The Simpsons Cast


Mark Kirkland Director
Jim Reardon Director
Bob Anderson Director
David Silverman
David Silverman Director
Matthew Nastuk Director
Mike B. Anderson Director
Wesley Archer Director
Nancy Kruse Director
Michael Polcino Director
Rich Moore
Rich Moore Director
Rob Oliver Director
Lance Kramer Director
Chuck Sheetz Director
Jeffrey Lynch Director
Susie Dietter Director
Pete Michels Director
Raymond S. Persi Director
Chris Clements Director
Carlos Baeza Director


Yeardley Smith
Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpsons Cecile Shapiro Pagan Daughter Lisa Jr. 'Share my locker' Eliza Simpson Various Angelica Button Marge's Friend #1 Inanimate carbon rod #2 Dil Surgery Audience Alive Character #2 Maggie Simpson Francine Rhenquist Child at Dentist's Pahasatira Nahasapeemapetilon Lisabello Voice Activated Search Machine Estonian Dwarf as Lisa
Julie Kavner
Julie Kavner Marge Simpson Patty Bouvier Selma Bouvier Others Various Jacqueline Bouvier Jackie Bouvier Bowler #2 Mabel Simpson Pagan Mother Actress as Marge Receptionist Spirit #3 Aunt Gladys Kid #1 Floor Buffer Audience Marge's Grandmother Cartoon Squirrel Zombie DJ #1 Angela Lansburry
Dan Castellaneta
Dan Castellaneta Homer Simpson Barney Gumble Grampa Groundskeeper Willie Mayor Quimby Sideshow Mel Hans Moleman Krusty the Klown Others Krusty Grampa Simpson Krusty the Clown Barney Itchy Willie Homer Squeaky-Voiced Teen Kodos Santa's Little Helper Squeaky Voiced Teen Mr. Teeny Rich Texan Additional Voices Gil Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson Abe Simpson Abraham Simpson Blue-Haired Lawyer Various Scott Christian Bill Cab Driver Quimby Marty Arnie Pie Gary Disco Stu Man in Crowd Homer's Brain Abe Snake Actor Bill Clinton Moleman Worker Groundskeeper Willy Droopy-Voiced Man Suicidal Man Monkey Hitler Chicken Martin's Dad Leprechaun Louie Man #2 Count Dracula TV Voice Reporter Man in Crowd #2 Al Bundy Casting Director Man #1 Arnie Pye Snowball II Charlie Estonian Dwarf Willy John F. Kennedy Brother Of European Judge Poochie Reporter #2 Monkeys Butler Teacher Austin Powers Texan Clown Student #2 Nelson Homer's Brain #1 Child #4 Queen's Butler Kwik-E-Mart Customer Emperor Snooze Bowler #1 Whales Park Groundskeeper Joan Rivers Couch Gag Director Rusty Barnacle Waiter Man at Auction Future Man Man in Audience Toy Story Employee Newshound Hot Dog Vendor Christian Ranger's Assistant Laughing Cop Exec #2 Spirit #4 McGonickle Boy with Frisbee Wolfman Photographer Jub-Jub Dave Shutton King Homer Man in Jury Giant Donut Benjamin Trucker #7 Oompa-Loompa Ice Hockey Host #3 Clown #1 Ren Father #2 Alf Stage Manager Mitch Hippie #3 Burns' Lawyer Writer #3 Player Caller Zombie #5 President "Larry Davies Experience" Guy #2 Shop Owner Man Scared of Boomerang #2 Bill Cosby Vampires Otto Irish Worker Commercial Announcer #1 Reporter #5 Lubchenko Flying Dutchman Waiter #2 Antibody #2 Mouse Homeless Man #1 Multi-Eyed Squirrel Cats Producer Elf Moldy 'William Henry Harrison' Singing Waiters Marlon Brando Impersinator Groom #1 Blue-Haired Laywer Warren Pagan Father Jake Corn Vendor Rook Frenchman Arthur Terrorist Gallagher Ballon Game Man Tooth Decay New York City mailman Homer's Conscience Chinese Principal #2 Rabbit KZNB Announcer Ernest P. Worrell Soldier #2 Guy Incognito Bowler #9 Willie's Friend Patient Joe Quimby Cowboy Block Sailor #2 Man at Science Fair Saxaphonist Genie Trapped Teacher Officer Scraps Hurray for Everything Member City council #3 Realter Lawyer #1 Fan Man Air India Clerk Michael Caine Hiccupping Man Brother #2 Woody Allen Pilot #1 Kabul Restaurant Employee #2 Diner Owner Politcal Analyst Donut Attorney Scratchy Man in Queue Googly-eyed Man Ugolin Oscar the Grouch Inspector Coast Guard Reporter #1 Litterer Fish Allan Thicke Stimpy Busker Yokel Student Homer Glumplet Captain Lance Murdock Priest Drunk Fish #2 "Rip-off!" Sid Man with Big Hand Bishop Viking Squeaky Voiced Teen Owl Conductor Ringo Mafia Clown Tutor Fox Night at the Movies Announcer Tall Car Driver Audience Member #1 Tex NASA Scientist #3 Pyromaniac Krusty's Son Elvis Booing people Weinstein Papparazzo Jeff Costumed Man #1 Rupert Murdoch Man Asking for Marshmallow Squares Fudgula Man Driving Car Garbage Man Barber Tower Guard News Reporter #1 Horse Cab Driver Choreographer Radio Weatherman Larry Ethnic man Actor #2 Space Captain Boxing Commentator Window Cleaner Pepe Johnny Stabbo Dad in Commercial Director Scott Chr Man in Drive-Through German Man Benedict Arnold Trucker #6 Old Yiddisha Guy Ice Cream Man Clown Reggie Mantle Farmer #2 Al Capone St. Peter Mike's Co-Worker Himself Burns' Imaginary Homer Writer #1 Pilot Voice King Zombie #4 Postmaster Bill Driver Ship Captain Man Rolling Dice Government Man #3 Vampire Irish Man Colonel Tex Reporter #4 Flying Dutchman Chef Antibody #1 Subway bum Mountain Goat Hold Music Mrs. Krabappel's Cat Castro Prisoner #2 Edward the Penitent 'Oh, God, Cover Up!' Silas Marlon Brando Grey-haired man Wally Cox Ozzy Osbourne Jack Marley Cop Rolling Stone Lips French President Television Announcer Gabbo Announcer Author Ticket Booth Operator New Hampshire Man Chimp Engineer Soldier #1 Matchgame Announcer Gus Bowler #5 Pasty-faced Lawyer Jockey #5 Sailor Man at Lighthouse Satan Man in Church #1 Genghis Khan Train Announcer North Haverbrook Resident Human Fly City council #1 Raymond Babbitt Lawyer Faceless Man Admissions Officer Springfield Squares Announcer Medic #2 Headmaster Brother #1 Woman Driving Car Pigeon Judge Snyder Dennis Kucinich Policeman Doctor Scrat Man in Line Big Rich Texan Orangutan Inn-Keeper Coach Lincoln Block Fireman Alive Character #4 Steel Mill Worker #1 Hiram Simpson Bus Thief Yoda Homer Clones Cameraman Zutroy President Truman Krusty Komeback Special Announcer Drunk Fish #1 "Marge" Siamese Twins Man who buys newspaper Grampa Abraham Simpson Billy Crystal Video Surgeon Outhouse Guy Lumley Fossil Fuel Man Arnie Gumble Talking Frog Mr. Peabody Audience Myron Charlie Weaver Pyle Krusty's Assistant Elmo Martian Bont Wedding Photographer Panicking Man Jason Costingtons Clerk Runner #2 Man Frosty the Snowman Man Disposing of Nude Photos Gameshow Host Banker Tourist News Director Homer's Sperm Choir Soloist Radio Voice #1 Lance Murdock Ethan Son in Monroe ad Hamster Box Factory Manager Wimbledon Commentator Penetantiary Security Guard Johnny Crazy Old Man Dinner theater Maitre D' Scientist George Washington Robot Ben Franklin Troy McClure Old Man I Can't Believe They Invented It Announcer Clint Eastwood Referee Leopold Farmer Michigan J. Frog Hillbilly #1 Bumblebee Man World Trade Center Worker #3 Pilot #3 Kim Huang Zombie #3 Pork Chop Vendor Dream Grampa Shakespeare Man Reaching for Phone Government Man #2 Usher Cola Scientist #2 Reporter #3 Fleeing Snake Announcer Student #2 Monorail Switchboard Operator #2 Hobo C-3PO Mrs. Gumble Prince #2 Dwight's Partner 'Delivery Man' #2 Man with Glass Pane #1 Grasshopper Raptor Waiter Ozmodiar Jack Barley Construction Manager Rodney Dangerfield Freddy Quimby Teamster Ga-Ga Australian Squeaky-Voiced Teen Three Way Nerd #2 Homer's Brain #2 Child #6 Questo Kwik-E-Mart Customer #1 Employee Gummy Joe Bowler #4 Pastry Chef Jobriath Safe Guard Man at Funeral Man in Audience #2 Gay Man #1 Tractor Newspaper Customer Huck Finn Churchgoer Ray Parker Jr. Launch Host #2 Executioner Adil's Father Springfield Communist Party Recruiter McGonigal Head of NASA British Child Wolves Pierre Curie Judge Delbert Scotty Man in Library Benjamin Franklin TV Anchorman Optometrist Indian #1 Clumsy Student Mover Report Card Leroy Fighter Pilot #1 whilst Parachuting Alfred E. Neuman Stan Hippie Designer Burns's Lawyer Writer Police Voice Camel Zombie Groans President Chimp Drummer "Let's not listen" Shopkeeper Man That Looks Like Pumpkin Billy Otto Meyer Israeli Airline Man Commercial Man #1 Returning Zombie #1 Lugosh Flying Monkeys Arizona Cardinals representative Suit Mouse Juror Test Supervisor Music Store Owner Professor Krusty the Klown Doll Elizabeth Taylor's Agent 'You know?' guy Skeleton Bluella Warrior #2 Paint Shop Clerk James Bond Cosmonaut #1 Rottweillers Man #4 Artie Ziff Man Crashing Car Gambler Bandstand Assembler Tour Bus Driver New York Singer Homer's Doppelgänger Chipwich Salesman Radio News Reporter Lance Murdoc Soldier Hairdresser Bowling Receptionist Payne Crazy Old Guy Santa Dink Scientist #2 Man in Crowd #1 George Burns Barney the Dinosaur Tribesman Old Football Player Hypersugar teen Clay Babcock Red Carpet Announcer Lenin Fantastic Dan Airplane Voice Michael Finn Hillbilly Pilot #2 KBBL DJ #1 Dracula Screamatorium Repair Man Man in Street GOP #2 Uncle Sam Investigative Reporter Cocktail Waiter Little Yakuza Man Fleeing Man Angry Mob Member #2 Stu Hobgoblin Zombie #2 Casino Employee #3 Prince #1 Duff Brewery Clock 'I really wish they wouldn't scream' Man With Exploding Appendix Blue Haired Lawyer W.C. Fields Izzy Conservative Judge Robert Frost Frat #2 Mr. Winfield
Nancy Cartwright
Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson Nelson Muntz Ralph Wiggum Kearney Todd Flanders Others Additional Voices Ralph Bart Nelson Rod Flanders Maggie Simpson Various Database Todd Lewis Kearney Zzyzwicz Miss Springfield Young Bully Boy Maggie Girl Child #5 Twin Boy Ashley Grant Actress Girls Homer's cousin's son Restaurant Waitress Dancing Girl #3 Mother of Krusty's Son Woman in Crowd Junior Camper Selma Through Beer Goggles Donut Woman Boy in Library Stickball Child #2 Fish No Homers Club Leader Photography Club Member #2 Charity Titters Admiral Baby Girl in pool #5 Child in Lisa's Class Various Students Auditioning Woman #2 Gordy Jackington Daughter in Commercial Boy #1 Sisters Elf Bubbles Nelson Munz British Woman Krusty's Assistant Students "Cockamamie's" Salesgirl Germs Radio singing voice Child #3 Tom Gammil Animal Handler Girlfriend in Movie Harry Potter Receptionist Cregg Demon's Son Mother #2 Wendell Borton Jockey #6 Screaming Woman Dolph Boy at Kwik-E-Mart Spuckler Kid Female Scientist Nerd #1 Cashier Girl in pool #4 Paperboy Child in Action-Figure Man Martin Prince Various Kids Auditioning Actress Goldilocks Hurray for Everything Member Rod Mrs. Glick Woman in Line #1 Singing Pahasatira Nahasapeemapetilon Duff Song Bride Kent Brockman's Daughter Student Gerald's Mother Quigley Child #2 Andy's Girlfriend Girl on Gameshow Gravey Chin-Ho Mother Wendell Baby Jaqueline Scientist #2 Dil SNPP employee Exercise Video Girl Nelsoon Moontz Car Model Lassie Actress Girl in pool #2 Pagans' Neighbour's Son Child Malibu Stacy Audience Member #2 Glee Club Singers Hugo Retirement Party Singers Movie voice Woman in Diner #3 Beauty Pageant Entry #1 Juror Sherman Dot Boy scout Kearney's Son Stripper #3 Gavin Old Woman Polly Child #1 Little Dude American Exchange Student Girl on Bus Children in audience Model #2 Warren Auditioning Woman #3 Grandma Flanders Jamshed Scared Girl Dentist #2 Boy #3 Skinner's secretary Esther Nelson Mutz Bumper-Car Victim Krusty's Assistant #2 Teeter Totter Girl 'Bart sucks!' people Pagan Son
Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria Chief Wiggum Moe Szyslak Apu Comic Book Guy Others Cletus Carl Prof. Frink Moe Lou Carl Carlson Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Snake Professor Frink Kirk Van Houten Bumblebee Man Old Jewish Man Wiseguy Superintendent Chalmers Dr. Nick Frink Captain McCallister European Judge #1 Sprooklyn Bum Guy Talking To Krusty Van Krusten Nobel Prize Announcer Easy Reader Roofi Snake Jailbird Chalmers Additional Voices Various The Sea Captain Lenny Duffman Legs Ranger Man Doug Dr. Nick Riviera Security Guard Director Luigi Drederick Tatum Sea Captain Johnny Tightlips Cletus Spuckler Clerk Coach Krupt Manager Coach Roger Meyers Jr. Chief Clancy Wiggum Akira Nick Riviera Mayor Quimby Prison Guard Waiter Chief Wiggum Soldier #2 TV Announcer Luigi Risotto Man #1 Doctor Wedding Usher Superintendant Chalmers Kirk Farmer Chuck Prof. John Frink Pig General Announcer Squeaky-voiced Teen Guard Store Clerk Pilot Officer Lou Delivery Man Scientist #1 Crazy old man Cameraman Pyro Worker Usher Disco Stu Gabbo Gunter Donut Man Attendant Exec #1 Sanjay Man #2 Motorist Humphrey the Talking Camel Costingtons Guy Announcer in Homer's Dream Pele Lawyer Ear Piercer Bum #2 Robbie the Automatom Marge's Assistant Glue Man #2 Clark Gable Stan Taylor 'Me so litigious' John Wayne Diamond Thief Videogame Announcer Baseball Announcer #2 Man Driving Car Formico Casino Minister Seat Filler French Ticket Man Chavez Sid's Partner Mr. Burns Inspector #2 Craig Tow Truck Driver #1 Apu Nahasapeemapetilan Phoney Limo Driver Emergency Announcement Voice Camcorder Salesman Ron Rabinowitz Guess Your Age and Weight Man Clown Bed Strongman Number Two Kang Documentary Narrator Wes Doobner Bernie Public Affairs Spokesman Man in Bar Bob Ranger McFadden Man in Itchy & Scratchy Cartoon Garbage Cutter Captain Snake #2 Mr. Listenforfree Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie Trailer Customer at Car Boot Sale Truck Driver Area 51-A Guard Pimple-faced teen Low Expectations Dating Service Employee Russian Representative Mexicans Hairdresser Comedian Agent Malone OmniGog Man Dr. Julius Hibbert Krusty Burger Representetive drawbridge Guy Yiddisha Guy Bouncer #1 Repo Man Man on Monster Island Geeky-voiced teen Chinese Busboy #2 Spaceman "La-Di-Da" Guard Muslim Jimmy Dean Bitterman UN Man #1 Audience Member #1 Politician in "Hail to the Chimp" Malibu Stacy Executive Father #1 Car Wash Cashier Sarcastic worker Heart Delivery Man Construction Line Workey Taxi Driver Alan Homer's cousin Corey Masterson Thai man Animal Control Man Park Manager Krusty's Attorney Duff Gardens Security #1 Zookeeper Brody McKenna Returning Zombie #2 Man with Letters German Officer Church Security Guard 'Bart sucks!' people Nerd #1 Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo Demon Bank Security Guard #1 Man at Arctic #2 Fleet-A-Pita Chef Carnage Destructicus Screamatorium Operator Sergeant Movie Credit Rapper Ice Gatherer #1 Costumed Man #3 Tim Taylor Pharmacist #1 Leo Edward G. Robinson Robots Marty the Alien Groom Clerk at Gun Store Steel Mill Worker #4 'People Who Look Like Things' Host Norbert 'Zack' Van Houten Bee-Keeper #1 Man Helping Homer #2 Francine's Dad Man in Church #2 Furniture Salesman Smithers Mr. Gammil Interviewer Cruise Line Man #2 Translator Pilot #1 Lord Widebottom Entertainment Newsanchor Camper #1 Royce McCutcheon Merchandiser #3 Guiseppe Coastguard Sulu Adult Class Principal Obengruppenfuhrer Wolfcastle Kermit the Frog Don Vittorio Di Maggio Bill Gates Radio Announcer World Trade Center Worker #2 Bobby Mindich Recreationist Instructor Man in the Iron Mask Gasso Employee #1 Chili Man Mr. Sakamoto Japanese Worker #1 Dancer Asian dentist Player Exec Captor #3 Salesman Mike Happy Little Elves Supt. Ak Teenager Ambulence Driver Parade Santa Krusty Product Driver Zadume Magarabad Bowler #8 Reporter #3 Man on Toilet General Krelm Choc-o-Bot Spirit #2 "She'll want socks, too!" Nahasapeemapetilon Jockey #3 Defendant Usher #2 Backstage Guard Pope's Messenger Fighter Pilot #1 Scalper Moe Syzlak Hobo Control Room Guy #3 Monorail Switchboard Operator #1 House Salesman Costington Announcer #1 PDS Man Bum Robber #2 Marcher Globex Guard Clark Squid 'Love me!' Nick Callahan John Smith '1882' Designated Driver Victor Bartender Producer #5 Man Disposing of Body Foreign Guy on Boat Casino Employee #1 Sea Hugger #1 Free Willy Father Chase Shoe Doctor Mr. Becker Impervo the Painless Cowboy Tour Guide Apu Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Phone Man Librarian Eli Stern VI Cafeteria Worker Ron Mayor Strip Club Announcer Abraham Lincoln Number Fifteen Kabul Restaurant Employee #1 Ben Teamster Psychologist #2 Man in Audience Blackjack Dealer Man in Crowd Garbage Boat Man Snake #1 Mr. LaCoste Israeli Airline Man Cubby Troll Arcade Security #2 Pimple-faced Teen Eugene Fisk Captain McAllister Russian Chess Player Mexican Milhouse Coma patient Agent #3 Dr. Foster Wings Announcer Knight Boat Dr. Zaius Bottomless Boat Ride Guide Repo Depot Proprietor Man on Ham Radio Gay Man #3 Chinese #3 Souvenir Attendant "After Dark" Announcer Mr. Weewee Jimbo's Dad Dealer U.S. Marine Auctioneer Poacher Maitre D' Car Stereo Salesman Sarcastic Clerk Health Insurance Salesman Commercial Doctor Surly Al Gumble Corey Texan Clown Student #1 Andy Warhol Park History Film Narrator Krusty's Assistant Duff Blimp Pilot Zombie Groans Boyfriend in Movie Retirement Castle Worker Man Underneath Rug Georgian Clown Student Springfield Police Department Rescue Phone "Uh, in episode..." Naval Recruiter Joey Delivery Man #3 Bailiff Priest Man #3 Fleeing Man Scientist #3 Homeless Man #2 Movementerians Lawyer I believe I'll vote for a third party candidate" Costumed Man #2 Third Man Anti-theft Computer PFK Eddie Robot #1 Marshall Goldman Government Man #1 Steel Mill Worker #3 'Not a Doctor' Johnny D Voting Machine Bashir's Father Man Giving Eulogy Fourth Reich Man Cerk Man in Church Cherry Picker Guy Small Robot Mr. Costington Intern Cregg Demon Train Engineer Linguo Englishman Camp Policeman Roy Meganaut Guidopolis Cashier Sub Delivery Man Oakley Kennedy Dolph's Dad Widelife Preserve Representative Bigger Brothers Commercial Voice-Over Race Banyon Worker #1 Bobby Record Man Man in Malibu Stacy Division Gary Chalmers Mr. Mitchell Japanese representative Dad at Science Fair Trucker #4 Arthur Crandall Plastic Surgeon Evil French Guy Captor #1 Sailor #1 Michael Hans Superintendent Gary Chalmers Airplane Pilot Orthobot Prime Alligator Pachinko Machine Voice Krusty Komeback Special Director Zachary Vaughn Bowler #12 Reporter #2 Man on Street Chinese Principal #1 Special Report Announcer "Me Wantee" Announcer N'gungo Jockey #1 Death Count Presenter Usher #1 Award Show Host Pope FBI Man #2 Satan Hillbilly #2 Control Room Guy #1 Teen House of Evil Owner Costa Rican The Mummy Patrolman #1 Larry the Bus Driver Bruno Dundridge Ringmaster Glen Cinema Clerk 'Landing Strip' announcer New Hampshirian Clown Student John S. Derby Announcer #2 Vet Bart's Sprayed Voice Producer #4 Man Below Balcony Football Player Cashier Mongolian representative Charlie Sherpa #2 Movie Villain Iggy Wiggum Tooth Chipper Operator Phineas Q. Butterfat Leprechaun Elf Burly Roger Meyers Story Narrator Mathemagician Nuclear Response #1 Julio DJ 3000 Wax Museum Worker Bellhop Professor¨Frink Man in Audience #3 Frat Boy #1 Randy Man in Crowd #1 Gangsta Chief on "Police Cops" Mr. Johnson IRS Guy Crying Man Tribal Leader Arboretum Employee Escape from Death Row Character Captain Kirk Runner #1 Mesmirino Guy in Flash Mob Colonel Agent #1 Khlav Kalesh Guy Window Pane Man Blackbeard Kliff Dr. Wolff Yale Admissions Man Boss Repo Depo Distraction Man Man Looking to Buy House Gator McCall Chinese #2 Soul Mass Transit System Host Mr. T Jetskier #2 David TV Repair Man Plumber Magician Eyepatch Man Car Salesman Santa Claus Military Men Head of Crazy Clown Airlines Commander Surgery Audience Al Cool Kid Terrorist Amos Park Announcer Krusty's Assistant #1 Drunk Zombie DJ #2 Boy Who Works at the Library Restaurant Patron Man Talking to Leonard Nimoy George Christopher Springfield of Tomorrow Narrator "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Nash Castor Joe Laboot Vampires Bag Boy #2 President Nicholas Sarkozy Fireman Homeless Man Secret Service Man #2 Mousepad Hurray for Everything Member Costingtons Manager Annual Gift Man Penny Farthing Cyclist Bumblebbe Man Robot Marge's Fantasy Man GOP Man Cleanup Guy Steel Mill Worker #2 'More tomato?' Johnny Ding-Dong Virus Baseball Game Announcer Man from the White House Fort Sensible Actor Castro's Associates Man in Burning Building Cheering croud Singer Mr. Cleanser Insurance Company Man Tow Truck Driver #2 Photographer Ling-chow Employee with Shotgun Mechanic Guide Student #1 Nurse KBBL Psychic Doll Repairman Whipping Man Bestimus Mucho Dr. Kaufmann Bob Hope Raphael Man in Long Car Garbage Man Mr. McGreg Jamie Killday Cyborgonizer Arnold Pin Vendor Everyman Safety Attendant Meyer Haiti Veteran Comic Book Agent Miller Original Rhett Alive Character #1 P.A. in Wagon Krusty Komeback Special Assistant Yo Yo Ma Bouncer #3 Reporter #1 Man on Sidewalk Gelatin Man Chinese Man Spanish Car Wash Attendant "Larry Davies Experience" Guy #3 Mustached Man Jock #1 Dean Peterson Australian with Spoon Pool Salesman Malibu Stacy Phoneline Father in Monroe ad Caricaturist Sardonicus Moe Howard Helicopter Pilot Construction Worker Tea-Drinking Man Homer's organizer Cornelius Talmidge The Leader Animal Shop Clerk Parole Board Officer Kumatsu Motors Man Duff Man Zorro Bruno Drondrick Ricardo Bomba Man with Neck Damage Ghanaian Chaffeur Cigarette Man Spy 'Delivery Man' #1 Nerdlinger John Hancock Deprogrammer Bar Employee Prisoner #1 Man at Kwik-E-Mart Flying Dutchman Waiter #1 Carstairs Money Changer Sex Toy Movie Usher Ice Hockey Host #1 Court Show Announcer Tom Turkey Phil Leon Kompowski Burlesque Show Director Marv Groom #2 Steve Mobs 'ZZ Top' Rabbi Nuclear Power Heckler #1 Joke Shop Clerk Wax Lips Spokesman Beer Vendor Man in Audience #1 Frank Grimes Radio Voice #2 Man in Commercial Smokey the Bear Robot Mr. Johannson Investo the Robot Crusher Trapped Teacher #1 Apu's Relative Pilot #2 Ernst Captain Rudy Mesmerino Collector Sun Aeroplane Mechanic Officer Khlau Kalesh Salesman Willie's Father Bill Watson Kitenge Writer #1 Boomerang Man Red Tick Beer Man Man Looking at Homer #2 Gatekeeper Chimp #2 Soldier#1 Mr. Sulu Jeopardy Judge Dave TV Chief Plow Salesman Car Milhouse Van Houten Hare Krishna Guy Comic Book Store Guy Surgeon Convict Teenager boy Amish Man Paramedic Krusty the Clown 20th Anniversary Show Announcer Drug Lord Zombie #1 Box Office Clerk Representetive Man Selling Malibu Stacey Generation X Kid Christian Sportacus Clerk "Springfield Squares" Announcer Narrator Jody Delivery Boy Valet Bag Boy #1 Potential Elephant Buyer Schlomo's Dad Moe Szylsak Holo-gram Man
Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer Ned Flanders Kent Brockman Principal Skinner Dr. Hibbert Waylon Smithers Montgomery Burns Others Lenny Rev. Lovejoy Mr. Burns Rainer Wolfcastle Smithers Otto Jasper Reverend Lovejoy Lenny Leonard Skinner Scratchy Announcer Principal Seymour Skinner Eddie Captain McAllister Hibbert Kang Mr. Largo Louie Dr. Marvin Monroe Burns TV Announcer Ranier Wolfcastle Judge Snyder Reverand Lovejoy Various Seymour Skinner Additional Voices Marty Judge Jasper Beardly Otto Mann Herman McBain Ned Shakespeare Announcer Guard Bill Richard Nixon Rainier Wolfcastle European Judge #2 Dutch Policeman Lou Pilot Reverend Timothy Lovejoy Benjamin Dave Shutton Evil Laugh Charles Montgomery Burns Man #1 Guard #1 Director Man #2 Sportscaster Inspector Exec Security Guard Officer Eddie Robot #2 George Bush Dr. Julius Hibbert Largo Recording Studio Technician Comedian Paul Harvey Bob Dole Ronald Reagan Bartender Sanjay Guard #2 Maggie Man Clerk Guide Doctor Sailor God Carl Birch Barlow Hitler Reporter #1 Man in Movie Radio DJ George H. W. Bush Narrator Principal Dondelinger Soldier #1 Nuclear Response #2 Cop United States Representative Public Service Announcement Lovejoy Attorney Mr. Blackheart Gummi Venus de Milo Spokesman Cesar Thousand Dollar Movie' Announcer Phil Angelides Documentation voice Admiral Man Looking at Homer #1 Frogs Bodyguard #1 Man with Glass Pane #2 Gaylord Q. Kinckledink Bowler #7 Steve Orientation Film Narrator Japanese Worker #2 Criminal #1 Vulture Radio Voice #3 Mall Announcer Father #2 Averil Ward Show Guy Headbutt Announcer Chef Total Disaster Insurance Man Police Dispatch King Arthur Dr. Hibert Air Force Captain Robber #1 Ambassador Roscoe Marvin the Martian George Meaney Burt Ward Surly Jeckle David Letterman William Milo "Guinnes" Announcer Ranger Flanders Baseball Announcer National Guard Hippie #2 Clash Train Driver President Schwarzenegger Kwik-E-Mart Official #1 Announcer #1 Santa Class Teacher Miss Piggy Godfrey Jones Teamster Park Announcer Jockey #2 Derek Smalls World Trade Center Worker #1 'Why am I so fat!' Reporter Man driving truck Fort Sensible Security Man Bee Guard #3 Snorky Ned's Father Hugh Jass Cola Scientist #1 True Atkins Ice Hockey Host #2 Commercial Man #2 TV Voice-Over Prof. Frink Eugene Fisk's Father Aristocratic Man Movie Cop Guidance Counselor Casino Employee #2 The House Peking Duck Man Judge Roy Snyder Discount Lion Safari Worker Zombie Groans Man in Crowd #2 Fred Rogers Blockoland Announcer Sperm Bank Employee Newsreel Narrator Bouncer #2 Stage Manager Itchy & Scratchy Disclaimer Costume Man Radio Announcer Mail Carrier #1 Farmer #1 Audience Member #1 Happiest Man in Springfield Chapel Reverend Toad-Man Dr Hibbert Agent Man Outside Kwik-E-Mart Gabbo's Vin Scully Impression Manager Bumper Car Announcer Superintendant Chalmers Cucumber Warrior #1 "Bloodening" Announcer Mall Show Announcer Father at Museum Bailiff Sketch Artist Chinese Busboy #1 Tow Truck Driver #3 Porter Krusty Souvenirs Salesman Al Gore Duff Gardens Security #2 Angry Mob Member #1 Russian Officer Gilbot Candy Con Announcer Taffy Guy Owner Jetskier #1 Demolition Man #1 Wolfguy Jack "Homer Simpson" Man at Arctic #1 Football Player Baseball Commentator Ned Fladers Hobo Clifford Burns Trucker #1 Prin. Skinner TV Anchorman Principle Seymour Skinner Lincoln Elf Announcer for Dole Scarlet Pimpernel Graduating Clown Student Captor #2 Telegram Man John Travolta Diablo Writer #2 Abraham Lincoln Robot Reporter #4 Man in "Twin Peaks" Frankenstein's Monster Soldier Network Executive #2 Hunter Thompson Sports Commentator Nuclear Power Heckler #2 Indian #2 Control Room Guy #2 Uncle Pennybags Psychiatrist Ex-con Salesman Assistant Director Second Director Mr. Black Gum Disease Cecil Thou$and Dollar Movie Announcer Phil Doctor Hibbert Man in Second Crowd Fritz Man Sweeping Store Gary Bowler #6 Steel Drum Player Orderly Jack Nicholson Crew Chief Voice in Monroe ad Radio Voice #1 Father #1 Autodrive Sherpa #1 Head of Malibu Stacy Division Cheesy McMayor Tony Awards Announcer Plastic Surgeon King Agent Wessom Allen George H.W. Bush Burt Reynolds Surley Joe Jebediah Springfield Whiner #3 "Frutopia" Announcer NASA Technician City council #2 Train Conductor President and C&E of Kwik-E-Mart Kwik-E-Mart Customer #2 Merchandiser #2 TD Parasite Jim Wallace Dennis Conroy Worker #2 'Loaftime' announcer Repo Man #2 Man Chewing Tobacco Forklift Operator Beauty Pageant Man Sneed Ned's Dad Homer's Guardian Angel Cohen Trucker #8 Ice Hockey Announcer Commercial Announcer TV Professor Producer #3 Lorne Michaels Ernst Arcade Security #1 Movie Announcer Carl Carlson The Headless Breakman Peanut Factory Employee Disclaimer Yuppie at Moe's Adam West Man in Crowd #1 Fred Bleeding Gums Murphy Spanish stadium announcer News Reporter #2 Bort #2 Stadium announcer Officer #2 Israeli Airline Man Cosmonaut #2 Vampires Q'Toktok Fan #2 Audience Senator Whinergirl Mr. Bouvier Hans Moleman Chairman Tiny Man Picture Perfect Guy Kearney's Dad Donut Judge Adolf Hitler Reverend LovejoyNurns Man on Video G.I. Joe Robot #1 Man with Spoon British Designer Suicycle Announcer Orville Croupier Warden Raine Mall Security Guard Father at Beach Babe Ruth Singing Waiters Musketeer Henry Kissinger Chimpanzee #1 Tour Guide Pope Krusty Burger Customer Dr. J. Loren Pryor Airport Escort Lanley Institute Commercial Voice-Over Dubbed Rhett Andre Russian Clown Student Mate Gig Announcer Cameraman T-Shirts Clerk Otto's Dad Jerry Decloration of Independance Signer #2 Wino Executive "Highly Unorthodox" senator Recording Engineer Football Announcer Smilin' Joe Fission Hobgoblin Truck Driver Prime Minister Andy Colonel Burns TV Advertisment Voice Eleven O'Clock Announcer Satan Monstromart Announcer Goon Captain of immigrant ship Ted Paul John Smith #1 Dewey Largo . Lenny Leonard Reporter #2 Man hit by bowling ball Fox Censor Ben Announcer Snyder Neil Armstrongs Aide Humungous Nuclear Physics Professor Incredible Hulk Hands Computer UN Man #1 Promo Guy Army Scientist Sebastian Cobb Movie President Catholic Announcer Thomas Edison Persuasive Man Man in Pool Frenchman Boatman Spirit #5 Garth Tralawney Bowler #11 Star Trek Announcer Olympics Commentator #1 J.P. Crazy Vaclav Voice in Homer's Noble Prize Image Radio Voice Mail Carrier #3 Father Auditioning Man Sheldon Skinner Harv Bannister Tom Brokaw Planner Kevin Costner Agent Johnson Ricardo Montalban Man Scared of Boomerang # 1 Alive Character #3 Rock Bottom Disclaimer Marge's Dad Burns' Grandfather Surgeon Darwin "Dracula Got His Groove" Announcer Fighter Pilot #2 Barker Ski-lift Operator NASA Scientist #1 City council #1 Train President Krusty's Chef Dr. Koop Lee Marvin Eagle Animator Medic #1 Captain Kirk Tattoo Guy Paramedic Jim Belushi Demonstrator Worker 'Bart sucks!' people Regular Teacher Man Buying Tickets Foreman Beatnik Smithers Senior Homer #2 Clown Show Announcer Trucker #5 Ice Gatherer #2 TV Commercial Voice Producer #1 Locker Room Guard Englishman Appraiser Scrarchy Morgue Tech Tentacle Pawnbroker Johnny Carson YMCA Man Actor #1 Retirement Party Usher Man in Church #3 Frankie the Squealer Soldier #3 News Reporter Bodyguard #2 St. Peter Officer #1 Interviewer Cornelius Chapman Uter's Dad Pushy New Yorker Maestro Factory Guard Auctioneer Security Man Mr. Boswell Gunter Chain Boss Ticket-taker Phil the Alien KBBL DJ #2 Doggy Doorman Reverend Lovejoy. Man on TV Future Cinema Attendee Man with Quarters George Boxing announcer Strom Thurmond Orphanage Director Jason Vorhees Criminal #2 Waiter Radioactive Man Mall Guard Father #3 Award Announcer Sideshow Raheem Mr. Prince Heckle Toucan Political Ad Announcer King David Dr. J Loren Pryor Air-traffic Control Robby Shankar Dr. Zitofsky Amithers Russian Masai Chief German Buzz Cola Commercial T-Shirt Vendor Jeeves Dean Willie's Dad "Hey, get that truck out of here!" Focus Group Guy Baseball Announcer #1 Smash Nature Documentary Narrator Trent Steele Pricipal Skinner Lance Kaufman Tuxedo Man El Preidente Announcer #2 Santa Clause Manager MoneyBank Creditor Gomer Captain McAllisters Tech Parole Judge Jockey #4 Wrestling Emcee Man Helping Homer #1 FOX Announcer Bee Keeper #2 SNPP supervisor Neil Armstrong Human Fly Colonel Nigel Inaugurator Commercial Voice-Over TV Warning Professor Taylor Loudspeaker Announcer in Shop Armin Tamzarian Sea Captain Movie guy Guidance Counselor McIntyre Casino Employee #4 Thief Penny Dockmaster Zookeeper Fred Thompson Boat rental clerk Spike Lee Game Announcer Bowler #10 Stan Old Sheep J. Loren Pryor Crazy guy Virgil Mail Carrier #2 Fashion Show Announcer Audience Member #2 Hare Krishna Charles Larson Tom Pimento Grove Emcee Dr. Gonzo Agent #2 Reynolds Man Rocking Homer Alien Robot #3 Mapple Store Announcer Superintendent Chalmers Jasper Beardley Curlys "Dash Dingo" Narrator FBI Man #1 Bank Owner Ski Instructor Christian School Teacher Track Announcer Prehistoric Creature Krusty the Clown Show Disclaimer Leaf Burner Animation Awards Announcer S.W.A.T. Team Member Glue Man #1 Captain Talking dog Pagans' Neighbour Jim Demolition Man #2 Woody Allen "We're Free" Red Man at Party Football Team Member Bear Remover Homeless Man Clown #2 Trucker #3 Comic Book Guy Prison Warden Lizard Emcee Application Reviewer #1 Scientist Card Guy Teller Pauly Shore Dinner Theater Chef X-Ray Inspector Action News Announcer Retirement Home Employee Man in Audience #4 Frankie News announcer Husband
Tress MacNeille
Tress MacNeille Agnes Skinner Others Dolph Jimbo Jones Various Bernice Hibbert Woman Nurse Additional Voices Agnes Lunchlady Doris Socialite Lindsey Naegle Brandine Lindsay Neagle Cookie Kwan Manjula Mrs. Skinner Mrs. Muntz Crazy Cat Lady Librarian Opal Lindsey Brandie Spuckler Various Kids Cat Lady Teacher Lindsay Naegle Ticket Lady Lewis Mrs. Glick Mother Cienega New York Woman Aide W. Spuckler Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon Brandine Spuckler Medicine Woman Barbara Producer Violet Lady #1 Adil Hoxha Carjacker Sophie's Mom Gwen the waitress Hippie Chick #1 Monster Kid Reporter #2 Emma Wife Airport Announcer Child #2 Stripper #1 Terri Instructor Movie Lady Bodhi Rosie O'Donnell Fan #3 Woman driving car Angelica P.E. Teacher Photographer Cuban Vendor Boy Tour Guide Jonah 'Lady, you don't know Dylan' Scottish Nurse Garter lady Yale Admissions Woman Aristocratic Woman Bad Girls Poor Violet Delivery Woman Kim Actress Nelson's Mother Bushwell Sisters Gloria Allred Mindy Batter Quoter Waitress Lady Trucker Old Lady Squishee Lady Helen Thomas Homer's cousin's wife Mother #1 Bigger Brothers Employee Revival Announcer Evil Queen Witch Amber Orphan Clarice Cosine Jill St. John "Don't be a stranger" Mrs. Bloominstein Boy Sarah Female Employee Woman Partner Lisa Ling Anne Heche Pepi Pigs Dancing Girl #4 Valerie Julie-X Brandine Del Roy Sgt. Crew Ginormous Pictures Studio Chief #1 Madam Audience Member #2 Maya Bank Teller Princess Wilhemedia of Prussia Disgusted Lady Vicki Valentine Lady Additonal Voices Newsboy C.R.I.E. Woman Gwen Mom Record Lady Elevator Voice Whiner #2 Airline Ticket Agent Oompa-Loompa Cheering croud Stephanie Hippie #1 Telephone Operator I Don't Like Anything Woman Mother Superior Bo Peep Rome-O Fan #1's Mother Woman at Party Angela Dare Owner Continuity Woman Phone Lady Cuban Airport Woman 'He's got a gun!' Boy with braces Scientist #2 Francine's Mom Writer #4 Lunch Lady Doris Appraiser Bacardu Girl Plopper Debutante's Mother Karen 911 Operator Nelson's Mom Bride Showgirl Glee Club Singers Majula Mimi Bashir Queen Elizabeth II Lady on Tour Bus Carol Jones Spud Gypsy Holly Hippie Bigger Brothers Commercial Child Republican Official Evelyn Peters Linda van Schoonhoven Optometrist Swiss Representative The Mummy's Wife Jenda "Bye, bye Moe" Mrs. Babcock Book Seller Samantha Female Circuit Circus Employee Woman in Hospital Ann Landers Peggy Bundy Cora Dame Judith Underdunk Uhura Julie 'Omigod, this family is undecided, undecided!' Mrs. Simpson Sepulveda Gino Terwilliger Mad Magazine Secretary Audience Martha Ballerina Princess Tempura Devon Velma L.A. Body Works Woman C.J. Grandma Model #1 Belle Real Housewife #2 Driver Wharton Lady Lawyer #2 Omni lady Chat Show Host Starr Hillary Clinton Teenager girl Hot Woman Mother At Farm Bo Derek Robin Hannah Fan #1 Anesthetist Clerk Phillips Creative Arts Emmys Presenter Tipsy-Wheel Woman "No, One!" Boy in Blockoland Commercial Scientist #1 Flight Attendant Writer #2 Lucy Anthem Singer Baby-proofer Dating Service Clerk June Bellamy Mum Sherri Girl in pool #1 Maid Barbara Bush Producer #2 Lady in Audience Nurse #1 Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Springfield Shopper Receptionist Hippie Chick #2 Monster Teacher Betsy Reporter #3 Ethnic Woman Willie's mom Linda Alien Peggy Operator Churchgoer Suicide Hotline Voice The Answer Narrator Intercom Nurse Movie Woman Booing people Saleswoman Femal Student Woman in Audience #1 Anime Kid Paris Texan Phyllis Diller Dalia Brinkley TV Executive Joyce 'Beer good' Sea Hugger #2 Gheet Asian Woman Bailiff Princess Diana Dentist #1 Various Students Kumiko Network Lady Businesswoman Slimu Host GPS Miss Pommelhorst Rapunzel Water Girl Laughing Witch Attration Old Woman Catlady Stacy Herstory Narrator Horrified lady Black Woman Richie Rich Exec Amy Orphanage Woman Cleo Tintin "Men" Mrs. Bunyan Boy at Beach Scarlett Female Guide Woman with baby Louie's Aunt Announcer #2 Pharmacist #2 Plaintiff Daphne Beaumont Jump Rope Girl #1 Ms. Albright Shauna Girl Madison McKenna Audrey McConnell
Pamela Hayden
Pamela Hayden Milhouse van Houten Others Rod Flanders Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse Jimbo Jones Jimbo Janey Boy Additional Voices Sarah Wiggum Child #1 Ham Various Janey Powell Patches Actress Woman Paying for Plow Service Brittany Kid Son #2 Girl #3 Nerd #2 Olympics Commentator #2 Lady 911 Operator Sunday School Teacher Janey Hagstrom Real Housewife #1 Dentist's assistant Marge's Friend #2 Todd Flanders "Lisa" Email Wendell Angelique Woman in Diner #4 BartChat Girl Jump Rope Girl #2 Scottish Woman Gary the Unicorn Nurse Youth Centre Woman Campaign Worker #1 Kwik-E-Mart Customer Stickball Child #1 Girl in pool #6 Pahusacheta Children in audience Lewis Television Aerobics Instructor Irene Ryan Richard Dolph Martin Prince Various Students Au Pair Joan Rivers Santa Clause Woman Female Officer Woman in Casino Woman Lenny Shaves Boy with Howie Kevin the Blind Boy Son #1 Girl #1 Mumsie Burns Old Woman Child Lady Students Gypsy Pumpkin Dance Woman Dancing Girl #1 Mama Tobias E-Mail Milhoose Van Hooten Air Hostess Woman in Diner #1 Barney's Girlfriend Jumbo Saultery Stevens Fish Nureen Worm-eating boy Buxom Coed Krusty's Fan Sperm Bank Receptionist Girl #6 Child at Science Fair Lesbian Tattoo Annie International Operator Jeremiah Reporter #3 Argentinian representative Jimbo Jr. Santa Clause Girl Ethan Foley Woman in Audience #2 Woman in Line #2 KBBL Jingle Singers Smithers' Ex-Wife Girl Mrs McFearley Nursery Nun Celeste Lady #2 Stripper #2 Guest Princess Opal the Psychic Contessa Luanne Van Houten Tobey Hunter Dracula's Wife Merchandiser #1 Weeping Widow Woman in Crowd Audience Member #3 Judge First Bully Woman Rocking Homer Krusty's Assistant Son Girl #4 Newly-Married Woman Operator Child #2 Laurie Svetlana Howie's mother Receptionist Diner Waitress Martin Twin Girl Anya Emily Robison Woman Woman in Gentle Ben Audience #2 Billy Justin Sisters Ginger Mother Nurse #2 Casting Woman Kwik-E-Mart Official #2 Stickball Child #3 Girls Chimp Nurse Lizzie Bordon Titania Jane Rod Donnie Maya Angelou Waitress Woman in Church Audience Joy Female Pin Vendor
Karl Wiedergott Additional Voices Various Others Additional Bill Clinton Various Roles John Travolta Jetskier #3 Writer #1 Chinese Man Prisoners Robot 'In a soup, you can boil it' Lead Guitarist Cruise Line Man #1 SNPP Security Guard Man with Pitchfork Former Studio Head Grass Power Man Two-Hook Handed Man MRI Technician Hosey the Bear Wardrobe Manager Burns' First Cellmate Pilot #2 John Harris Zookeeper Constable Repo Man #1 Secret Service Man #1 Mall Guy Don Rickles Gay Man #4 Telemarketer #1 Archie Mexicans Head #2 Boy #1 Jesse Woody Allen Cecil Hampstead-on-Cecil Cecil Prison Guard Rick James "I'm Afraid" Lawyer Crowd Sexy Frink Man with Check Fan #2 GOP #3 Tux Guy Baron Mr. Rogers Home Plate Vincent Price Bum Pilot #1 Jimmy Carter Zombie Nurse Commisioner Etieme Ducharme Puppet's Man Screaming Man Male Student Director Gay Man #2 Spooked Soldier Master of Ceremonies Guy at the Airport Valet Billy Carter Ned Flanders Israeli Gunman Wind Chimes Man Candidates Politician in a Think Tank Rick "How dare you!" Kid #3 Crane Operator Sergeant Man in Audience False Atkins GOP #1 Traffic announcer Bank Security Guard #2 Mr. Monopoly Hockey Player Bum #1 Pawn Writer #3 Circuit Circus Employee Psychologist #1 Ryan Lief 'You're being paid to clean the gutters' Legs Delivery Guy French Rock Singer Soldier #2 Marvin Groundhog Umpire Muntu Huckleberry Hound Whiner #1 Caleb Pilot Cook Reporter #1 Security Guard Man #1 Drummer Gay Man Third Grade Actor Attendant Military Men High School Student Boy #2 Parrot
Maggie Roswell Helen Lovejoy Maude Flanders Others Miss Hoover Luann Van Houten Various Additional Voices Fan #1 Luanne Van Houten Nurse Ruth Powers Librarian Strawberry Child #4 Monorail Cafe Employee KBBL Boss Maude Flanders Ticket Booth Lady Costingtons Woman Mrs. Spencer Abbey Woman at Observatory Employee Queen Elizabeth Application Reviewer #2 Martha's Girlfriend Woman Looking to Buy House Fish Gloria S. School Nurse Camper #2 Itchy & Scratchy End Credits Tar Pit Information Speaker Churchgoer Mother #1 'I'd be terribly embarrased if I were that boy's mother' Lewis Uter's Mom Department of Labor Agent Ned Flander's Scream Photography Club Member #1 Mail Lady Woman in Crowd Girl #2 Reporter Bort #1's Mother Singing Waiters Child #3 Mona Simpson Jury Member Three Stooges Actress Computer Mrs. Phillips Wolfman's Wife Ellen DeGeneres Protesting Woman Anti-Fur Protesters Martha Quimby Woman in Restaurant Fergie Girl in pool #3 Saleswoman Building Owner Inspector #1 Sylvia Winfield Child Care Woman #2 Mother "Lies" Lady Tour guide Daughter NASA Scientist #2 Peggy Bundy Woman in Class Estelle Girl Receptionist Auditioning Woman #1 Shary Bobbins Cashier Miss Tillingham Judge Telemarketer #2 Commercial Actress Mother in Monroe ad 'It's True' Woman Luan Van Houten Warren Dorothy Princess Kashmir Answering Machine Marge's Friend Woman in Gentle Ben Audience #1 Fe-Mail-Man Girl #7 Boy #2 Inhaler Doctor Sunday School Teacher Child Care Woman #1 Monorail Voice Kitty Carlisle Ticket Lady Dancing Girl #2 Ms. Hoover Pagans' Neighbour's Wife Abbey's Sister Woman at Science Fair Escort Free Willy Mother Quimby's Wife Ashley Grant Mary Bailey Woman on Chat Show Guest Screaming Woman Canadian Wife Jimmy Stewart's Daughter Teacher Comic Book Lady Mother #2 'Come to my birthday party' Dermatologist Power Plant Voice Agnes Skinner Malibu Stacy Tour Guide Woman in Diner #2 Farrah Fawcett-Majors-O'Neal-Varney Girl #5 Richard Bowler #3
Marcia Wallace
Marcia Wallace Edna Krabappel Mrs. Krabappel Cat Lady Mrs. Krabapple Spirit #1 Reporter Woman in Bar Crowd Others Edna Kranappel Various
Russi Taylor
Russi Taylor Martin Prince Others Sherri Terri Martin Üter Various Additional Voices Wendell Uter Boy Loni Anderson Various Students Mrs. Winfield Son Ian Wendell Borton Sherry Billie Sushi Lewis Mrs. Prince Quimby's Mistress Sisters Girls Terry Orphan Allison Students Janey Woman on Parole Board Phone Voice Sidney Swift Fish Nun Spirit #6 Inanimate carbon rod #1 Woman in Club Shirley Temple
Phil Hartman
Phil Hartman Troy McClure Lionel Hutz Plato Tuesday Night Live Announcer Bill Clinton Heavenly Voice Lyle Lanley Tom Commercial Announcer #2 Others Football Commentator Lyle Lanely Stockbroker Charlton Heston Nelson's Dad Evan Conover Review Board Member Cable Guy Horst Moses Duff Gardens Commercial Voice-Over
Ed Roboto
Ed Roboto Principal Skinner Ned Flanders Lenny Leonard Kent Brockman Reverend Lovejoy Mr. Burns Kang Jasper Beardly Otto Skinner Fruit Bat Man Military Men Various Montgomery Burns Seymour Skinner Dr. Hibbert Wind Power Man Master Narrator Rainier Wolfcastle Tic-Tac-Toe Narrator Otto Mann Scratchy Dewey Largo Waylon Smithers Mr. Largo Smithers Clifford Burns
Pamela Hayden
Pamela Hayden Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse Jimbo Jones Rod Flanders Jimbo Others Child Care Woman #2 Various Kids Bort #1 Sarah Wiggum Babe Krusty's Secreatary Woman at Strip Club
Joe Mantegna
Joe Mantegna Fat Tony Fit
Doris Grau Lunchlady Doris Ice-Cream Lady Various Della Roxie Complaints Booth Clerk Receptionist Waitress Lurleen Lumpkin
Frank Welker
Frank Welker Santa's Little Helper Buffalo Monkey The Gremlin African Animals Executive Vice-President Princess Werewolf Flanders Barnyard Animals Mean Zoo Animals Dolphin vocal effects Parrot Various animals Badger Lord Nibbler Cougar other animals Tough Street Dog Baboons Laddie Puppies
Maurice LaMarche
Maurice LaMarche Morbo William Shatner Chinese #1 Hedonismbot Recruiter #2 Admiral Crunchy Commander McBragg Marlon Brando Various Chef Naziwa George C. Scott Orson Welles Additional Voices City Inspector Leprechaun Cap'n Crunch Fox announcer Oktoberfest Man Chinese #4 Jock #2 Screaming Cop Anthony Hopkins Eudora Welty
Chris Edgerly
Chris Edgerly Customer Various Voices


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