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The Steve Harvey Show

The Steve Harvey Show - Season 4 Episodes

The Steve Harvey Show S4E1
Episode 1

Detention Peddler

In the fourth-season opener, Steve applies for the vice-principal position at the school, much to the chagrin of Regina. Meanwhile, Cedric comes up with creative ways to propose to Lovita. - - -

With a new vice principal position opening at the school, Regina suggests Cedric apply. Cedric declines but suggests Steve do so, despite Regina's reservations. Lydia is Steve's new teaching assistant while Romeo and Bullethead are the school's new audio/visual technicians.

Cedric plans to surprise Lovita with a marriage proposal on the radio and enlists helps from Romeo, Bullethead and Steve. As Cedric readies to ask the question live on the air, Steve asks Lovita to help him win tickets in a radio trivia contest. The plan backfires when Lovita changes the station and misses the proposal. Cedric believes her screams of delight are in response to his question, but are really because she won the concert tickets.

When Steve sees the other applicants' resumes, he concludes he isn't qualified to

The Steve Harvey Show S4E2
Episode 2

Party of Five

Cedric and Lovita decide to live together before they get married; and Regina ignores Steve's school proposal to counsel at-risk students. Meanwhile, Bullethead and Lydia share a locker, and Romeo gets a mysterious lockermate. - - -

Though he's won the vice-principal's job, Steve's daring proposals for change at the school go unnoticed by Regina. And when Lovita suggests she and Cedric try living together before getting married, Steve seizes the opportunity to find them a new apartment. Meanwhile, a locker-sharing plan matches Bullethead with Lydia and leaves Romeo with a mystery lockermate who leaves behind sexy women's lingerie.

While Steve has decided against future roommates, Lovita and Cedric advertise for one anyway, prompting a change of heart after a pair of gorgeous twins arrive, ready to move in. Determined that Regina gives his proposal the attention it deserves, Steve submits it again, this time under Cedric's name. And when she's impressed, Steve decides he and Regina ca

The Steve Harvey Show S4E3
Episode 3

He's Gotta Have It

Steve and Regina clash when they share an office. Meanwhile, Cedric loses his sex drive after a computer program predicts that his and Lovita's child will be ugly. Romeo and his girlfriend Tessa decide to elope after getting advice from Steve. - - -

Having moved into half of Regina's office, Steve adds his name - and picture - to the door and redecorates the space to better reflect his lifestyle. The new romantic setting and leopard-print furniture don't help when Steve counsels Romeo and his new girlfriend, Tessa, about their immodest behavior at school.

Meanwhile, as Cedric and Lovita look at photos of her new nephew, they can't help but wonder what their own child might look like. But the result provided by a computer program designed to preview their offspring's appearance produces an ugly surprise for them.

When Steve points out the dangers of pre-marital sex, Romeo's solution is to ask Tessa to be his bride. While Regina resents Steve's encroachment on her office space, Romeo a

The Steve Harvey Show S4E4
Episode 4

Little Stevie Blunder

Steve pretends to be blind to impress a woman, and Bullethead enters the Miss Booker T. beauty pageant in the hopes of winning a new computer. Meanwhile, Lovita wants to know what's in a locked metal box she found in Cedric's closet. - - -

Following a visit to the optometrist, Steve must wear dark glasses to protect his sensitive eyes. As a result, a lovely realtor, Ava, who's showing the apartment across the hall, mistakes him for being blind. And when she is enamored with his courage in the face of his disability, Steve doesn't do anything to dissuade her. Meanwhile, a locked box Cedric keeps inside his closet has Lovita curious and upset. When Bullethead enters the Miss Booker T. beauty pageant hoping to win a new computer, Lydia doesn't appreciate the additional competition, warning him to drop out.

When Ava shows up at the school to see Regina, she goes on and on about a blind man for whom she's fallen. Realizing she's Regina's close friend, Steve makes a quick exit out the wind

The Steve Harvey Show S4E5
Episode 5


Regina stays at Steve's apartment while her place is being fumigated, and she immediately annoys her new roommates with her bubbly and bossy disposition. Meanwhile, Lydia prepares for her belated Bat Mitzvah, and Regina wants to accompany Steve to a celebrity fund-raiser. - - -

When Regina moves into her office as her apartment is being fumigated, Lovita offers Cedric and Steve's apartment until the job is done. Having just received a personal invitation to Michael Jordan's celebrity fundraiser, Steve is in a good mood that cannot be broken. And while he won't ask Regina to be his date, he does agree to let her stay. Meanwhile, Lydia's Bat Mitzvah is on the same night as Michael Jordan's big event, making it impossible for Steve to attend. Romeo and Bullethead, however, are more than willing to go, offering to serve as security officers for the party.

After just a few days as roommates, everyone is convinced that life with Regina is just too hard. Even worse, she snores so loudly tha

The Steve Harvey Show S4E6
Episode 6


Steve acts a like fool while pursuing a woman, and his friends intervene to save his dignity. Regina warns Steve the woman stole her college boyfriend and then dumped him. Meanwhile, an electric shock gives Bullethead the power to pick winning stocks. - - -

When wealthy software entrepreneur Simone Dupré offers to donate a computer lab to Booker T. Washington High School, Regina enlists Steve to give her old college rival a campus tour. Despite Regina's warnings, Steve is more than happy to accept when Simone asks for a date. And when Simone arrives, he's stunned when she insists on skipping their dinner reservations and heading right to bed. Meanwhile, an electric shock transforms Bullethead into an online investing genius.

After Simone's hasty departure the following morning causes friends to warn Steve about being unceremoniously dumped, although he feels vindicated when she arrives to apologize and offers to make it up over dinner. Once Steve happily prepares a romantic dinner fo

The Steve Harvey Show S4E7
Episode 7

My Whole Left Side

While Cedric is away at a coaches conference, his grandmother stays at Steve's apartment and torments Lovita. Meanwhile, Coretta uses Romeo, Lydia and Bullethead as models to show off her own style of fashion after Steve ensures her that she has the potential to become a fashion designer. - - -

Lovita is inconsolable when Cedric leaves for a three-day coach's conference. But her moping, as well as Steve's plans, are interrupted when Cedric's Grandma Puddin' arrives unexpectedly at the apartment. And though it means putting his own romantic plans for the evening on hold, Steve reluctantly agrees to let her stay. Meanwhile, Steve encourages Coretta to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, while Regina's accomplishments in education will be honored by Essence magazine.

In the wake of some harsh criticism, Lovita concludes Grandma Puddin' hates her. Worried that it could jeopardize Lovita and Cedric's engagement, Regina suggests appealing to the elderly woman's values by dress

The Steve Harvey Show S4E8
Episode 8

My Two Big Daddies

Steve pretends to be a single parent to impress an attractive member of a support group --and pays Romeo to portray his son. Meanwhile, Regina conducts employee evaluations and Bullethead romances a Catholic school student.

The Steve Harvey Show S4E9
Episode 9


New Year's Eve plans go awry for both Steve and Regina, while Cedric frets over the new millennium hoopla. Meanwhile, Romeo is invited to a party under false pretenses.

The Steve Harvey Show S4E10
Episode 10

All About Steve

Regina attends a symposium on education and leaves Steve in charge. He later realizes tht supervising the entire school is a greater challenge than he expected. Meanwhile, Cedric and Lovita argue about their wedding plans.

The Steve Harvey Show S4E11
Episode 11

Going, Going, Gone

Regina recruits Steve and Cedric to participate in a charity bachelor auction where another woman outbids Lovita for her fiancee. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead join Lydia in reading the school's morning announcements.

The Steve Harvey Show S4E12
Episode 12

Boy Trouble

Regina wants her new school program approved by the visiting district supervisor, who instead takes a shine to Steve's ideas. Meanwhile, Bullethead, Romeo and Lydia join the faculty talent-show committee and change the format of the event.

A visit from District Supervisor Tom Cunningham has Regina worried about the fate of her new after-school enrichment program. Regina and Lovita agree Cunningham is part of ""the boys' club"" when he refuses to consider any of Regina's proposals. And just as she suspected, once Steve and Cunningham get to talking, her proposal ends up on hold.

As the annual faculty talent show approaches, Regina is excited to enter, defending her four consecutive victories, and Cedric finally convinces Steve to reprise their Soul Teachers act. However, Lovita soon persuades Cedric to co-star with her, in a scene from her new play.

Steve's increasingly-chummy relationship with Cunningham leaves the students to plan the talent show on their own. Faced with too many entrie

The Steve Harvey Show S4E13
Episode 13

Guess Who's Not Coming to Counseling

Lovita enlists Steve to pose as her fiancé. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead form a singing group. ---

In order to have their favorite Reverend, Al Aloishus Franklin, perform their wedding ceremony, Cedric and Lovita must first attend three sessions with his marriage counselor Jane. When an accident on the football field sends Cedric to the hospital with his injured players, he can't make the first meeting. In order not to lose the opportunity to be married by the popular Reverend, Lovita persuades Steve to pose as her fiancé. Meanwhile, as Lydia chooses another band over Romeo and Bullethead's new singing group for the Spring Fling dance, Regina worries about falling out of touch with the school's students. During their first session, the marriage counselor helps Steve and Lovita to become more sympathetic to one another. Though Cedric can make the next appointment, Lovita insists on going back with Steve in order that their ruse is not discovered. Upon seeing how close the counselin

The Steve Harvey Show S4E14
Episode 14

Black Streak

Regina offers to throw Lovita's bridal shower, but her plans cause friction with Lovita's friends, who envision a much livelier party. Meanwhile, Cedric and Steve begin to feel old and decide to do something wild and crazy to break out of their rut. - - -

While Regina offers to host Lovita's bridal shower, Steve plans the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties for Cedric. But when their friends cannot attend, both Steve and Cedric worry about growing old too fast.

Despite Regina's plans to throw a sophisticated tea for the bridal shower, Lovita's friends have something quite different in mind. Meanwhile, Romeo and Bullethead surprise everyone with their early lead in a music history quiz game.

Depressed by the failed bachelor party plans, Cedric suggests he and Steve recreate their famous college streaking incident. Steve refuses. But when Regina suggests Steve acts older than his years, he wants to recapture his youth and agrees to streak with Cedric.

When Steve realizes he left

The Steve Harvey Show S4E15
Episode 15


Retrieving a top hat for his wedding gets Cedric locked in a storage room with Steve -- just as the ceremony is about to begin. - - -

As everyone prepares for their wedding, Lovita and Cedric find themselves at odds over a Robinson family tradition. Cedric insists on wearing an old top hat, worn by grooms in his family for generations, but Lovita, adamantly opposed, threatens to take her revenge in the bedroom. With the wedding plans in danger of falling apart at the last minute, Lovita turns to Regina for advice. To help patch up their differences, she arranges for Cedric to have a massage right before the wedding.

As Romeo and Bullethead arrive for the ride to the church, Cedric and Steve go to retrieve the heirloom top hat. But when the door to the basement storage room accidentally closes behind them, they are locked in. As Lovita and Regina nervously wait, Bullethead comes looking for the groom and best man, only to get locked in, too. As Romeo takes advantage of the masseuse's

The Steve Harvey Show S4E16
Episode 16

The Honeymooners

Winning an anti-drug public service announcement contest gives Steve, Cedric and their students an all-expense paid class trip to Universal's Islands of Adventure amusement park in Orlando, Florida. When the Florida trip conflicts with a surprise Tahitian honeymoon Cedric is giving Lovita, Regina snatches up his free ticket so she can go. When Cedric's big plans fall through at the last minute, however, Steve arranges for him and Lovita to spend their honeymoon in Florida, too. And while Cedric and Lovita end up being seated in first class, there's no way for Steve to join them during the luxury flight.

Unaware that they've been misidentified as an African prince and princess, Cedric and Lovita are whisked away to a first class resort in Orlando, while Steve and the others are sent to the low-budget Calypso Hotel. As Regina sets her sights on the Incredible Hulk Coaster, Steve and Romeo seek out the park's tamer rides. And after Lydia tries to realize her own dream by posing as a theme

The Steve Harvey Show S4E17
Episode 17

If Cooks Could Kill

Steve and Cedric enter a cooking contest in hopes of winning a new television, but they face tough competition from Regina and Lovita. Meanwhile, the faculty members serve as mentors to the students, with varying results.

The Steve Harvey Show S4E18
Episode 18


To earn money to pay off their wedding bills, Lovita and cedric set up a salon in Steve's apartment, which may get them all evicted. Meanwhile, Regina fawns over a novelist who has agreed to speak to her book club.

The Steve Harvey Show S4E19
Episode 19

Don't Stand Too Close to Me

Romeo's girlfriend, Alicia, develops a huge crush on Steve after the music teacher speaks to the feminist group the teen belongs to. Meanwhile, Regina feels left out when Cedric and Lovita begin socializing with another couple who are hiding a secret life. - - -

When she can't make it to the next meeting of the school's feminist group, Regina asks Steve to lead it. Following the teacher's advice on handling teenage boys, Alicia decides to stop catering to her boyfriend Romeo's every whim. And, as a result of Steve's success with the girls, Regina asks him to co-host their next meeting. Meanwhile, Romeo approaches Steve to discuss an older man who is moving in on Alicia.

When Regina tells Steve that Alicia has a crush on him, he has second thoughts about helping with the group. And once everyone starts claiming he is the older man in question, Steve decides to set Alicia straight. Meanwhile, as Lovita and Cedric get to know another married couple living in the building, Regina is insu

The Steve Harvey Show S4E20
Episode 20

African-American Gigolo

Regina sets Steve up with his dream date, while Steve finds a man for Regina who's not what he appears to be. Meanwhile, Cedric follows a bizarre pregame ritual to keep his basketball team's winning streak alive. - - -

The realization that neither of them had a date over the weekend prompts Steve and Regina to bet they can find someone for each other to go out with next Friday night. But once Regina comes through as promised with the lovely Margo Hampton, the pressure to make good forces Steve to enlist the aid of an escort service to get Regina's date, Julian. Meanwhile, the school basketball team's unprecedented two game winning streak makes Coach Cedric very superstitious about his game day routine.

On the night of their big double date, things seem to go well with Regina, Steve, Margo and Julian. But as the expense of keeping up the ruse taxes Steve's finances, Julian insists that Regina be told the truth. And once she learns what Steve has done, Regina enlists Julian to give Ste

The Steve Harvey Show S4E21
Episode 21

I Believe I Can Lie

Steve arranges for a celebrity to speak at the school's Entrepreneur Day, and when he learns that the guest can't make it, he's reluctant to tell everyone. Elsewhere, Cedric and Lovita discover an extra $8,000 in their bank account. - - -

In order to secure bragging rights with her rival principals, Regina presses her staff to come up with an impressive guest speaker for Entrepreneur Day. Steve manages to land basketball superstar Michael Jordan.

Meanwhile, as Romeo and Bullethead team up with Lydia to win the prize for Entrepreneur Day, a bank error leaves Cedric and Lovita $8000 richer.

Although confident that no one but Regina knows of the Jordan invitation, Steve is stunned when he arrives at school to a hero's welcome. While Lovita insists on rectifying the bank's mistake, Cedric persuades her that the money was a gift from God. But even though they agree not to spend any of their windfall without discussing it first, both Cedric and Lovita cannot resist secretly buying themselv

The Steve Harvey Show S4E22
Episode 22

Dressed to Chill

Following a call from the school board, Regina is happy to announce that Booker T. Washington High has been chosen as the test campus for the city's new school uniform policy. As Chairman of the Uniform Committee, Lydia enthusiastically embraces the news, but Romeo and Bullethead do not. And taking Steve's lessons about the protest movements of the '60s to heart, the boys decide to stage a demonstration of their own against the uniform code. Meanwhile, after he and Lovita swear to never remove their wedding rings, Cedric loses his.

Learning of the boy's plans, Lydia turns to Regina with the news. In an effort to nip their protest in the bud, Regina asks Steve to stop it. Meanwhile, after finding Cedric's wedding ring in the refrigerator, Lovita decides to hang onto it in order to teach him a lesson. But when Steve finds the ring in her desk, he encourages Cedric to turn the tables on his new bride and show her who's boss.

In planning their protest, Romeo and Bullethead seek Steve's adv

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