The Steve Harvey Show - Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

“Das Bootie”

Episode 2

“Baby You Can Drive My Car”

Episode 3

“Educating Piggy”

Episode 4

“Welcome to Bernie's”

Episode 5

“And Injustice For All”

Episode 6

“What You Won't Cue For Love”

Episode 7

“Everybody Loves Regina”

Episode 8


Episode 9

“Every Boy Needs A Teacher”

Episode 10

“Uncle Steve”

Episode 11

“The Snow Job”

Episode 12

“Strapped Tease”

Episode 13

“Lovita Doesn't Live Here Anymore”

Episode 14

“Working Homegirl”

Episode 15

“Nightmare on Steve's Street”

Episode 16

“All That Jazz”

Episode 17

“Big Mouth on Campus”

Episode 18

“Liar, Liar, Your Versace's on Fire”

Episode 19

“Almost Dirty Dancing”

Episode 20

“Steve Don't Get Nun”

Episode 21

“A Star Is Born”

Episode 22

“My Left Gator”