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The Steve Harvey Show

The Steve Harvey Show - Season 3 Episodes

The Steve Harvey Show S3E1
Episode 1

Das Bootie

In the third-season opener, Steve and Regina go on a cruise where he hopes to ""define"" his unconsummated relationship with Regina. While they're gone, Steve entrusts his apartment to responsible student Lydia Guttman. - - -

In exchange for allowing her to keep her lovebirds at the apartment, Lovita agrees not to visit for a week. To make amends for when the birds keep Steve awake all night, Lovita gives Steve a pair of tickets for a weekend cruise to Mexico. When Regina agrees to go along, Steve sets out to make his dream of a romantic vacation come true.

Coretta invites Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia to her Sweet 16 party. The boys look for a way out and think they find it when Steve asks Lydia to house-sit and to care for the birds while he's away. Seeing an opportunity for a party, Romeo gets Lydia to invite him over for dinner. Lydia expects a romantic evening alone, but he brings along his friends for a big party.

As the cruise gets underway, Steve can't think of anything other bei

The Steve Harvey Show S3E2
Episode 2

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Bullethead and Romeo get the OK to take driver's education which is now being taught by Steve. - - -

Despite Cedric's warnings, Steve agrees to teach Driver's Education. When Steve notices Bullethead and Romeo crossed off the list of students, Regina explains they are to irresponsible too take the course. Steve persuades her to let the boys take the class.

Lovita enters wearing a long brown hair wig. Cedric immediately takes a liking to it. Meanwhile, Steve bets Regina he can assemble her wall unit. If he does, he can select Regina's wardrobe for a week. Should he lose, he must buy a new ragtop for Regina's convertible.

With the first Driver's Education class underway, Steve soon regrets accepting the job as Romeo, Bullethead and Coretta each take turns behind the wheel. Later, the boys make fun of Coretta's driving. Coretta warns them to keep their mouths closed.

When Steve runs into trouble building Regina's wall unit, he calls Cedric for help. As he and Cedric struggle to finish,

The Steve Harvey Show S3E3
Episode 3

Educating Piggy

Steve, Cedric and Regina attend a mandatory computer course being taught by Lovita. Meanwhile Romeo decides to run for class president. - - -

When the administration sends Steve, Cedric and Regina to computer class, they are surprised to discover their instructor is Lovita. As the class gets underway, it doesn't take long for everyone to realize Lovita isn't going to tolerate any nonsense.

Meanwhile, Lydia enlists Romeo in an effort to finally beat Heather Gallow in the race for class president. To increase his popularity and get him elected, Lydia persuades Romeo to abandon Bullethead. Once Heather drops out of the race, however, Lydia realizes she no longer needs Romeo and declares her own candidacy.

When Lovita asks advice on how to break some bad news to a failing student, Regina is glad to help out, only to discover the recipentof the news is herself!

Still hurt after being dumped by his best friend, Bullethead calls on Steve and Cedric before leaving town. However, when Romeo c

The Steve Harvey Show S3E4
Episode 4

Welcome to Bernie's

Steve, Cedric, Lovita and Regina attend a seminar on faculty relationships. Meanwhile, Romeo becomes jealous of all the attention that Bullethead is getting with his wooden puppet. - - -

When her college mentor is appointed the school's visiting psychologist, Regina signs everyone up for his seminars. While Steve and Cedric balk at attending, Regina insists Dr. Leland Powell is the smartest man she's ever known. As a result, Steve concludes she has a crush on her old professor.

Meanwhile, Bullethead's new ventriloquist's dummy, Arthur, suddenly makes him more popular than Romeo. As Bullethead and Arthur's popularity spirals, Romeo finds it difficult to handle.

Meanwhile, as Leland leads Steve and the others through an exercise designed to uncover the hidden thoughts about their colleagues, it doesn't take long for them to be at each other's throats. Additional role-playing exercises pit the staff against one another as they re-enact each other's personalities.

In an effort to undercu

The Steve Harvey Show S3E5
Episode 5

And Injustice For All

When the television set Steve sold Lovita goes on a fritz, she sues him and they go before a judge he once courted -- and dumped. - - -

When Regina shows off her latest prize - a basketball autographed by none other than Michael Jordan - Cedric wants to use it to inspire the school's losing basketball team. Though Regina refuses and locks it inside her file cabinet for safekeeping, Cedric won't take no for an answer and steals it. However, when her unexpected return to the office forces Cedric to stash the souvenir in the hallway, Bullethead and Romeo unwittingly donate it to the school's time capsule.

When Steve purchases a new big screen television, Lovita begs him to sell the old one to her. Steve agrees. When the used TV doesn't work, Steve refuses to refund her money claiming the television was in working order when she took it.

Realizing how much Regina treasures the ball, Cedric has no choice but to find or replace it before she discovers it's missing. And though Steve sugges

The Steve Harvey Show S3E6
Episode 6

What You Won't Cue For Love

Lovita and Regina take on Steve and Cedric in a pool tournament, and Romeo and Bullethead fake a Bubble-boy to win concert tickets. - - -

At the local bar, Steve and Cedric sympathize with the marital woes of their longtime friend and television producer, Byron Clarke. Despite Steve's disagreement, Cedric insists Byron stay with them until he finds someplace to stay. Regina and Lovita make an unannounced, unwanted appearance. And when they sign up for the bar's upcoming amateur pool tournament, Cedric assures Steve the women will never win. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead win concert tickets after making up a sad story about a boy who's forced to live inside a germ-free bubble.

When Byron not only seems to be permanently settling in, but also dating women from his new landlord's little black book, Steve has had enough. As a result, he insists Byron move out at once.

Meanwhile, as Bullethead and Romeo learn they are going to have to actually produce the Bubble Boy in order to get the

The Steve Harvey Show S3E7
Episode 7

Everybody Loves Regina

Junior and Vincent, the two kids that Steve and Cedric mentored as ""big brothers"", return, and Junior asks Regina if she would go out on a date with his older brother. Steve dates a young coffee shop waitress. - - -

As Steve prepares to date Sheila, a young employee at his local coffeehouse, he and Cedric are surprised by the return of their ""Little Brothers,"" Vincent and Junior. While refusing Junior's request for a date, Regina does agree to go out with his older brother, Zack. And to make the blind date more comfortable, Steve offers to host a dinner party.

Romeo and Bullethead are assigned a report on jazz musician Theolonius Monk. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead agree to give Vincent and Junior lessons how to pick up girls in exchange for help on their music assignment.

As the dinner party is getting underway, everyone is surprised by Sheila's age. But Regina has little room to complain after everyone meets the youthful Zack. To prove she's young a heart, Regina throws herself i

The Steve Harvey Show S3E8
Episode 8


Steve's girlfriend, who works for the IRS, learns that Cedric is committing tax fraud. - - -

As Steve prepares for his written driving test, Cedric gives Steve the rent. Steve warns him the check had better not bounce. Cedric promises the check is good.

When a stranger, Nina, copies from Steve's paper, both are expelled from the exam. However, Steve is still taken with Nina's beauty and charm. It doesn't take Steve long to fall head over heels in love. Steve is so happy to be involved with Nina that he even pays Cedric's half of the rent when the check bounces. Jealousy forces Regina to make up a new boyfriend of her own.

Romeo repays a favor by giving Bullethead a comic book. But when Cedric approaches him about buying the valuable book, Romeo looks for a way to get it back without letting Bullethead know it's a collector's item.

Nina arrives at the apartment for dinner. As Cedric enters unveiling a rent tax write-off scam where he pretends to be a preacher and using the apartment a

The Steve Harvey Show S3E9
Episode 9

Every Boy Needs A Teacher

Regina agrees to date the ""man-boy"" who services the office water cooler. - - -

As Regina is nursing an infatuation with, Dexter, the young man who delivers their water, Steve prides himself on his relationship with cardiologist Dr. Glenda Burke. When Bullethead and Romeo accidentally destroy his autographed copy of ""ROOTS"", Steve is irate.

Lovita encourages Regina to pursue a date with Dexter. And when Dexter expresses an interest in Regina, Lydia makes it clear she too has a crush on him. Meanwhile, when Lovita enrolls in an art class, Cedric is stunned by her horrendous first project but hangs it in the living room. Steve decides to punish Romeo and Bullethead by transferring them out of his class.

After agreeing to a dinner date with Dexter, Regina allows Lovita to help her find a younger look. But once Dexter announces they are going on a double date with his mom, Regina is stunned to learn the other couple is none other than Steve and Dr. Burke. Seeing her son is dating an olde

The Steve Harvey Show S3E10
Episode 10

Uncle Steve

Lovita and Regina give a makeover to Steve's wallflower of a niece, who blossoms into a looker who gets more than a second look from Romeo. - - -

When his boring sixteen-year-old niece, Allison, comes for a visit, Steve asks Romeo to give her a guided tour of the campus in exchange for a pair of concert tickets. When Steve is at a loss for how he can entertain Allison, he turns to Regina for help. They agree Regina will throw a slumber party. A smitten Allison arrives at the party and when the talk turns to boys, she suggests there's someone she likes but who would never give her a second thought. Meanwhile, in order to avoid her family reunion, Cedric butters up Lovita with romantic music mixes and picnic lunches. Lovita suspects he's up to something.

After Lovita's makeover transforms Allison into a beautiful young woman, Steve shifts into a defensive mode to protect her from the boys at school. When Regina and Lovita assure him that he has nothing to worry about, Romeo asks Alliso

The Steve Harvey Show S3E11
Episode 11

The Snow Job

A snowstorm strands Lovita at Steve's, while Cedric waits out the blizzard at Regina's. - - -

With Cedric and Lovita going on a romantic getaway and Regina planning on a ski weekend with her new boyfriend, Steve is all alone for a big date of his own. As Lovita waits at the apartment for him to arrive, Cedric is at Regina's delivering a ski rack he's loaning her. But when a big snowstorm hits and Regina's flight is cancelled, the impassable roads also strand Cedric at her house. As a result, Steve must cancel his date as he and Lovita are forced to wait together until the storm clears.

As part of a science project, Lydia has been assigned to care for a goose egg. Because of the storm, she has to leave it in Steve's classroom for the weekend. Worried about the egg, Lydia sneaks back into school to check on it. And once Bullethead and Romeo break in to retrieve a cell phone confiscated by Steve, the security system locks the three of them inside. Meanwhile, as Cedric looks for a way to

The Steve Harvey Show S3E12
Episode 12

Strapped Tease

Steve and Cedric plan to hire strippers for their friend's bachelor party. But when the strippers show up, the guys get a little more than they bargained for. - - -

As Steve and Cedric prepare to host a bachelor party for an old fraternity brother, Regina is the victim of a purse snatching. While Steve suggests she not be out alone at night without a man to protect her, Lovita insists the principal brush up on self-defense skills. In an effort to keep Lovita happy, Cedric promises not to hire any strippers for the party. That doesn't keep him from asking Steve to call and arrange for the Moan Ranger and Geroniho to entertain. Meanwhile, Bullethead meets the woman of his dreams in an Internet chat room.

Despite Steve's offer to protect her, Regina proceeds with her self-defense class. As the party gets underway, Steve, Cedric and their guests can't wait for the entertainment to start. When the two strippers ask the men to take their clothes off, too, they turn out to be armed robbers

The Steve Harvey Show S3E13
Episode 13

Lovita Doesn't Live Here Anymore

After a fight with her mama, Lovita moves in with Cedric. But when Regina sympathizes, Lovita moves in with her. - - -

Following an argument with her mother, Lovita arrives to stay with Cedric and Steve, despite Steve's objections. But when Lovita's mother calls Cedric, Lovita is upset when Cedric appears to take her mother's side. And when Regina defends her, Steve suggests Lovita move in with Regina. Despite Regina's efforts to stop her, she does just that!

Meanwhile, in an effort to improve their grades, Steve assigns Lydia to spend time with Romeo and Bullethead. And though she begins adopting their street lingo, Lydia assures Steve it's just a way to gain the boy's confidence.

After just a few days, Regina realizes she isn't cut out to live with Lovita. And it's imperative she do something after catching Lovita and Cedric making love on her kitchen table. But when Steve refuses to help, Regina must break the news to Lovita herself. Meanwhile, in an effort to rid themselves of Ly

The Steve Harvey Show S3E14
Episode 14

Working Homegirl

To impress her visiting great-aunt, Lovita tells a few lies where she makes her great-aunt believe that she and Cedric are married, she's the principal and Steve runs errands for the newlyweds. - - -

Having told her aging Aunt Tulabett that she and Cedric are married and she's the school's principal, Lovita asks everyone to play along. Though Regina is reluctant, Lovita's claim that her aunt has a bad heart persuades Regina to cooperate for just one day. And not wanting to do anything to aggravate the condition, Steve is forced to pretend he's Lovita's personal assistant. Meanwhile, after Lydia oversteps her authority as hall monitor, Regina gives the job to Romeo hoping he will become more responsible.

Unhappy with his performance, Aunt Tooly fires Steve and sends him packing to Regina's at 4:00 AM. And though both Steve and Regina assume things are about to return to normal, Lovita asks them to cooperate for one more week. Meanwhile, after threatening to turn in Romeo for taking a

The Steve Harvey Show S3E15
Episode 15

Nightmare on Steve's Street

Cedric believes there's a spirit haunting the apartment, so he talks Steve, Lovita and Regina into having a seance. Meanwhile, after Bullethead saves Coretta's life, she returns the favor by protecting him from bullies. - - -

As Steve prepares to be honored at the grand opening of Detroit's new Funk Café, Cedric notices some things missing around the apartment and concludes they have a ghost. While Steve doesn't believe him, Cedric tries to ward off the evil spirit. However, when they see the window blinds mysteriously moving by themselves, both Steve and Cedric bolt in terror.

When Bullethead saves Coretta's life, she vows to protect him. As takes advantage by purposely creating problems, Bullethead pushes the limits of her patience. Meanwhile, to rid the apartment of the ghost, Cedric and Lovita want to hold a séance. And while Steve is against the idea at first, Cedric threatens to disrupt his trip to Detroit unless he agrees.

When Regina agrees to let Lovita color her hair to rem

The Steve Harvey Show S3E16
Episode 16

All That Jazz

Steve has trouble composing a song for a Black History month assembly, until some unknown ""musical genius"" finishes it for him. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead meet beautiful tenants Amber and Monique in Regina's apartment, and pretend it is their apartment. - - -

Steve suffers from a bad case of writer's block while he attempts to compose a new musical arrangement in celebration of Black History Month. Regina pressures him for the song, fearing it won't be completed in time for the school assembly. Meanwhile, Lovita begs Cedric to borrow his car and, against his better judgment, he gives in - only to discover Lovita has scratched it.

When Steve keeps Romeo and Bullethead after school to complete an assignment, they object, having already agreed to move boxes at Regina's for $20 each. Steve forces them to stay anyway. Smitty, the school custodian, is convinced, by the boys, to use his great knowledge of jazz to complete their work.

When Regina steps out of her apartment for a moment,

The Steve Harvey Show S3E17
Episode 17

Big Mouth on Campus

Cedric lets being named ""Teacher of the Year"" go to his head, angering fellow teachers, students and even Lovita. - - -

Steve and Cedric are both nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award. After eight consecutive nominations without a win, Cedric has learned not to expect too much. To cheer him up, Lovita prepares a special dinner, but it still doesn't keep him from being obsessed about it just the same. Meanwhile, in recognition of passing health class, Cedric agrees to take Bullethead and Romeo to a Chicago Bears football game.

In an effort to get Cedric the recognition he deserves, Steve takes himself out of the running. And as Steve convinces Regina to play along, Bullethead and Romeo make a plan to help Cedric win.

After learning he's been chosen Teacher of the Year, Cedric couldn't be happier. Yet, unaware of all the help he received, he can't keep his ego in check. As Regina offers to host a party in his honor, Cedric adopts a more sophisticated persona in order to maximize

The Steve Harvey Show S3E18
Episode 18

Liar, Liar, Your Versace's on Fire

Cedric and Steve test out a ""lie buster,"" but the device backfires for Cedric when Lovita catches him in a string of white lies. Meanwhile, Lydia gets her own TV show and asks Bullethead and Romeo to help. Also, Regina gets competitve with her new beau. - - -

In order to earn $500 each, Steve and Cedric agree to test ""The Lie Buster,"" a bracelet which beeps when the wearer isn't telling the truth. As the test gets underway, the guys quickly learn just how much they routinely lie to everyone around them.

Meanwhile, Lydia asks Steve to borrow his classroom to prepare an audition tape for the job as host of ""Teen TV."" Steve says he would be happy to help, only to hear his bracelet beep. Lydia soon enlists Bullethead to work as director and Romeo as her sidekick.

Regina's boyfriend buys her golf clubs for a couples tournament. Regina, returning from the course, brags about beating her boyfriend. Steve suggests she stop humiliating him so his feeling won't be hurt.

When Lovita asks Cedric

The Steve Harvey Show S3E19
Episode 19

Almost Dirty Dancing

Regina helps Steve's friend with the one thing that keeps coming between him and his wife: dancing. Meanwhile, Steve and Cedric try to compete with Romeo and Bullethead in a string of events. - - -

To help put his broken marriage back together, TV producer Byron Clark is planning a romantic trip to Jamaica with his wife, Naomi. Wanting to improve his dancing skills, he asks his friends, Steve and Cedric, for help. And after watching Byron's pathetic efforts on the dance floor, Steve turns him over to Regina for lessons.

Meanwhile, when a famous photographer asks Lovita to pose in the nude, Cedric forbids. And after losing a basketball game to Romeo and Bullethead, Steve and Cedric - trying to even the score - challenge the boys to a game of Monopoly. They lose again.

When Lovita balks at being told what to do, Steve suggests Cedric use reverse psychology to get her to comply. But she also refuses to take the bait when Cedric suddenly encourages her to do the photo session. The dance

The Steve Harvey Show S3E20
Episode 20

Steve Don't Get Nun

Steve wants to rekindle an old flame, but his former girlfriend has some news that might change his mind. - - -

On the eve of an alumni benefit, Steve is excited by the return of his high school girlfriend, Kimberly Davis. While Steve is determined not to let Kimberly get away this time, Regina reminds him how the two mercilessly teased her in high school. In an effort to come between them, Regina interrupts their reunion. Meanwhile, as it gets increasingly difficult for Cedric and Lovita to find time for lovemaking, Bullethead buys an antique radio at a rummage sale filled with a large amount of cash.

After agreeing to split the cash between them, Bullethead and Romeo discover the old woman that accidentally donated the radio wants it back. And Cedric and Lovita as so busy they must make an appointment to see each other.

At the alumni benefit, Steve's plans for romance are stymied when Kimberly reveals that she's a nun. But before Steve can warn Regina, she makes a point of telling

The Steve Harvey Show S3E21
Episode 21

A Star Is Born

Regina becomes obsessed with defeating an old high-school rival in a choir competition.

The Steve Harvey Show S3E22
Episode 22

My Left Gator

A breakup leaves Steve broken, as does an injury he received while helping Regina move furniture. Meanwhile, Cedric tries to stamp out Lovita's petty jealousies.

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