The Steve Harvey Show

The Steve Harvey Show

The Steve Harvey Show - Season 2 Episodes

The Steve Harvey Show S2E1
Episode 1

Whatever You Want

Cedric falls in love with Regina's new 'round-the-way' secretary Lovita Alizay Jenkins. As Steve's insensitivity upsets Regina, Romeo and Bullethead square off over a beautiful classmate. Romeo weighs his feelings for his once-heavy platonic friend Aisha who spent her summer at a weight-loss farm and now is lovely, fit and sexy. - - - With the beginning of the new school year, Steve believes it's finally time for him and Regina to get together. Intending to start off right, Steve greets her with a red rose and a ticket to the theater, asking for a date. She accepts.

Romeo and Bullethead also enjoy the first day of class as an opportunity to check out the new girls in school. They notice one immediately, but don't recognize her as their classmate Aisha, who looks fantastic after a summer at weight loss camp. When she finally reveals her identity, both boys begin to hit on her.

Meanwhile, Lovita Alizay Jenkins, an applicant for the position of Regina's administrative assistant, arri

The Steve Harvey Show S2E2
Episode 2

Somebody's Sleepin' in My Bed

Steve and Cedric argue over Lovita making herself too much at home in the apartment, so Ced storms out and spends the night at Regina's. - - -

As Lovita and Cedric spend more and more time together, Steve quickly tires of her constant presence at the apartment. Steve's fuse burns faster when he discovers Cedric and Lovita have eaten all his food and Lovita wears one of his shirts to work. Steve complains to Regina, who suggests Steve take a lesson from Cedric's loving relationship.

Meanwhile, after she's asked on a date, Aisha needs help learning to dance. Romeo offers to assist her and, as they dance together, Romeo wonders why he isn't the one taking her to the event.

Back at the apartment, Steve and Cedric discuss their problem. Steve still won't back down from his assertion that Lovita spends far too much time at their apartment. Cedric suggests Steve is simply jealous of his success with Lovita. Steve asks him to move out. Angry, Cedric leaves.

After his mother refuses to have h

The Steve Harvey Show S2E3
Episode 3

Bully Call

School tough Coretta ""The Ox"" Cox takes a liking to Romeo and scares off his regular honeys. - - -

When Romeo can't find a date for the school dance, Bullethead and Aisha mention Coretta ""The Ox"" Cox, the toughest girl in school, has scared off the rest of the her classmates. When Coretta finally finds Romeo and asks for a date, despite his objections, he can't muster the courage to refuse her.

Steve invites Regina to watch the Luther Vandross concert on cable and to dinner at his apartment. Overhearing, Lovita invites herself as well and informs Cedric of their new plans. With everyone now present, Lovita unveils her homemade chocolate chip cookies. They taste horrible.

Having accepted the date, Romeo finds himself in an uncomfortable position: Coretta makes him carry her books and walk her to class. When Romeo asks Steve for advice on how to break the date, Steve simply encourages him to be honest with Coretta. Romeo then tells Coretta he doesn't want to go to the dance with her.


The Steve Harvey Show S2E4
Episode 4

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Steve convinces Romeo to join the predominantly female choir and discovers that the teen can't sing a note. - - -

As part of the school's teacher/student mentor program, Steve is assigned to Romeo. Attempting to explain the value of the project, Steve asks Romeo to join the school choir. Though not interested at first, Romeo changes his mind when he's told the choir is mostly female. But, at his first rehearsal, Steve immediately regrets extending the invitation when he discovers Romeo cannot sing.

Bullethead finds himself in some trouble when a bully, Deandre, verbally picks on him. Upset by the abuse, Bullethead seeks Cedric's help. Cedric and Steve offer some pointers on how to change the situation.

Meanwhile, Lovita plays matchmaker, posting Regina's phone number on the singles board at her church. Although her intentions are good, Regina asks Lovita to back off.

After seeing just how much the choir means to the student, Steve can't bring himself to tell Romeo the truth. However,

The Steve Harvey Show S2E5
Episode 5

Fool and the Gang

For a fund-raiser, Steve tries to reunite the Hi-Tops, but learns they've formed a new band without him. So he decides to make some beautiful new music with Regina. Meanwhile, Bullethead decides to quit school to work full time at his new job in the mall. - - -

Trying to earn $200 to buy a pair of basketball shoes, Bullethead offers to sell Steve some incense. Steve suggests he get a job.

Needing entertainment for an upcoming charity banquet, Regina turns to Steve, who agrees to organize a Hi-Tops reunion. But after learning his old band has reunited without him, Steve takes up Cedric's offer to sing with him in the show. Cedric isn't content with a back-up role and quits, so Steve decides to do it solo.

While fending off Lovita's criticism for his treatment of Cedric, Steve must also answer to Regina for his apparent lack of a band for the benefit. But he proposes she be his back-up singer and Regina agrees.

Taking Steve's suggestion to heart, Bullethead gets a job at a shoe store.

The Steve Harvey Show S2E6
Episode 6

Let's Talk About Sax

Steve's audition with Teddy Riley hits a sour note when his saxophone is pawned by Romeo, who uses the money to buy a suit.

The Steve Harvey Show S2E7
Episode 7

When the Funk Hits the Rib Tips

Steve puts together a band and auditions at a local club, where the competition is his former group, the Hi-Tops. - - -

Having broken off completely with his old band, Steve teams up with Cedric to form a new group, Soul Teachers. The students watch as they practice a few moves for their audition as the house band at Club Mystique.

Aisha and Romeo stand guard as Bullethead, using the schools public address system, makes a plea for his girlfriend to take him back. Regina understands his pain and offers encouragement, helping to boost his self-confidence.

Steve is surprised to find a pair of his old Hi-Tops bandmates at Club Mystique: T-Bone and Clyde, now touring as the Rib Tips, who are planning to audition as well. After some trash-talking, each is convinced they will earn the job. But when the Rib Tips see Steve and Cedric practicing, they realize they can't win and hatch a plan to prevent Soul Teachers from auditioning.

Meanwhile, Regina's effort to boost Bullethead's self esteem

The Steve Harvey Show S2E8
Episode 8

Steve's Gotta Have It

Steve blows off a banquet with the teenager he's mentoring so that he can prepare a romantic meal for Regina. Also, Romeo gets a hand from his classmates after injuring his arm in a skateboard accident.

The Steve Harvey Show S2E9
Episode 9

I'm Not a Chauvinist, Piggy

Steve thinks his manhood is in question after Regina , a.k.a. ""Xena, the Warrior Principal,"" beats the stuffing out of a too-fresh chicken mascot at a basketball game. Also, Romeo and Bullethead enroll in a dance class. - - -

As Steve and Cedric get ready to depart for a Chicago Bulls basketball game, Lovita reminds Cedric it is her mother's birthday and they promised to take her to dinner. Steve quickly invites Regina, who is happy to watch Michael Jordan play.

Meanwhile, when Romeo and Bullethead realize they miscalculated after signing up for dance class in order to meet girls, they ask Cedric to help get them out.

At the game, a man dressed as a giant chicken mascot approaches Regina and fondles her. When the chicken won't stop pushing her for a date, Regina gives him a taste of what she learned in her self-defense class.

Back at Steve's apartment Regina can't help but relive her brief celebrity. Steve suggests she tone it down, noting she didn't seem very feminine when she abuse

The Steve Harvey Show S2E10
Episode 10

Big Daddy Meets the Man of Steele

Steve has competition for Regina's affections when her college beau comes back to town to take a job as a sportscaster and to renew their relationship. - - -

As the student body pummels the school mascot with paper balls, a school tradition at pep rallies, Bullethead moves in to protect it. Only when the mascot takes off the costume head does he learn Kim, a beautiful new student, has taken over the job. Romeo encourages Bullethead to ask Kim on a date.

When retired football star Warrington Steele arrives at the high school, Steve and Cedric usher him to see Regina, where, to Steve's surprise, he passionately kisses her. Warrington now lives in Chicago and works as a TV news sportscaster. After Warrington exits, Steve learns he and Regina were once romantically involved and she almost married the star. Steve is insulted that Regina never told him about the relationship.

Meanwhile, only after Bullethead gets himself a date with Kim does he learn that she has a weight problem.


The Steve Harvey Show S2E11
Episode 11

Shut Up and Kiss Me

With Regina dating a new guy, Steve tries to get something cooking with a caterer who's working his party. - - -

Although she's been invited to Steve's upcoming party, Regina won't be able to attend because she's celebrating her birthday with wealthy, ex-football star boyfriend Warrington Steele.

Bullhead and Romeo sign up their rap act for the school's talent contest. They tell Aisha she won't be the DJ in the group, but could instead be a dancer. Coretta, offended Romeo did not ask her to be part of the act, suggests she and Aisha put together their own act.

Steve forges ahead with his plans, catching the eye of his attractive new caterer, Rachel Edwards. Meanwhile, Cedric tries to avoid wearing a sweatshirt bearing Lovita's picture.

When Bullethead and Romeo see Aisha and Coretta's act, they know they face stiff competition. Romeo hatches a plan to help them win by asking Coretta for a date that evening. Aisha objects, needing to rehearse, but Romeo's plan appears to work when Cor

The Steve Harvey Show S2E12
Episode 12

You're Driving Me Crazy

Warrington buys Regina a luxury car for their one-month anniversary and then gets upset when she doesn't drive it. - - -

Warrington Steele gives Regina a new Mercedes Benz for their one-month anniversary. She's uncomfortable accepting the lavish gift, however, and instead chooses to drive her old car to work. Steve tells Warrington he can't buy Regina's heart with expensive gifts.

As the students turn in their parental permission slips for the field trip to the St. Louis Blues Festival, Steve informs Romeo and Bullethead they cannot take the trip because their grades are too low. Realizing they must improve immediately, Romeo and Bullethead scheme to infiltrate the school computer system and ""fix"" the grades.

Regina then interrupts Steve's romantic evening with Rachel, Cedric and Lovita to announce she broke up with Steele. The ladies band together and critique the former football star's attempts to buy Regina's love. However, despite Steve's efforts to the contrary, the three women

The Steve Harvey Show S2E13
Episode 13

Dancing Fools

Regina drives her partner Cedric hard, in her quest to win the school's dance contest. - - -

Following their previous second-place finish, Regina is determined she and Cedric will win the charity dance contest this time. While Cedric is more than happy teaming up once again with Regina for a run at the title, Lovita isn't. Steve enjoys watching Cedric squirm out of the most uncomfortable of positions.

After class, Steve delivers aptitude exam results to Romeo. Romeo thanks him and throws them away. As Steve opens the envelope, he attempts to soften the blow until he realizes Romeo's score identifies him as a genius. Romeo is thrilled, while Steve is skeptical.

Trying to keep Lovita happy, Cedric agrees to fix her a very special dinner provided he and Regina can stay a team. Meanwhile, Romeo transforms himself into a serious student who scores well on his exams and presents lucid reports to his classmates.

After getting too wrapped up in rehearsals with Regina, Cedric completely forge

The Steve Harvey Show S2E14
Episode 14

Breakfast with Tiffany

Steve agrees to date Regina's recently dumped, vulnerable friend. Lovita helps Ced with his taxes, and discovers receipts that show he has gone out with other women. And Romeo teaches his ""Mack-a-nomics"" class to teach the guys about how to get over on women.

- - -

As Cedric asks Lovita to help with his income tax returns, Regina's college roommate, Tiffany, arrives for a visit following the discovery that her husband has come out of the closet.

Bullethead and Romeo go into business together, teaching nerds how to pick up girls. Romeo addresses a full house and lectures on the art of ""Mack-inomics."" As expected, they make money.

Regina stops by the apartment, looking for help from Steve. She begs him to ask Tiffany on a date to boost her confidence. But only after Regina agrees to a favor of Steve's choosing does he agree to the date.

As Romeo's former students take their lessons to heart, newly-confident nerds move in on girls. Apparently, the lessons work all too well as one former-

The Steve Harvey Show S2E15
Episode 15

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Steve's father shows up with his young fiancee, and Steve thinks she's trying to kill the old man for a half-million dollar insurance policy. - - -

As Steve looks forward to a visit from his father, he looks forward to a ""surprise."" Deacon Clarence Hightower arrives, dressed in stylish clothes and looking half his age -with a 25-year-old fiancée, Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Regina introduces Steve's newest student, Amy, a nine-year-old musical prodigy, to the class. Amy proceeds to wow the students with her musical ability And when she falls for Romeo, she raids her dad's electronics store for some expensive gifts to prove it.

At school, Steve introduces Clarence and Jasmine to the staff. Clarence announces his plan to wed Jasmine during a cruise to Bermuda. Steve doesn't approve and Lovita agrees there is something fishy with the relationship. But pressed to be more open-minded, he vows to give them a going-away-party.

Discovering Jasmine has taken out a large life insurance policy on Clare

The Steve Harvey Show S2E16
Episode 16

Just My Imagination

Steve and Romeo both make a play for an attractive playwright whose latest work is being staged at the school. - - -

When a former graduate wants the high school to workshop her latest play, Regina asks Steve to help. Though claiming he doesn't have the time, one look at the beautiful playwright Max Sundance is enough to change Steve's mind.

When Lovita finds a relationship quiz testing if you have found your soulmate, she asks Cedric to take it. He passes, claiming not to like tests. Regina coerces him to complete it.

Following a series of frustrating auditions, Max quickly settles on Romeo as her choice to star in the play. And while Steve seems to think that Max is interested in him, Romeo gets the same impression...about himself!

After Max accepts an invitation to review the play at his house, Steve prepares a romantic dinner. But when Romeo shows up, too, his plans are jeopardized. And though he manages to get Romeo to leave early, Steve is disappointed when Max offers to give t

The Steve Harvey Show S2E17
Episode 17

Maid to Order

Steve and Cedric think their housekeeping prayers are answered when they hire an elderly cleaning lady from Lovita's church. - - -

When former child star Mindy Plum enrolls at school, Romeo and Bullethead can't wait for her arrival. As Regina warns them not to give her the ""star treatment,"" Mindy arrives.

With Steve and Cedric's apartment a mess and Regina's bachelorette party coming up, the three of them agree to hire a housekeeper together. But Lovita worries when both Steve and Cedric set their sights on someone young and beautiful. So to make sure Cedric stays out of trouble, she arranges for her elderly aunt to get the job.

In Steve's class, Mindy interrupts with cell phone conversations to her agent. Steve teams Mindy with Bullethead and Romeo for the class music project. Despite her proclamations, Bullethead is unconvinced Mindy is still the star she claims to be.

When it's clear Auntie Pearl isn't working out, Steve wants to fire her. In order to keep his relationship with Lo

The Steve Harvey Show S2E18
Episode 18

Ice Station Piggy

On their way to a conference, Steve and Regina get stuck in a snowstorm while traveling the back roads. Meanwhile, Lovita's country cousin puts the moves on Ced. - - -

As Steve and Regina prepare for a conference, Lovita arrives with her cousin, Ameetha, visiting from a small town. Lovita asks Cedric to drop Ameetha at home while she's at work; on the way, Cedric is surprised when Ameetha flirtatiously pinches his behind.

Meanwhile, Romeo borrows his father's pocket-sized television but, when he and Bullethead watch it during class, Steve confiscates it. As Steve and Regina load the car to leave for the conference, Romeo and Bullethead scheme to get the TV back. Enlisting Bullethead as lookout, Romeo tries sneaking into Steve's briefcase. But, he ends up trapped in Steve's car as he and Regina drive off. And when a snowstorm hits, Romeo is forced to hide as his principal and teacher settle in, awaiting rescue. As Steve and Regina enjoy the romantic mood, Romeo can't keep his presence

The Steve Harvey Show S2E19
Episode 19

White Men Can Funk

Steve and two of his former singing partners must find a fourth voice before their group performs at an oldies show. Meanwhile, the students get a lesson in parenting. - - -

When offered $5000 for a televised Hi-Tops reunion, Steve is persuaded to reunite with his estranged bandmates T-Bone and Clyde. But, when Cedric takes ill, they are forced to look for a replacement to do the show. Though Steve is sure finding another Hi-Top will be easy, live auditions prove otherwise. After listening to his taped audition, Steve and the band decide Derrick Love is right for the job.

Meanwhile, as part of their sociology class parenting exercise, Romeo and Rosalind are partnered, as are Bullethead and Coretta. Coretta and Bullethead seem to be handling six baby dolls well, but the same can't be said when Rosalind loses theirs.

As Lovita tries to cure Cedric's cold with old family remedies, Regina asks Cedric to stay at home. Wanting to win a trophy for five years of perfect attendance, Cedric ex

The Steve Harvey Show S2E20
Episode 20

The He-Man, Player-Hater's Club

Steve and Cedric are up for membership in a men's club, where they'll be ""rubbing elbows with Chicago's business elite"". Romeo and Bullethead use a new camera to meet girls. - - -

A new camera appears to be just the magnet Romeo and Bullethead need to attract the school's most beautiful girls. Taking advantage of the situation, they plan to take pictures of the hottest girls under the guise of using them in the school newspaper.

After they are invited to join the exclusive Onyx Club, Steve and Cedric are certain their stars are on the rise. Warned by Regina not to take their final interviews lightly, Steve and Cedric take care to impress the membership committee. And to celebrate their admission, they invite Regina and Lovita to the club's annual Charity Casino Night.

As Romeo and Bullethead plan their photo shoots, they ask Steve - under the pretense of using it as a study hall - for access to his classroom. After a quick lesson on responsibility, Steve agrees.

At Casino Night, Lov

The Steve Harvey Show S2E21
Episode 21

That's a Bunch of Bull, Ced

Lovita is upset when Cedric wins a pair of tickets to a Chicago Bulls playoff game and decides to take Steve. Regina is upset when a shipment of cafeteria food is not delivered. - - -

As the winner of a radio station contest, Cedric gets two tickets to see the Chicago Bulls play the final game of the NBA playoffs. Feathers get ruffled when both Steve and Lovita expect Cedric to give them the second ticket.

When Rosalind switches the French roast coffee for chamomile tea without permission, Regina gets upset. As Romeo enters the office with a sloppy joe for Rosalind, she refuses, saying she is a vegetarian.

Cedric asks Steve to go along. Thinking she should be Cedric's date, Lovita is upset. To help out, Regina suggests Cedric buy Lovita an expensive gift.

When it looks like the Bulls are going to win the championship series in game six, Cedric decides to take Regina's advice. Certain that game seven will never take place, he sells the tickets to the playoffs to raise the cash he need

The Steve Harvey Show S2E22
Episode 22

Ring Around the Piggy

Rumors of a big announcement from Warrington has everyone thinking he's going to propose to Regina. Romeo and Bullethead send a strict teacher anonymous love letters hoping to help their grades. - - -

While inviting everyone to help celebrate his parents' 40th wedding anniversary, Warrington says he also will make a surprise announcement at the party that will change both his and Regina's lives.

Romeo and Bullethead plant an anonymous love note into Ms. Pittman's mailbox hoping to help their grades and soften the elderly, strict teacher at the same time. The note seems to have to right effect.

Although Lovita believes Warrington is going to propose, Regina tries to convince herself, and Steve, otherwise. Steve is clearly uncomfortable with the thought of Regina's marriage.

When Ms. Pittman recognizes Cedric's cologne as the very same as that sprayed on her love letters, she mistakenly thinks Cedric is trying to seduce her.

Accompanying Cedric to an exclusive jewelry store, Steve sees

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