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The Simpsons - Season 22 Episodes

The Simpsons - Season 22

The Simpsons - Season 22

The Simpsons' twenty-second season began airing on Fox on September 26, 2010 and ended on May 22, 2011. The Simpsons was renewed for at least two additional seasons during the twentieth season leading up to this season. The cast is currently signed through the 25th season. On November 11, 2010, the series was renewed for a 23rd season by Fox with 22 episodes.

The Simpsons S22E1
Episode 1

Elementary School Musical

Marge (Julie Kavner) surprises Lisa (Yeardley Smith) with a week-long retreat at performing arts camp, where she is greeted by her artsy counselors (guest voices Clement and McKenzie) and fellow musically inclined campers (guest voices Michele, Monteith and Riley), who inspire her to embrace her creative side. After she returns to Springfield, Lisa becomes restless with her ho-hum suburban lifestyle and sneaks off to Sprooklyn in hopes of connecting with her inner hipster, but she soon realizes that the city is not the same as camp.

The Simpsons S22E2
Episode 2


When Grampa gives each member of the family a portion of his savings, Lisa (Yeardley Smith) invests in Nelson’s brand-new business venture, but soon realizes that her friend’s instant success might lure him away from the classroom. Lisa introduces Nelson to the successful creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (guest-voicing as himself), to find out that he too dropped out of school. Only when the soaring business takes a sudden sharp turn can Lisa teach her friend that education is invaluable.

The Simpsons S22E3
Episode 3


In an effort to bolster her resume, Lisa (Yeardley Smith) jumps at the opportunity to coach Bart’s (Nancy Cartwright) little league team, and despite having little understanding of baseball, leads them to a record-winning streak. But when Bart confronts Lisa for taking the fun out of baseball, she benches him from the championship game. Hoping to lift his spirits, Marge (Julie Kavner) spends the day with Bart at an amusement park where MLB manager and former catcher Mike Scioscia (guest-voicing as himself) reminds Bart of his genuine love of the sport. Meanwhile, with one last chance to win the game, Lisa makes an unexpected call and learns that there is more to sports than winning.

The Simpsons S22E4
Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror XXI

Beware of ouija boards, vampires and unexpected guests in the 21st annual installment of the “Treehouse of Horror.” In “War and Pieces,” the first of three spine-tingling tales, Marge (Julie Kavner), worried about the effects of excessively violent video games, encourages Bart (Nancy Cartwright) and Milhouse (Pamela Hayden) to give wholesome, classic board games a shot. The best friends discover that board games aren’t boring after all when they find themselves playing a real-life game in which they must beat all the challenges before they are allowed to return to home. The supernatural spells continue in “Tweenlight,” when Lisa (Yeardley Smith) becomes smitten with a mysterious new student, Edmund (guest voice Daniel Radcliffe), who also happens to be a vampire. When a romance blossoms, the young lovers run away to Dracula-la Land, leaving Homer (Dan Castellaneta) to come to Lisa’s rescue. In the final frightening fable, “Master and Cadaver,” Homer and Marge set sail on a romantic second honeymoon, but are interrupted when they rescue Roger (guest voice Hugh Laurie), a castaway who escaped an attempted poisoning on his ship. Convinced that Roger is sabotaging their getaway and plotting a murder of his own, Homer and Marge take matters into their own hands.

The Simpsons S22E5
Episode 5

Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life

A trip to Marge's childhood home leads to an unexpected discovery for Lisa. Meanwhile, Bart becomes the school bully.

The Simpsons S22E6
Episode 6

The Fool Monty

After learning that he is suffering from multiple illnesses and has only a few weeks to live, Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) becomes distraught by the town’s less-than-sensitive reaction to his announcement. Following an unexpected turn of events, Bart (Nancy Cartwright) finds Mr. Burns weak and vulnerable in the wilderness and secretly takes him into the Simpsons’ home. But when Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Marge (Julie Kavner) learn about their new houseguest, they decide it’s payback time, and Lisa (Yeardley Smith), determined to stand up for Mr. Burns, learns that old habits die hard.

The Simpsons S22E7
Episode 7

How Munched is that Birdie in the Window?

Discovering that Marge was once a stellar A+ student whose grades plummeted after being distracted, Lisa fears that she will end up just like her mom unless she pledges to focus solely on academics in an encore episode. When Marge makes a secret deal allowing Lisa to attend her dream school, Lisa learns a lesson in family and altruism. Meanwhile, Bart puts Nelson (Nancy Cartwright) in his place and unintentionally claims the title of “School Bully.”

The Simpsons S22E8
Episode 8

The Fight Before Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Springfield, but while Marge (Julie Kavner) gets in the holiday spirit, it’s bah humbug for the rest of the family. Marge writes a letter to Martha Clause (guest voice Martha Stewart), who comes to the rescue and transforms the house into the North Pole chalet Marge has always dreamed of. But when Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and the kids are absent from the perfectly trimmed home, she realizes what makes the holidays special. Meanwhile, the Simpsons get ready to sneak away for a Hawaiian holiday, but surprise visitors, including Katy Perry (guest-starring as herself in a special live-action sequence featuring the Simpsons as puppets) delay their getaway. Four special holiday tales will be spun.

The Simpsons S22E9
Episode 9

Donnie Fatso

Homer (Dan Castellaneta) spends New Year’s Eve in the Springfield Penitentiary after getting caught bribing an official. An FBI investigator (guest voice Jon Hamm) offers to reduce his jail time if Homer agrees to go undercover as an informant to investigate Fat Tony (guest voice Joe Mantegna). When Homer develops a special bond with Fat Tony and his family, he becomes conflicted between his obligation to the government and his loyalty to his new family.

The Simpsons S22E10
Episode 10

Moms I'd Like To Forget

After the fourth and fifth graders engage in a heated dodgeball battle, Bart (Nancy Cartwright) discovers that one of the fifth graders has the same mysterious scar on his hand. Puzzled by the matching blemishes, Bart pushes Marge (Julie Kavner) to explain that seven years ago, she and her girlfriends formed the “The Cool Moms,” a tight-knit group of moms who set playdates for their young boys. Inspired to reconnect with the women, Marge’s social life soon becomes recharged, but when Bart’s playdates stop being fun, Marge finally remembers why she left the group in the first place.

The Simpsons S22E11
Episode 11

Flaming Moe

When Smithers (Harry Shearer) offers to help transform Moe’s (Hank Azaria) dingy pub into a more refined and trendy lounge, the revamped “Mo’s” quickly becomes Springfield’s local gay hangout. With Smithers’ friends and colleagues infusing new life into “Mo’s,” business starts to boom, but Moe inadvertently leads his new bar patrons to believe that he, too, is gay. Afraid that telling the truth would hurt his newly flourishing business, Moe’s new friends teach him a lesson in acceptance. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner becomes smitten with the new free-spirited music teacher, Ms. Juniper (guest voice Kristen Wiig), who inspires the by-the-book principal to take chances. When Skinner finds out that Ms. Juniper’s daughter, Melody (guest voice Alyson Hannigan), has a crush on Bart (Dan Castellaneta), he uses Bart to get close to Ms. Juniper.

The Simpsons S22E12
Episode 12

Homer The Father

Homer (Dan Castellaneta) becomes obsessed with “Thicker than Waters,” a 1980s family sitcom written by David Mamet (guest voicing as himself), and models his parenting skills after the show’s sensible father much to the chagrin of Bart (Nancy Cartwright). But when Homer insists that Bart earn the dirt bike he wants, Bart takes matters into his own hands and schemes with Russian and Chinese spies to provide top-secret information in exchange for the new bike. Later, James Lipton (guest-voicing as himself) conducts an interview with a television cast on “Inside the Actor’s Studio”.

The Simpsons S22E13
Episode 13

The Blue and the Gray

After spending Valentine’s Day alone, Moe (Hank Azaria) attends a seminar with Dr. Kissingher (guest voice Harry Shearer) with the hope of gaining more confidence with women, then takes his advice and asks Homer (Dan Castellaneta) to be his wingman. Meanwhile, Marge discovers her first gray hairs and surprises everyone by going completely gray and sporting a brand new mature ‘do. Later, when Marge is upset to learn that Homer is becoming increasingly popular with the young ladies, he helps her realize that he only has eyes for her.

The Simpsons S22E14
Episode 14

Angry Dad: The Movie

Bart’s cartoon about an angry dad is turned into “Angry Dad: The Movie” and quickly becomes a critics’ favorite. When Russell Brand (guest-voicing as himself) presents the Golden Globe to Bart’s film, Homer usurps the podium and gives his own acceptance speech. The film’s winning streak continues with Homer taking credit at each ceremony, so when “Angry Dad” receives an Oscar nomination, Bart keeps it a secret. With the help of DJ Kwanzaa (guest voice Smoove), Homer and Marge arrive at the ceremony just as Halle Berry (guest-voicing as herself) presents the award. Bart’s fellow nominee, Nick Park (guest-voicing as himself), helps him realize that creating a film is a team effort, and Bart gives credit where credit is due.

The Simpsons S22E15
Episode 15

The Scorpion's Tale

After a field trip to the desert, Lisa (Yeardley Smith) discovers that the desert water mysteriously makes typically combative creatures get along.. When Grampa moves in with the family after getting kicked out of the retirement home, Homer secretly tests the desert water on Grampa, who is instantly cured of his crankiness. After a pharmaceutical representative (guest voiceWerner Herzog) gets word of Homer’s (Dan Castellaneta) discovery the new pills end up being sold on the black market. Unexpected side effects of the new drug take an eye-popping toll on the elderly citizens of Springfield, and the Simpsons learn that their new medical cure comes with major consequences.

The Simpsons S22E16
Episode 16

A Midsummer's Nice Dream

The town is abuzz when Cheech (Cheech Marin guest voicing as himself) and Chong (Tommy Chong guest voicing as himself) announce a Springfield stop on their much-anticipated reunion tour. But when Cheech and Chong take the stage in front of their loyal fans, the jokes are just not the same for Chong, so Homer (Dan Castellaneta) steps in and delivers all the punchlines by heart. Impressed, Cheech invites Homer to go on tour with him as new duo “Cheech and Chunk. While Homer is on tour, Marge (Julie Kavner) attempts to help the neighborhood cat lady change her hoarder ways and Homer realizes that life on the road is not all high times and slapstick humor.

The Simpsons S22E17
Episode 17

Love Is A Many Strangled Thing

When Homer (Dan Castellaneta) inadvertently humiliates Bart (Nancy Cartwright) in front of a stadium crowd, Marge (Julie Kavner) encourages Homer to enroll in a fathering enrichment class taught by therapist Dr. Zander (guest voice Rudd). Shocked to learn that Homer often strangles Bart for mischievous behavior, Dr. Zander conducts a series of treatments with the help of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (guest-voicing as himself) to teach Homer what it feels like to be young and small. But the therapy sessions transform Homer into a pushover, Bart takes advantage of Homer and becomes a school bully. Hoping therapy could also cure Bart of his bullying habits, Marge enlists Dr. Zander’s help to patch their relationship.

The Simpsons S22E18
Episode 18

The Great Simpsina

The family meets by folk singer Ewell Freestone (guest voice Jack McBrayer) at a peach farm, but when Marge (Julie Kavner) goes overboard with peach-inspired dishes, Lisa (Yeardley Smith) and Bart (Nancy Cartwright) try to get rid of the unwanted fruit. Later, Lisa becomes a magician’s apprentice to the legendary Great Raymondo (guest voice Martin Landau), but a schoolgirl crush clouds her judgment when she reveals the Great Raymondo’s most famous magic trick to his phony archnemesis. But when the rival magician’s act takes a risky turn, the Great Raymondo has one last trick up his sleeve and stages a showdown with Ricky Jay, Penn & Teller and David Copperfield (guest-voicing as themselves), showing them all why he is the master of the craft.

The Simpsons S22E19
Episode 19

The Real Housewives of Fat Tony

Fat Tony (guest voice Joe Mantegna) and Selma (Julie Kavner), Marge’s (Kavner) painfully blunt sister, fall in love and get married after a whirlwind courtship. Marge has her reservations about the couple’s marriage after Selma begins to prioritize her looks and ritzy new lifestyle over her family, so Fat Tony invites Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Marge to a weekend getaway at the Jersey Shore. Meanwhile, Bart (Nancy Cartwright) discovers a special talent that allows him to detect the location of truffles by smell, and Lisa (Yeardley Smith) jumps at the chance to capitalize on the rare culinary treasures.

The Simpsons S22E20
Episode 20

Homer Scissorhands

After Homer discovers a genius talent for styling hair and opens his own salon, he becomes Springfield’s most in-demand hair stylist. But having to listen to women’s problems and gossip all day long leads Homer to believe his gift may actually be a curse. Meanwhile, when Milhouse (Pamela Hayden) decides to live each day to the fullest, he comes out of his shell and professes his love for Lisa (Yeardley Smith), only to have his heart broken. Milhouse then catches the eye of popular fifth-grader Taffy (guest star Kristen Schaal), causing Lisa to make a bold move.

The Simpsons S22E21
Episode 21

500 Keys

When the Simpsons discover a collection of keys to every door in Springfield, Lisa stumbles upon an eerie hidden classroom beneath Springfield Elementary School. When she shares her discovery with Principal Skinner (Harry Shearer), the secret room mysteriously disappears and he takes the only key away. A determined Lisa uses her detective skills to lead her back to the room to solve an old school mystery.

The Simpsons S22E22
Episode 22

The Ned-Liest Catch

Feeling guilty for getting Mrs. Krabappel (guest voice Marcia Wallace) suspended after one of his school pranks, Bart helps her escape detention, and Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer) winds up saving her life in the process. When Edna and Ned start dating, he is surprised to learn she’s been with many of Springfield’s men, including Homer and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer (guest-voicing as himself). Also, don’t miss the finale when THE SIMPSONS launches a soon-to-be-announced fan initiative that will change the lives of two of Springfield’s favorites.

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