

The Strike Team has been disbanded under an avalanche of corruption charges and Vic's future is in doubt. The election that sends Aceveda from the chaos of the Barn into the politically turbulent waters of City Hall leaves in his place Monica Rawlings, a hardened veteran who is determined to master the assignment.

The Shield - Season 3

Season 3

A rogue cop walking the tightrope between right and wrong, Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) heads a team of detectives battling against gangs and drugs on L.A.'s meanest streets. It's a high-stakes war with rules that are made to be bent, and where the thirst for money and power can only be quenched by corruption and deceit.

The Shield - Season 2

Season 2

Vic declares war on Navaro and Armando Quintero's plan to unite two violent gangs and monopolize cocaine trafficking in Farmington. It's a war that favor casualties over prisoners and one that sends the Strike Team south of the border before exposing them to an Armenian mob's multimillion-dollar money laundering operation. With Claudette investigating his ties to drugs, concealing his illegal schemes is not only critical to saving Vic's job, but to preserving Aceveda's run for City Council.

The Shield - Season 1

Season 1

Breaking the conventions of the cop genre, this popular and critically acclaimed series plays out in the tough, morally ambiguous world of an inner-city Los Angeles police precinct in which the line between good and evil is crossed every day. Michael Chiklis portrays Detective Vic Mackey, leader of the elite Strike Team, an effective but corrupt cop who operates under his own set of rules.

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