The Tudors

The Tudors

The Tudors - Season 4 Episodes

The Tudors - Season 4

The Tudors - Season 4

The Tudors presents the rarely dramatized, tumultuous early years of King Henry VIII's nearly 40-year omnipotent reign (1509-1547) of England. In addition to his famous female consorts, a 20+ year marriage to Catherine of Aragon and the infamous dalliance with Anne Boleyn, the series delves into Henry's most notable political relationship and the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church in England.

The Tudors S4E1
Episode 1

Moment Of Nostalgia

In episode 401, the fourth season premiere, King Henry 8 marries his fifth queen, a lusty teenager whose beauty and checkered past inflame the passions of a trusted courtier, Thomas Culpepper.

The Tudors S4E2
Episode 2


Henry's age catches up to him during Christmas celebrations, but his youthful and randy court continues the party without him; the arrogant Lord Surrey takes aim at the powerful Seymour clan.

The Tudors S4E3
Episode 3

Something For You

A more benevolent Henry 8 forgives the citizens of the North for their rebellion against him, while the youthful wife he dotes upon begins a passionate affair with Culpepper.

The Tudors S4E4
Episode 4

Natural Ally

The king's warm welcome in the North reinvigorates him, but his queen's past catches up to her when a former lover appears with threats of blackmail.

The Tudors S4E5
Episode 5

Bottom Of The Pot

The king, devastated to learn of his beloved queen's ribald past and present affairs, banishes her from court as the investigation rounds up and tortures suspects.

The Tudors S4E6
Episode 6

You Have My Permission

The newly single Henry surprises his countrymen by restoring his daughters to the royal succession, forging an unexpected political alliance, and manipulating events to marry an attractive, mature, and recent widow (Joely Richardson).

The Tudors S4E7
Episode 7

Sixth and the Final Wife

As war looms with France, Henry marries the widow Catherine Parr (Joely Richardson), who proves to be an able and respected queen and stepmother, finally giving England's king the stable, happy household he has long desired.

The Tudors S4E8
Episode 8

As It Should Be

While Henry has been rejuvenated by the siege of Boulogne, given a taste once more of the vigor and vitality of his youth, he may have pushed his already weakened body too far.

The Tudors S4E9
Episode 9

Secrets of the Heart

Powerful accusations of heresy are made against the queen but the ailing Henry has little interest; a chastened Lord Surrey faces the ultimate penalty for losing 600 men in an ill-advised action that nearly reignites war with France.

The Tudors S4E10
Episode 10

Death of a Monarchy

In the Series Finale, Henry defeats one final political foe but faces his mortality after the deaths of both his best friend Charles Brandon and King Francis of France, and the ghosts of his former queens appear for a final confrontation.

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