The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone - Season 1 Episodes

The Twilight Zone S1E1
Episode 1


When rebellious teenager Jenna and her family move into an exclusive gated community that her parents hope will help them better control the troubled teen, Jenna soon discovers the dark truth behind how her new neighbors deal with discipline problems.

The Twilight Zone S1E2
Episode 2

One Night at Mercy

A young doctor meets a suicide who claims to be Death incarnate. When Death insists he wants to stop his killing ways, the doctor is forced to contemplate what life would be like without death.

The Twilight Zone S1E3
Episode 3

Shades of Guilt

Matt McGreevy is driving when a black man runs up to his car and begs for help. Matt drives away as a gang falls on the man and beat him to death. When he arrives home, Matt first bleeds from the cuts the dead man suffers, then his skin changes. By the time he gets back home he has transformed into the dead man, a college professor...

The Twilight Zone S1E4
Episode 4

Dream Lover

To help overcome his writer's block and make his life easier and more relaxed, an artist named Andrew wills his dream woman Sondra to life, but the lines between reality and fantasy quickly begin to blur. Sondra soon starts hitting on the cable guy and gaining a life of her own.

The Twilight Zone S1E5
Episode 5

Cradle of Darkness

Hoping to undo the horrors of WWII, a woman, Andre, sacrifices her own future when she goes back in time to stop Adolf Hitler by killing him when he is a baby.

The Twilight Zone S1E6
Episode 6

Night Route

A young woman's seemingly happy life unravels after a close call with a speeding car. The woman, Melina, begins to forget details of her lfie and how she met her fiance. Worse, she is haunted by strange phenomena: a mysterious bus that follows her and people who know her name that she's never met. Finally her fiance disappears without a trace, leaving her in a desolte life where she knows no one.

The Twilight Zone S1E7
Episode 7

Time Lapse

After an unconscious high-security patient arrives in his ward, Doctor Zack Taylor finds himself suffering from blackouts. On each occasion he wakes up partway along a byzantine assassination plot to kill the President's daughter with a plastic gun. He gets to the target's location, pulls out his gun, and...shoots an assassin behind the girl...

The Twilight Zone S1E8
Episode 8

Dead Man's Eyes

A distraught widow and former rehab patient on the verge of a total mental collapse, heavily invested in finding her husband's killer, discovers that her murdered husband's eyeglasses reveal the last moments of his life and possibly the identity of his killer...

The Twilight Zone S1E9
Episode 9

The Pool Guy

A pool cleaner loses the ability to distinguish dreams from reality.

The Twilight Zone S1E10
Episode 10

Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine

A bullied boy, Craig, deciphers a coded message that allows him to summon his comic book hero, Azoth the Avenger. This long-haired Conan-like barbarian beats up the bullies that plague Craig, but is defenseless against his abusive father. Azoth returns to whence he came but inspires Craig to take a stand against his father - intoning the same spell as before and sending his father...somewhere, leaving him and his mother in peace.

The Twilight Zone S1E11
Episode 11

The Lineman

Tyler inherits the power to hear people's thoughts after a freak lightening storm. Eventually, he begins to abuse his new gift, using it as a means of acquiring vast wealth and personal gain. But then Tyler learns that his new power comes with a price.

The Twilight Zone S1E12
Episode 12

Harsh Mistress

A struggling musician named Cory purchases a rather infamous guitar, which leads to him gaining vast international stardom and wealth, but both come with surprising price tag.

The Twilight Zone S1E13
Episode 13


The Twilight Zone S1E14
Episode 14

To Protect and Serve

Annie fantasizes about her ideal family, a far cry from the dysfunctional group of people she sees everyday. But when her fantasies seemingly become reality, she is horrored to discover she is next on the replacement list.

The Twilight Zone S1E15
Episode 15


A young cop falls madly in love with a prostitute, and he continues to protect her even when they are both killed.

The Twilight Zone S1E16
Episode 16

Sensuous Cindy

The Twilight Zone S1E17
Episode 17


A man buys a "virtual girlfriend" online simply to satisfy his carnal needs, but ends up becoming somebody else's sex slave.

The Twilight Zone S1E18
Episode 18

Mr. Motivation

A cop pursues the last known criminal in Earth's future society. But as it turns out, the criminal is fighting on the same side of the cop, to rid the world of androids.

The Twilight Zone S1E19
Episode 19


Stranded in a modern day Garden of Eden, a man and woman cannot resist the temptation of technology.

The Twilight Zone S1E20
Episode 20

Future Trade

A man with a dead-end job and a dysfunctional family is lured into trading his future for that of a seemingly privileged man with his trophy wife.

The Twilight Zone S1E21
Episode 21

Found and Lost

A successful businessman is given a second chance - to go back and be with his first love

The Twilight Zone S1E22
Episode 22

Gabe's Story

A man suffering from consistent bad luck is given a surprising chance to change his destiny.

The Twilight Zone S1E23
Episode 23

Last Lap

A terminally ill young man and his best friend take a final ride in their souped-up racer that results in unexpected consequences for both.

The Twilight Zone S1E24
Episode 24

The Path

The Twilight Zone S1E25
Episode 25

Fair Warning

Ally, a young writer for a tabloid, meets a man who claims he sees others the path they are destined to follow. His predictions for her prove uncannily accurate and she soon becomes dependent on his predictions to guide her life. When he gets hit by a car and killed she finds herself without hope.

The Twilight Zone S1E26
Episode 26

Another Life

Marvin Gardens, a rich and famous upcoming rap singer, begins to have visions of himself being interrogated by policemen in a shadowy room, and the visions begin to drive him crazy.

The Twilight Zone S1E27
Episode 27


Jonah, a gambler, never can beat "the house" no matter how hard he tries. But then he gets an interesting device that enables him to go back in time up to 5 minutes, and that means he has big chances for his gambling.

The Twilight Zone S1E28
Episode 28


The Twilight Zone S1E29
Episode 29

Into the Light

Marcus Fisher, a talented artist and street tagger, shoots a man painting over his spot at the insistence of his gang and the wall painting starts portraying the crime and filling in that he is the one who did the shooting.

The Twilight Zone S1E30
Episode 30

It's Still a Good Life

A teacher on her last few days of teaching high school suddenly starts seeing lights on peoples faces just before they die. When she starts seeing it on most of her students faces, she decides to find out what will happen.

The Twilight Zone S1E31
Episode 31

The Monsters Are on Maple Street

In this remake of the original TZ's "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street," a neighborhood is terrorized by mysterious power outages and begin to turn on each other.

The Twilight Zone S1E32
Episode 32


A dying man is transported back to the South in 1968 on the day of Martin Luther King's assassination and tries to stop the killing.

The Twilight Zone S1E33
Episode 33

How Much Do You Love Your Kid?

A woman's son is kidnapped and she becomes involved in a licensed reality TV show broadcasting her attempts to recover him.

The Twilight Zone S1E34
Episode 34

The Placebo Effect

A hypochondriac with the power to manifest his beliefs into reality poses a danger to the entire world.

The Twilight Zone S1E35
Episode 35

Cold Fusion

When the base staff at an Alaskan research base lose contact with the outside world, the military send a team in to investigate the disappearance.

The Twilight Zone S1E36
Episode 36

The Pharaoh's Curse

A young magician becomes the protege of an elderly conjurer to learn the secret of an impossible escape - The Pharaoh's Curse.

The Twilight Zone S1E37
Episode 37

The Collection

A babysitter must deal with a girl who has a collection of dolls that come to life.

The Twilight Zone S1E38
Episode 38

Eye of the Beholder

Meet Mrs. Janet Tyler. She was born abnormally ugly and has undergone many plastic surgeries to change her appearence. None of them worked. Now after one last attempt the bandages are coming off. But will the latest surgery succeed where the others failed?

The Twilight Zone S1E39
Episode 39


A widow finds photos of their dream house improving with each picture she takes.

The Twilight Zone S1E40
Episode 40

The Executions of Grady Finch

A prisoner, Grady Finch, who insists on his innocence discovers that he can't be killed. He survives multiple execution attempts and his attorney eventually manages to get him released. Finch is elated, but as he emerges he confesses to his attorney that he was really guilty...and then he is finally killed as a statue of Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance, falls on top of him.

The Twilight Zone S1E41
Episode 41


A teenager has a brief reunion with his father, returned from the war.

The Twilight Zone S1E42
Episode 42


Several college students are thrust into a virtual nightmare when they discover an Aztec artifact that causes the sun to vanish and the only solution is a human sacrifice.

The Twilight Zone S1E43
Episode 43


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