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Called "the television landmark that leaves other landmarks in the dust," by the Washington Post, the first part of Season Six was hailed as a masterpiece by critics. In those episodes, Tony Soprano faced new challenges as his life grew increasingly more complicated. Back together with Carmela, he faced the reality that their kids were no longer children, and yet not grown. And with Johnny Sack in prison, the always-tense relations between the New Jersey and New York families were strained even further.

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Sopranos Prequel Set in the 60s Is Possible Teases David ChaseSopranos Prequel Set in the 60s Is Possible Teases David Chase
The Sopranos creator David Chase reveals he's curious about exploring the racial tension in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Sopranos Creator Reveals Tony Soprano's True FateSopranos Creator Reveals Tony Soprano's True Fate
The Sopranos creator clarifies he was misquoted in a recent article that revealed Tony Soprano's fate during the series finale.
The Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray Debuts November 4thThe Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray Debuts November 4th
Steve Buscemi discusses directing Pine Barrens in a special features clip from The Sopranos box set that includes all 86 episodes of the classic HBO series.
Edie Falco Talks Sopranos Movie Possibilities
The Nurse Jackie star would jump to bring back Carmella and Tony Soprano.
David Chase Sets Up Music-Driven Feature at Paramount
The Sopranos creator will make his feature directing debut.
The Sopranos: Season 1 Brings the Family to Blu-ray on November 24th
We have some early details on this classic HBO series' first season in 1080p.
Rome and The Sopranos Coming to Blu-ray Next Year?
A new report claims that both BD sets are being planned for a winter release.
The Sopranos: The Complete Series Brings The Family Home to DVD on November 11th
This massive 33-disc set will hit the shelves right before the holidays.
Join The Sopranos Series Finale User Review Party!
One of the greatest shows in American culture has said good-bye. What did you think?
Behind-the-Scenes of The Sopranos' Christopher Moltisanti's Cleaver!
Geta load of the The Sopranos gumba's new horror film in season 6 of the series!
The Sopranos & Entourage Return April 8th on HBO
Two of HBO's most popular shows return.
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